‘Ron Paul Effect’ May Have Cost Romney Election

Ron Paul

The GOP’s snubbing of conservative-libertarian Ron Paul and his supporters may have cost Republican candidate Mitt Romney the presidential race, a new analysis shows.

Romney’s margin of loss to President Obama in five states – the swing states Florida, Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, and the dyed-blue Connecticut – were less than the number of votes Paul won during the Republican primary, shows political news website Policymic.

In Florida alone, President Obama defeated Romney by 46,000 votes while Paul got more than 117,000 votes in the primary. If only 40-percent of these Ron Paul Republicans stayed home on Election Day, it would have been enough to cost Romney the state and its 29 electoral votes.

Similar scenarios can be seen in the other states, whose combined 71 electoral votes would have been a game changer, giving Romney the presidency by a slim 277-261 victory over the President.

“Admittedly, the number of Paul votes and Romney’s loss margin are closer in the other four states than they are in Florida,” Policymic notes. “In New Hampshire, 71% of Paul votes are needed to make up the margin, while in Ohio and Virginia, that number is closer to 95%.”

The Ron Paul Effect may have cost Republicans the election.

The 71-year-old Paul was the only Republican candidate to invigorate young voters, who were the most energized base of support for any of the candidates running in the Republican primary. Exit polls showed young people came out in force to vote last Tuesday, a growing trend.

Instead of looking for ways to bring Ron Paul and his followers into the GOP fold, Republican operatives looked to brand them as “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists” and worse. Paul’s views on foreign and economic policy, as well as a libertarian approach on social issues, scared away the Republican establishment.

A prolonged Republican primary that saw Ron Paul supporters swindled out of victories during the delegate process and several incidents at the National convention embittered many from voting for Romney, who opted to vote for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson or stay home instead.

“It’s a shame the party hasn’t been more welcoming of these young people,” confessed a Romney delegate to Policymic at the RNC last August.


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  • So really it was the chicken hawk clown mittens that cost the honourable Dr. Ron Paul the veteran Patriot the Presidency.
    Wasn’t there a poll during the GOP primaries where it showed the good Dr. Ron Paul would beat the Democratic incumbent. I guess the money minded GOP fools had dollar bills on the eyes.

  • I hope it was the Ron Paul effect that cost Romney the election. The differences between Romney and Obama were slight, and such dishonesty must never be tolerated by our politicians.

  • Yep Stupid is as Stupid does…

    • Stupid is voting for the white version of Obama who has enacted the same health care bill Obama did, and supported the same foreign policy, who supports the same wars, who supports the same unconstitional laws, who doesn’t care about due process, who supports drones, who is in favor of assassinating US citizens without trial, or even a charge.

      Stupid is voting for a different person who has all the same policies as another person, except for trivial social issues that don’t matter, for the sole reason that he runs under a different party label, and tells different lies. That’s stupid.

      Most Americans affiliate themselves with the Republican party or the Democratic party, even though they have identical horrible foreign policies, the same disregard for the Constitution, the same contempt for states rights, spend the same insane amounts of money, that do basically everything the same. They’re stupid, but they’re too stupid to recognize they’re stupid which is why we had President Dirtbag running against Presidential Candidate Scum.

      Because most people are stupid and think “issues” like gay marriage and flag burning are important, but violations of the 4th and 5th amendment, or going to useless nation building/destroying wars, and increasing the national debt by 9.4% per year (that’s what it’s gone up nearly EVERY year since 1971) ISN’T important. Those are the stupid people, and this nation is awash with them.

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  • I am one of the “young Ron Paul supports” who jumped ship to the LP after the atrocious behavior of the GOP towards Ron Paul during the primary season and especially the national convention.

    And something pundits didn’t account for was that many of us younger folks have he ears of our older voting parents and grandparents. After first convincing mine that Ron Paul was the best conservative choice for the GOP I then convinced my family to vote Libertarian ticket after the way the GOP handled things.

