Debbie Schlussel Victim Of Polish ‘CyberPogrom’

Debbie Schlussel

Jewish-conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel has become the victim of what she calls a “cyberpogrom from Poland” after writing about the Polish role in anti-Jewish atrocities committed during World War Two.

The so-called “cyberpogrom” knocked Schlussel’s website offline for the last 3 days, and many are still having problems accessing it. In an article detailing the attack, the Jewish-Zionist claims to have gotten “thousands of vile, highly anti-Semitic death and rapee threats and e-mails, tweets, and Facebook comments” from Poles furious at her column detailing Polish complicity during the Holocaust.

The original article that sparked the cyber-attack was written in response to last week’s hue and outcry from Polish leaders over U.S. President Barack Obama’s mistaken reference to “Polish death camps.” German Nazis actually ran the camps, and the issue is still a sore subject in Poland, which suffered terribly under Nazi and Soviet occupation during World War Two. President Obama has written a letter of apology to Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski for the gaffe.

Many of the messages have included pictures of her with the “Hitler” mustache Photoshopped on her face. Others are vile, crude depictions of anti-Semitism, such as the one pictured below.

This anti-Semitic cartoon was sent to Debbie Schlussel

In addition to the anti-Semitic comments, Schlussel says she has also gotten many anti-American messages, accusing the United States of performing a “Holocaust” on the Native-American, or Beringian, population, and being behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Other e-mails have promoted support for the Palestinian people and carried anti-Israeli sentiment.

Schlussel also claims Facebook deleted, without warning, a post on her fan page telling Poles to stop their anti-Semitic tirade. That post received more than 27,000 angry comments from Polish people.

Debbie Schlussel has refused to take down her articles.

“The Poles were complicit with the Nazis in silencing Jews during the Holocaust,” she writes. “They will not silence this Jew.”


  • And on and on it goes and NOBODY is willing to do ANY research on this subject and instead simply keep on repeating the BLOODY LIE until they believe it. The Israeli is, disputably, for 85% an Askenazi Khazar ‘jew’ and therefore NOT, NOT, NOT a Semite but rather a… Japhethite.

    It’s soooo bloody simple that even an arsehole could see it IF s/he were to take the time to LOOK what is written – loud and clear – in Yahweh’s own Word.

    Gen 10:1-3
    (1) Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and JAPHET: and unto them were sons born after the flood. (2) The sons of Japheth; GOMER,… (3) And the sons of Gomer; ASHKENAZ,….


    Now please DON’T tell me that Americans are thick in the head – although I’m slowly starting to believe it.


  • She happens to be right but she overlooks the fact that her and her mispucha’s obnoxiousness is what’s responsible for the Slavic people’s hatred for the Jewish people in the first place.

  • It makes me laugh that she claims that Facebook took her post down to tell Poles to stop attacking her. The truth is that a lot of people reported the post as abuse towards ethicity and therefore facebook deleted it.

    Anyway, I have said it countless times before on Debbie’s facebook fan page that Poland was very welcoming towards Jews when other counties were hunding them down (and this will be in history books). When other European countries burned people for following different religions etc., Poland was a safe haven for them. I suggest you read the “Poland A History” by Adam Zamoyski. The Jewish population in Poland multiplied each time there was an anti-Semitic witch-hunt in other countries. Intellectual, political and religious liberty was present in Poland as long ago as the 1500s. The freedom to practice any religion without suffering discrimination was enshrined in our constitution. Arians, Muslims, Jews, Protestants and everyone seeking freedom were welcomed. Poland was the most multicultural country in Europe, the most cosmopolitan and liberal. Anti-Semitism was brought upon firstly by the partitions of Poland by Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungary. All the other nations were artificially removed from Poland in the 20th century by the Nazis. Statistics of the Israeli War Crimes Commission indicate that less than 0.1% of Polish gentiles collaborated with the Nazis (this is less than in other European countries). Grouped by nationality, Poles represent the biggest number of people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust.

