Guardian Angels Halifax Closes

Operation: No Angels gets its man.

The Halifax franchise of the Guardian Angels closed its doors early last year, due to lack of interest from officials and the community.

The street vigilante group opened up shop in December 2007, with the usual media fanfare flamed by degenerate dirtbag and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa. The Chronicle Herald reports the franchise initially had 20 “potential recruits” back then, more than the 16 required to properly run an outfit.

Mayor Peter Kelly was at first a supporter of the Angels opening up shop in Halifax. That enthusiasm quickly subsided when Police Chief Frank Beazly turned sour on the effort, in no small part due to an interview the top cop had with The Right Perspective about what Sliwa and his Angels are really all about.

The Halifax franchise turned out to only have 8 members, doing only sporadic patrols in generally safe areas. Several months later, the group had only three members.

Sliwa told The Chronicle Herald that the franchise’s last patrol was late last year in the Highfield Park area of Dartmouth. The most people the group has was 12, he admitted.

Still, Sliwa does not blame anyone for the franchise’s demise.

“We just lost traction,” he said. “We just were not able to maintain the leadership (in Halifax) – the consistent leadership – and we had too many changes within the course of the first six months alone.”


  • this is only due to the upheavals in his personal life. He’ll be back in Halifax with his new wife, Melinda Katz and brood of bastard children with a vengeance ASAP and to keep him at bay will take ever vigilance by Operations No Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frank: sharpen that tongue and that dialing finger!!


    Coitus’ concubine, Melinda Katz will run for Borough President of Queens, NYC next year. This will give him an even bigger platform to run his mouth. He needs to be stopped. There should be no electioneering from his radio show, if it is possible to enforce that from an unethical cheater, unless she pays “moolah schmoolah” for the time but then we have to listen to his bullshit show to monitor this and MARONE- who can do this without turning totally mishugana like Coitus, Katz and the two bastard boys.

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