Des Moines Register Endorses Romney

The Des Moines Register published this graphic with their endorsement

Iowa’s largest newspaper, the Des Moines Register, endorsed Mitt Romney for president on Sunday, the first time the paper has backed a Republican candidate in 40 years.

“Both President Barack Obama and Governor Romney are superbly qualified … [but] Mitt Romney emerges the stronger candidate” on the most important issues of the campaign – fixing the economy, getting people back to work, and balancing the federal budget, the papers’ editorial staff wrote in their endorsement.

The Des Moines Register endorsed Romney for the Republican nomination last February during the primary race.

With the race in a statistical dead heat, the newspaper’s nod could play an important role in moving votes to Romney, not only in the swing state of Iowa, but in other battle ground states. The Register is not only the largest paper in Iowa, but has one of the largest circulations nationally.

Winning Iowa would give Romney 7 electoral votes. The race is tied in the state.

President Obama had met with the paper’s editorial staff on October 23 for 30 minutes to get their endorsement. He initially wanted the newspaper to keep their conversation private, but relented after editor Rick Green openly begged the president to make the phone conference call public.

Some say this recent front page from the Register hinted at who they would endorse.

Romney had no problem with making his hour-long interview available to the public on the paper’s website.

The Daily Caller notes the paper’s publisher, who was present at the Obama interview, may have played a role in turning the endorsement for Romney.

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