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Bloomberg Bans Food Donations To Homeless

Mayor Bloomberg taking away freedom to eat from New Yorkers.

New York City Mayor has come under fire for banning food donations to homeless shelters because it is impossible to determine their nutrition content.

The edict, issued last March by Mayor Bloomberg, is part of a larger move by the city’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS) that dictates serving sizes and other nutritional requirements. These include limits on calorie contents, minimum fiber amounts and condiment recomendations.

The new laws have outraged charitable New Yorkers, including Glenn and Lenore Richter, who have donated extra kosher food from their Upper West Side Orthodox congregation to local homeless shelters for several years.

Mayor Bloomberg’s clampdown on food donations can be seen as a greater restriction on New Yorker’s freedom to eat or drink what they want. He banned the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces last September, baby formula to new mothers in local hospitals last July, smoking in parks and open spaces in May 2011, ¬†implemented a plan in January 2010 to cut the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant food,¬†forced fast food restaurants to post calorie content in October 2007, and forbid restaurants from using trans fats in cooking oils in 2006.

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  1. CircusBoy says

    Good!! I don’t care what irrational rationale the Mayor has. The homeless are all on public assistance and what do they spend their (our) money on? Cigarettes!! $12 pack? I don’t know. I don’t smoke. If they stopped smoking three packs a day, they could buy their own food, in fact, they could eat in four star restaurants, if they took a shower and washed their clothes (rags) and took their Thorazine. Oh, I forgot. We’re crazy. They’re normal. They make more with a squeegee in their right hand and a rock in their left hand in one day than I make in one month. Mangia Homeless. But not on my dime!! Thank you, Mike.

  2. Jimmie66 says

    Yes you are definitely a circus boy.

    • CircusBoy says

      The homeless spent their money on what they want and then they beg for what they need!!

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