Mob Turncoat Apologizes To Sliwa

Court sketch of Joey D’Angelo

A mob turncoat publicly apologized to Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa in court Tuesday, before being sentenced for time served.

Joseph (Little Joey) D’Angelo, 43, was convicted for driving the stolen taxi that was used in an attempt to kill Sliwa on June 19, 1992. The former Gambino wiseguy then turned on the mob and testified that John Gotti, Jr. put a hit out on Sliwa after the vigilante bathmouthed Gotti’s father on his radio show.

After three unsuccessful tries at convicting Gotti Junior for the assassination attempt, federal prosecutors dropped the charges against him in 2010.

“I want to apologize to Mr. Sliwa and his family,” D’Angelo said on Tuesday, pointing towards Sliwa, who stood in the back of the courtroom.

The judge then sentenced D’Angelo to time served, which means he served four years in prison for two murders, construction industry shakedowns, securities fraud, drug trafficking, the Sliwa attack, and other crimes.

Curtis Sliwa

After the verdict, Sliwa told the New York Daily News that D’Angelo “did the right thing” in testifying against his former crime boss.

“To his credit he cooperated,” Sliwa said, adding that he wanted D’Angelo to admit that he ratted out the Gambino mob.

“When you do that then maybe for the first time in my life I can forgive and forget,” Sliwa said.

Another Gotti associate, Michael Yanotti, was also charged in the Sliwa shooting but was acquitted. Yanotti was later sentenced to 20 years on an unrelated racketeering charge.


  • apologize for what? for trying to get rid of this Leo Gorcey/Walter Winchell amalgamation of shit? Thank you Little Joey but you should have done a better job!!!!

  • Curtis Sliwa helped my family and I get out of Crown Heights during the 1991 pogrom…I give him and ‘The Guardian Angels’ credit.
    A few months ago I called his radio show which had open phones.
    I started to discuss a vital topic in a friendly way (The 7 Noahide Laws) and he cut me off!
    He’s no man.

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