Israel Strikes Back Against Hezbollah Drone

An F-15 fighter plane

Israel retaliated Sunday against yesterday’s suspected Hezbollah drone that penetrated Israeli air space, first by flying mock raids into southern Lebanon and then striking two terrorist bases in Gaza.

Israeli warplanes first swooped low over Lebanese villages early Sunday, reports the Associated Press. The American-made F-15 and F-16 warplanes broke the sound barrier as they flew over the market town of Nabatiyeh and nearby villages, believed to be strongholds of the militant-Islamic group.

It is believed the fly-over was intended as a reminder to Hezbollah, who Israeli officials believe worked with Iran on Saturday’s drone infiltration of Israeli airspace, of the Jewish state’s air superiority.

Miri Regev

Israeli lawmaker Miri Regev, a former chief spokeswoman for the Israeli military, wrote on Twitter that the drone was from Iran and Hezbollah, in an attempt to gather information on a future attack on Israeli’s Dimona nuclear plant.

Late Sunday night, Israeli warplanes struck two bases run by the terrorist group Global Jihad near Rafah in Gaza that were suspected of planning to launch an attack on Israel from the Sinai. The Jerusalem Post quotes IDF sources as saying Global Jihad leaders Talat Khalil Muhammad Jerbi and Abdullah Mohammed Hassan Makawi.

Jerbi has been accused of playing a major role in a June 18 attack on the Gaza security fence that killed one Israeli civilian, as well as building bombs and launching rockets into Israel.

“Palestinian sources reported that the strike, which struck targets traveling by motorcycl, injured 11 people in total, two of which were in critical condition,” wrote the Post.

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