Obama, Romney Fundraising Abroad

Obama and Romney are aggressively seeking donations from Americans abroad

U.S. President Barack Obama and his presumptive Republican rival Mitt Romney are aggressively seeking donations from Americans living abroad, with fundraisers in countries next week for influential bundlers of the respective campaigns.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the group Americans Abroad for Obama is holding fundraisers for the president in Geneva, Switzerland, Stockholm, Sweden, Paris, France, and Communist China. Tickets are a minimum US$1,000 per guest and can go as high as US$20,000 for a special dinner. Those who attend the Geneva event will also get to be able to meet actor George Clooney, a strong supporter of President Obama.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney will be hold fundraisers in London and Jerusalem this week as part of an international itinerary, reports Global Research. The London event will coincide with the Romney’s horse, Rafalca, taking part in dressage competitions at the Summer Olympics. They will be the guests of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Snapshot of the Switzerland fundraiser with George Clooney

While tickets are going for the legal limit of US$2,500 per citizen, a special post-event dinner with the Romneys will go for US$25-$75,000. “Banking officials at Barclays (the center of the $330 trillion LIBOR scandal) and Wells Fargo join European bankers and the owner of the New York Jets in organizing the controversial London fundraiser,” Global Research notes.

The second fundraiser in Jerusalem has raised controversy not only for the amounts being charged for the event, but because it is being held on the fast day commemorating the destruction of the First Temple. The invitation for the event says refreshments will be served only until after the fast, which has placated some.

The Jerusalem fundraiser requires attendees to contribute US$50,000 per couple or have raised US$100,000.  It is believed so-called “bundlers,” who raise money for the campaign, are the ones attending.

It is speculated that Sheldon Adelson and his wife, who have spent more then US$70,000 of their casino money on Republican campaigns this year, will show up for the Jerusalem dinner.

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