Wife Runs Over Husband For Not Voting

Holly Solomon

A Mesa, Arizona woman was so enraged that her husband did not vote in last week’s U.S. presidential election, she ran him over with an SUV.

Daniel Solomon told Gilbert police that his wife, 28-year-old Holly Solomon, “just hated Obama” and blamed the president for their financial hardships.

The two began arguing in a parking lot when Holly snapped, got in her SUV, and began chasing him down.

Daniel was able to hide behind a lamp post, avoiding getting hit by his wife. Holly screamed at him from inside the SUV each time she drove past him in an attempt to run him over.

An attempt to make a break for it did not end well for Daniel. Holly was able to run over her husband, pinning him under the vehicle and up against a curb.

All this happened in broad daylight in front of a large crowd, who called 911.

Police arrested Holly and charged her with domestic violence charges and aggravated assault. They say there are no signs of drug or alcohol use.

Holly, who is six month pregnant, told officers she chased her husband with the SUV because she feels her family will suffer four more years of hardship under President Obama. She claims she did not mean to run him over though, blaming a mix-up between the brake and acceleration on that.

Daniel was taken to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center and remains there in critical condition.

Neighbors told local television news outlet KABC-15 they did not know the couple that well, but felt taking an argument about politics to this level is uncalled for.


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