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Majority Of Muslims Voted For Obama

Barack Obama dressed in traditional Muslim garb

An overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans voted for President Barack Obama in last Tuesday’s presidential election, according to a new survey.

The poll, conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), showed 85.7-percent of Muslim-Americans voted for President Obama. Only 4.4-percent said they chose Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

The numbers are lower than a similar exit poll taken in 2008, according to CNS News. Then, 89-percent of Muslim-Americans said they voted for then-candidate Obama.

President Obama has strong ties to Islam, having attended an Islamic madrasa in Indonesia as a child. Both his birth- and adopted fathers were Muslim, and his half-sister is Muslim. During the 2008 race, then-candidate Obama touted these facts as positives, saying he would be better at outreach to Muslims worldwide in the post-911 world.

Rumors that President Obama is a “stealth Mohamadean” have daunted him since the 2008 campaign, fueled in part by a New York Times interview where he called the Muslim call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset” and recited it in perfect Arabic.

The CAIR poll showed California, New York, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio as stated with the highest number of respondents.

Of those who responded, 41.5-percent said they consider themselves Democrats, 40.6 percent said they are “politically independent,” and only 7.4-percent said they are Republican.

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  1. CircusBoy says

    Yeah but the majority of Muslims in the U.S. are Black-Muslims, so you have to factor in which was more important, Obama’s being black or being Muslim. If Obama were a White Albanian or Bosnian Muslim, would the majority of U.S. Muslims have voted for him?

  2. IAMPCBOB says

    Most of them voted because he was a BLACK Muslim. The Muslim part was far less important than the BLACK part. If Obama was a 100% white man, no Black (OR White, for that matter) would have voted for him. They voted for the black part of a white-hating communist. The Black Code is so powerful that they will never vote for a white over a black, regardless of the consequences! There will be consequences.

  3. Jimmie66 says

    You idiots. He’s not even Muslim. You will believe anything you’re told. Keep marching in step, blinders on.

    • CircusBoy says

      I agree. Many of those who know Obama personally from Chicago say that he is an atheist and that he is totally secular in his thinking and that God and religion have no place in his persona. I tend to believe that this is true. That is why he attended Rev. “Wrong”‘s “Church” which was not a religious organization but a black “KKK” political kleagle.

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