Rob Schneider Not Voting For ‘Crappy’ Obama

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Rob Schneider has said that even though he is a liberal and Democrat, he will not vote again for a “crappy” Barack Obama.

“If Obama gets back in there, all those people that are already entrenched in that system of bureaucracy are going to be more entrenched, so I’m for kicking them out and starting over,” Schneider said last Friday on the Atlanta-based Regular Guys radio show. “I’ve come around to this. As a liberal, as a Democrat, there is no way that I can support Obama for a second term.”

One of the Regular Guys pointed out that President Obama will not be the only African-American president.

The Regular Guys

“This is America, we’re going to have black presidents, we’re going to have female presidents, we’re going to have Jewish presidents, some of whom are going to be good and some of whom aren’t,” the host said. “We’ve had a lot of crappy white presidents in this country and we’ll have more white presidents.”

“It is a testament to this great nation that we’ve had a crappy black president,” the Deuce Bigalow star said.

Schneider follows other Saturday Night Live alumni, including Dennis Miller, Jon Lovitz, and Victoria Jackson, who have become vocal critics of President Obama.


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