Gaddafi’s Captor Tortured and Killed

Thousands of Libyans mourn Shaaban as his casket is carried.

One of the men who pulled Moammar Gaddafi from a drainpipe last year has died after being kidnapped and tortured by supporters of the Libyan strongman.

Omran Ben Shaaban and three friends were attacked and kidnapped by Gaddafi loyalists last July near the southern town of Bani Walid, where many backers of Gaddafi still live. Relatives told the Associated Press Shaaban was shot twice and paralyzed from the waist down.

When Libyan president Mohammed el-Megarif managed to get Shaaban and two of his friends released this month, Shaaban was “skin and bones,” according to his brother, Abdullah Shaaban.

“It was clear he was beaten a lot,” Shaaban said. “His entire chest was sliced with razors. His face had changed. It wasn’t my brother that I knew.”

Shaaban was then flown to France for treatment, but died on Tuesday and was flown home the same day.

The BBC reports at least 10,000 mourners came out to mourn Shaaban at a Misrata sports stadium Tuesday night. A photo was also posted of Shaaban in wooden casket, his face visible through a glass window.

Libya’s ruling General National Congress (GNC) government said it would give the 22-year-old a funeral fit for a hero. It also vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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