Israel Starts Deporting African Refugees

An illegal holds up her travel document as she readies to board a plane back to Sudan.

Israel began its forced deportation of African refugees this past Monday, a week after police began rounding up people living in the country illegally.

The first planeload of 127 illegals left Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv for South Sudan with 127 men, women, and children on board. Because the group had voluntarily agreed to leave Israel, they were given a grant of US$1,250 (1,000 euros) per adult or US$500 (396 euros) per child, in addition to a free plane ticket back home.

The departure follows a series of mass raids conducted by the Israeli government on immigrant communities, with the aim of rounding up illegals and shipping them back home.

“So far, more than 500 people have volunteered to leave, and 300 people have been arrested,” Sabine Hadad, spokeswoman for the Population and Migration Authority, said of the operation which began at dawn on June 10.

Israelis in Tel Aviv rioted against illegal immigration last month.

Last month, long-simmering tensions in South Tel Aviv boiled over when Israelis protesting crimes committed by African immigrants became a riot. The windows of African shops and cars were broken, and Blacks were assaulted. A week later, Israeli officials announced new measures aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration, as well as speeding up the process to deport them.

Speaking at a weekly Israeli cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a second plane of illegals would leave for South Sudan “next week.”

“Today, the government will begin the operation to repatriate illegal work infiltrators to their countries of origin,” he said. “We will do this in an orderly and dignified manner.”

Alison Manani Magaya

A visiting delegation from South Sudan did not oppose the deportation, reports The Washington Post.

“That [Israel] is their country. If they don’t want people there, then they can come home,” South Sudanese Interior minister Alison Manani Magaya said, adding that the returnees would stay with their relatives.

The cash the returning migrants got “is equal to more than a year’s salary” in South Sudan, Magaya also said.

Israel plans to expel some 4,500 illegals through this program. There are an estimated 60,000 people living illegally in Israel.


  • We’re such a liberal people!! We love everyone. But schwartzes? Once you let them in, the whole neighborhood becomes gefelach!! Can’t they go to that OTHER neighborhood?
    Chas v’shalom!!

    • Yes CircusBoy! Tell those Sudanese including the Muslims that fled to Israel for reasons no one has ever explained– to give their Arab neighbors another chance. Although Israel (a fraction of the size) ought to shoulder the responsibility of tens of thousands of refugees indefinitely, especially during a global recession… just because. I mean let’s face it Arabs are infinitely more tolerant of blacks than any other country in the whole wide world. In fact the only reason they fled from tolerant Egypt (where they originally fled TO as refugees) to Israel to begin with was to teach Israelis a lesson in love and tolerance.

  • without the tongue-in-cheek, this battle for Israel was lost in 1979 when that schmuck, Menachem Begin tried to make nice to Sadat and gave back the Sinai to Egypt. This left a corridor open from Egypt to the Negev and Gaza in Israel for smuggling everything. In this case, Africans so as to dilute the percentage of Jews in Israel down from around 80 , what it is now, to around 50% or even lower and make the Arabs a majority or at least a sizeable plurality and there is nothing that can be done to close this hole in the wall. Arab- lighter skinned blacks- loathe Saharan blacks- darker skinned blacks so they are glad to send them North-east to screw with the Israelis and it will never end. Rabbi Kahane foretold this but the liberal Jews called him a Nazi and a fascist, they took away his Knesset seat and banned him from the media and laughed when he was assassinated. Now they say he was right. Too late.

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