Petraeus Mistress Missing?

Paula Broadwell has not been seen publicly since Friday.

The woman whose extramarital affair with David Petraeus forced his resignation as CIA Director has reportedly gone missing, according to published reports.

Paula Broadwell’s driver’s license was found Tuesday in D.C’s Rock Creek Park, reports US News. “Broadwell’s attorney, Robert F. Muse, confirmed that Broadwell, a North Carolina resident, lost her driver’s license in the park,” the paper writes.

Park Police notified the FBI of Broadwell’s license, and plan to keep it 90 days before returning it to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, as per policy. The FBI had no comment on the matter.

Rock Creek Park is where intern Chandra Levy’s body was found in May 2002. Levy’s disappearance brought down Democrat congressman Gary Condit, who was alleged to have had an extramarital affair with her. Condit was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, but the scandal forced him to lose his seat in congress.

FBI agents conducted a “consensual” raid on the Broadwell  household on Monday, not telling reporters what they were searching for.

Agents turned on every light in the house during their search, reports WOSC-TV, but witnesses did not report seeing Broadwell at any time during the raid, which lasted about 4 hours. FBI investigators previously had found classified information on Broadwell’s computer during their initial probe, reports the Kansas City Star.

No one has been seen in the Broadwell home since the scandal broke.

“No one had been in or out of the house until Monday night,” reports the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Broadwell has spoken to neighbors only through e-mail, explaining that she wanted to keep a low profile and be with her family during the media scrutiny.

“She said the family is together and that they’re doing ok and that they’re at an undisclosed place,” said neighbor Ed Williams.

Another neighbor, veteran David Bixle, said Broadwell also had a text conversation with him on Monday. He said he saw her two weeks ago during a charity event.

As reporters waited outside the Broadwell house on Monday, a FedEx worker knocked on the door with a package. He ended up leaving a note.

Broadwell was last seen Friday night, having dinner with her husband at the Inn at Little Washington, reports Slate. News of the affair broke while the couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary. Diners saw her e-mailing and texting frantically at one point during the meal.

Paula Broadwell photographed Tuesday night.

UPDATE (Oct. 14): Paula Broadwell was photographed at the Washington, D.C. home of her brother on Tuesday night, reports Politico.

The family has not returned to their home since the scandal broke on Friday.

The FBI has instructed the Maryland-National Capital Park Police to hold Broadwell’s license “indefinitely.”


  • She loves herself too much to kill herself.

  • Paula Broadwell, the ex-mistress of former CIA Director David Petraeus, has been spotted at the Washington, D.C., home of her brother,seen in pictures that surfaced Tuesday night in website Politico.

  • ABC NEWS- The newest wrinkle is that a search of her NC home reveals classified military documents stored there. They were not supposed to be moved off-sight from their secure locations. The complicating factor if that she does have security clearance as a Reserve Officer.
    You can bet that her security clearance is lifted. Whether she can only be reprimanded and the clearance saves her from criminal prosecution is yet to be played out.

  • CNN has just published the 5 things we’ve learned from the Petraeus scandal
    1. Powerful men, no matter how brilliant and accomplished, can suffer from a form of temporary insanity caused by the interaction of arrogance and libido.
    2. Anything you write in an e-mail can be used against you.
    3. The FBI can investigate practically anyone in the U.S., even the director of Central Intelligence.
    4. Americans are deeply torn about the question of private morality and the public sphere.
    5. A salacious sex scandal will push everything off the top of the front page, especially when the most immediate next challenge is the “fiscal cliff,” a dry topic that will cause most people to change the channel or turn the page.

  • Interesting…. At least two of the most notorious double-agents in American history have used the park to submit coded messages to the Soviets: Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.

  • Paula Broadwell is a weapon of mass destruction.

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