US Returns Archaeological Relics To Mexico

These pre-Columbian arrowheads were returned to Mexico 

The U.S. on Thursday returned more than 4,000 archeological remains to Mexico that were stolen from one its museums back in 2008.

The items include arrowheads, figurines, stones used to grind corn, hunting bows, copper hatchets, and even well-preserved textile items like sandals and printed fabrics. They go back to the pre-Columbian period, said Pedro Sanchez, president of the National Archaeological Council of Mexico.

Most of the relics were stolen from a Mexican museum in 2008. ICE agents recovered them during raids that took place across the western United States a year later.

“More than two dozen pieces of pottery were seized in Kalispell, Mont., where Homeland Security agents discovered that a consignor had paid Mexican Indians to loot items from burial sites deep in the Mexican Copper Canyon in Chihuahua,” reports the Washington Times.

Thursday’s return marks one of the largest repatriation of archaeological artifacts between the United States and Mexico.

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