    So, there were so many Jewish people in Poland because that was the only place in Europe, where they found hospitality. Poles are not attempting to hide Jedwabne or any other crime that polish citizens have commited towards Jews – our former president publicly apologised for Jedwabne. Also, it is true that among many thousands of posts on Debbies fan page, there were some anti-semitic ones, too. But in my opinion she angered people because she offenden their nation so they responded by offending hers. Still, I believe there aren’t many true anti-semitic people in Poland, there is, however, a great bunch of partiots who will fight to death for honour.

    Any factual sources of information would confirm that most Poles have either helped Jews during holocaust or kept quiet and only tried to survive themselves. Our grandparents fought for their country and freedom, many of them received the Order of Righteous Among Nations for helping Jews (more polish people than any other nation). Debbie’s article stating that most Poles were eager Nazi-helpers is a spiteful, hurtful lie that attempts to walk all over our pride and the memory of our ancestors. Even the Poles who collaborated with nazis have later been found to have had German origins in many cases.

    I would not be surprised if all this commotion has been created by her on purpose just to gain fame and publicity and surely, she did that just fine. If she does not mind being hated by Muslims, Indians, gays and now Poles then fair play to her for reaching her goals.

    And last, but not least, although she makes my blood boil, I will pray to God that He heals her ill mind. He must have forgotten about giving Debbie Schlussel a soul when she was created. Hopefully, she can still be saved (though the chance is slim).

    Thanks all for reading.

    Izzy – a proud Pole

  • of course she’s not right. She manipulates and deletes all comments which are polite, full of historical knowledge. We don’t know if anybody send this awful pictures, but I read all comments on Debbie’s fanpage and I see she hurt Poles so much becouse only in Poland under the occupacy they could die becouse of helping Jews. And they did – they were helping and they were dying. She is so ignorant. Thousands of Jews were saved by Poles.

    • That is absolutely right about her deleting and manipulating comments.
      I tried it for several time and none appeared.
      I tried to let her know of Katyn and the ethnic background of these criminal, who killed the Polish officers, but she wouldn’t have it.
      I have tried to inform her of jewish atrocities committed in Poland on Polish people, one of which is in a place Koniuchy. She wouldn’t have it either.
      I never post offensive comments unless genuinely provoked.

  • There is type of lie, which can not be ignored, and type of truth that can not be passed over without a comment. There are numerous articles trying to shed some light on this subject… to name just one, but thorough:

    And the lie is not that no polish jew has been killed by polish catholic… but the whole concept of trying to put a tag on every Polish living that he is anti-semite… How ridiculous that sounds, considering that people in Poland don’t know any Polish jews at the present. Thanks to last few decades – they are all gone. Also considering the fact, that Poland has gained independence only 20 years ago – concept of blaming all Poles for the tragic events is not something that any reasonable person would do.

    Also considering the fact, that all Poles are focusing on EURO 2012, right now, and only tiny fraction has taken interest to make a comment on her websites – she should be thankfull for that. Only in 2 weeks time, when EURO is over, I bet the response to any POLE HATER will be much stronger.

    • Debbie Schlussel is really not victim here, as article is suggesting. And everyone knows it.

      … who sows the wind, will reap the whirlwind …

      Obviously she is desperately trying to controll the wrath of internet, and is unable to do anything. With just few internet users noticing her over the weekend and in the breaks between EURO 2012 football matches, her site has been down, she has took down all POLE HATING articles off her website and she has even blocked Polish IP addresses to stop accessing her website.

      Little does she know that anti-Debbie fun pages on Facebook have already posted directions how to get around it….. Poor Debbie…. I think it’s time for her to retire, and switch to planting flowers…

  • She looks more like a Jewish pole dancer than an intellectual but there is a single grain of truth in what she says. I am giving every TRPer an assignment: look up the Kielce Pogrom of July 4, 1946 more than one year after the Nazi surrender wherein some 200 Jews who were displaced during WWII from their homes in Kielce, Poland, returned to reoccupy them. The townspeople of Kielce murdered 42 of them and injured 50 of them and forced them to flee. It has been considered a catalyst for the flight of most Jewish-Polish Nazi occupation survivors from the country. Today, there are virtually no Jews in Poland as compared to the 1938 population of 3.3 million Jewish Poles.