  • I doubt it.

    Basically, Mitt Romney is a two faced scumbag that passed the same health care bill in Massachusetts that Obama did nationally, who supported the bailouts, who said he supported the NDAA which overturns the right to a trial that predates the Constitution with the Magna Carta, who supported the attack on Libya, who was in favor of all the wars, who supports the Patriot Act, and wants to keep Guatanamo open.

    Ron Paul supporters wanted a change, not a white, Mormon version of Obama who just told different lies and blew different smoke up the nation’s collective rectum. I’d never vote for him, anymore than I’d vote for Obama.

    The Republicans chose to nominate and promote a disgustingly dishonest hypocritical person who would say one lie one week, and another contradictory lie the next,. Obama is extremely ethically challenged, but incredibly, the person he was running against was even worse. The Republican machinery rejected the most ethical person running for the executive office in favor of one of the least ethical people I’ve ever seen run for office.

    And you really expect anybody who supported Ron Paul to vote for that? If Romney “embraced” the Ron Paul vote, they wouldn’t believe him. He’s a certified liar. Everything he says is a lie. You can’t trust anything that man says. Any overtures to the Ron Paul supporters, I think would have been correctly identified as self serving and empty platitudes. We’re sick of those and we want more than empty lip service.

    We’re tired the empty rhetoric, the stupid fights over issues which are totally trivial when our nation has a national debt that goes up 9.4% a year (and has for 41 years) and has a tax revenue of only 15% of that. This country is burning to the ground, and platitudes and empty talk won’t fix it. We’re tired of these stupid career politicians that think we’re so stupid, we’re going to believe their lies, as they continue to do the same thing until this nation collapses.

    If the Republicans just put up somebody with a backbone as a contender who didn’t have a lifelong record of lying and having no intention of following through on his rhetoric, he would have won. Just try putting a slightly ethical person who doesn’t lie to use like we’re completely stupid and unable or unwilling to look up anything on the Internet into the position of running next time, and there’s good chance they will win.

    Just a thought.

  • Romney lost because of Romney. I wrote Ron Paul in because he was the better man. Seriously tired of Republicans arguing. Especially arguing issues that don’t matter, like social issues which have nothing to do with government.

  • I know it cost romney the election. I am a voter from Florida. I’ve been Republican since I was old enough to think for myself. I always vote in elections and I always voted with my party until the Republican party decided to illegally strip Ron Paul of his delegates right before the primaries. I probably would have supported romney (even though i despised him) if they hadn’t been so shady, greedy, and deceptive…. but those actions I simply couldn’t forgive. It was a disgrace to democracy and the country I so dearly love. So right after the RNC I switched my party affiliation to NPA. I had to vote, it was my civic duty. I couldn’t just stay home and not participate… so I wrote in Ron Paul. I know my vote will never even be counted… but it wasn’t wasted either. Atleast I voted for someone I BELIEVE in. I wonder how many people who voted for romeny can honestly say they wanted to?

  • I have always been an independent. Somewhere between moderate and conservative. I have never voted for a Dem. I have sometimes voted for independents, sometimes for Republicans, and sometimes staid home. I am 44 years old.

    I became an enthusiastic supporter of Ron Paul and for first time became actively involved in politics. I was a local delegate to Repub party on behalf of Ron Paul.

    What I witnessed at the convention is that mainstream Republicans (Romney supporters specifically) are cheaters and liars.

    I struggled with who to vote for, or to stay home. I couldn’t vote for Obama because I think the Democrats are lying, cheating scumbags just like the Republicans. They are equally unscrupulous and evil.

    So I voted for Paul.

    I wlll never vote for a Republican again. Republicans are dirtbags just like Democrats. You lost my vote last time and will lose all my future votes you hypocritical cheating jerks.

    Much of the cheating and bad behavior Republicans accuse Democrats of is true of BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

    Romney supporters got Obama reelected.

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