Ron Paul Republicans Win House Races

Last Laugh: Despite mockery and alienation from the mainstream GOP, Ron Paul’s ideology is pointing the way forward for the Republican Party.

Republican candidates strongly tied to the conservative-libertarian ideology of former presidential candidate Ron Paul won hotly-contested congressional races on Tuesday, pointing at a possible direction the party can go after losing to President Obama.

Thomas Massie won the race to replace retiring Kentucky Republican Rep. Geoff Davis, beating Democrat Bill Adkins by 20 percentage points. Massie, an ally of Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, raised nearly 10 times as much money as Adkins, according to the Lexington-Herald Leader.

Justin Amash

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash, who was already vying to be the House’s next “Dr. No” in his first term, was re-elected with 58-percent of the vote. The 31-year-old Amash  backed Congressman Paul for president and later refused to endorse Mitt Romney.

“There is no next Ron Paul. He is one of a kind,” Amash told a Ron Paul rally before the Republican National Convention last August.

North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones was another candidate who won Tuesday. Like Amash, he backed Congressman Paul and refused to endorse Mitt Romney. Congressman Jones once crusaded for “freedom fries” to protest France’s opposition to the U.S. invasion of Iraq before becoming a fierce critic of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Kerry Bentivolio

In a neighboring Michigan district, Ron Paul Republican Kerry Bentivolio was elected to the House seat formerly held by GOP Rep. Thaddeus McCotter. McCotter, who had failed to gather enough valid signatures to appear on the ballot, resigned from the House amid a petition scandal. Bentivolio beat Democrat Syed Taj.

Bentivolio spent four decades in the U.S. Army, but was painted by opponents as an eccentric because he raised reindeer and played Santa Claus for local children. Despite the smears, he was elected to Congress by a 7-point margin.

Many other candidates endorsed by Ron and Rand Paul, as well as Paul-influenced organizations like Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty, were on the ballot Tuesday, including Texas Sen.-elect Ted Cruz. But these three Republicans most self-consciously identified with the Pauls’ calls for deep spending cuts, auditing the Federal Reserve, and a more restrained foreign policy.

They all raised money from Paul’s vast national network of donors, which helped them remain competitive in their primaries and the general election.



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  • I don’t think that is a fair assessment. Nationally we got rid of the worst of the Tea Party nut cases, like Joe Walsh (certified Dead Beat Dad) and some of the others. The Tea Party brand was forever tarnished when they did their idiot power play over the budget.

    The GOP will need to embrace minorities and move a closer to the center before they have a chance in 2016. If they keep going in the direction they have taken they will be in even more trouble than they were in this election. If the economy wasn’t so poor then Obama would have won in a landslide. The GOP has some good ideas but as long as they let people like Rush, Palin, and Bachman be their mouth peace then they are not going to appeal to the Independent voters.

    • Well your problem is that you are tied to a party that is actively growing government beyond its means, spending trillions on unnecessary military interventions, keeping people locked up without due process, supporting the legal right of the government to wire tapp, detain and execute American Citizens, and on and on.

      Libertarians will ultimately win because we are the true social liberals who believe in legalizing marijuana, stopping the military madness, reversing the size and scope of our government, not using government for such purposes as banning guns or gay marriage … In short you are now the repressive right and closer to the right wing christian tea party elements than the libertarian party ever was.

      • Your problem is that you make assumptions that aren’t true and though I voted Libertarian (Gary Johnson) I seriously doubt they will ever amount to anything in US politics, not in my lifetime anyway.

  • And the next NeoCon we’re going to send packing is that horrid Senator Graham from SC. Tom Davis 2014!!!

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