    • Stop that lie and bring down your comment of Kielce to a normal context. There were Jews murdering Poles too. The bielskie jewish btothers murderers killed more Polish innocent civilians than in kielcer pogrom

  • Circus Boy, nobody is denying such cases. But look where Poland got by wolcoming Jewish people into their country. First of all, local business went bust, because a Jew would open a shop next door and half the prices. After the polish shop could not sustain itself anymore, the price would go up. Maybe this is just basic trade competition, but people were angry that they were losing their livelyhoods to let a foreign businessman thrive. Then, Poland was invated and occupied by the nazis and many, many people lost their lives. Many were killed for helping Jews. Show me a country in Europe where there was no anti-semitism and no porgroms at all, provindig there were Jews living there. Why is she picking on Poland. And taking the numbers out of the hat. I would say that out of 35 million Poles, maybe about 6 thousand collaborated with nazis, many of them had german ancestors. There are countless materials on Jews who also collaborated. But how can someone say Polish people run polish death camps and willingly killed 3 millions Jews hand in hand with the germans? The biggest, most hurtful lie I have heard in a long time.

  • Debbie’s a fraud, and mentally unbalanced. Exhibit A (if you have a problem opening this in Explorer, try another browser):

    This was a restraining order filed against her. Check the public court records online in Oakland County, Michigan. It would be interesting to know if she reported these events to the state bar, or just “forgot” to.

  • I would like to post here my personal letter to Debbie Schlussel but as all her pages are (fortunately) blocked, let me put it here:
    Ms Debbie, what surprises me most in your posts is your absolute ignorance – which should not happen since you are a university graduate. As most of the historical facts you should consider have already been presented to you by other Polish posters – whose posts you selectively delete unless they insult you as a person and thus serve to present how anti-semitic Poles are – let me add some minor points.
    Of course I do not even believe you will ever read my comment, not to mention considering it, because of you exuberant ego. But recent history shows that even Harvard graduates have a very poor (what a shame!) knowledge of history and geography!
    The II World War was not a war against Jews. It was a war started by Nazi Germany to conquer neighbouring nations and then other nations and get the so called “Lebensraum” where “the only right Aryan” race could spread. Poles, similarly to other Slavic races, were for Hitler a little less worse (not better) than Jews and Gipsies. These are sheer facts, not fairy tales. Keep that in mind.
    Germany attacked Poland because it happened to be in the way to territories it wanted to conquer and because Poland itself was a country abundant in fertile soil – a guarantee of supplies to its army. The attack was part of Germany’s “Drang nach Osten” polisy. Poland rejected German ultimatum to allow a corridor between Germany and Prussia on its territory which was treated as an indirect declaration of war.
    When Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, Poland had a mutual protection treaty signed with France and Great Britain. It also had a treaty signed with the Soviet Union which nevertheless gave Poland a blow in the neck and attacked it on 17 September 1939. With two powerful enemies Poland could not survive for a long time and it was divided between the two signees of the secret Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. Again, these are basic facts you should know from you most basic history books. (For those who have no history knowledge I hurry to explain that both guys were foreign ministers of Germany and the Soviet Union respectively).
    Despite the attack from the west by Germany and from the East by the Soviet Union, Poland kept on fighting till October and then immediately started to build underground resistance structures which continued the fight in the Nazi-occupied Poland and on the territories incorporated by the Soviet Union. But this is again is basic history you should know but either pretend not to or you are a real ignorant. My aim – at this point – is not to give you private history classes therefore I will skip details.
    You (and many others believing in you stories) frequently ask a question: “Where were Poles when the Holocaust was happening?” Let me answer – they were being shot in Katyn, Ostaszkow and other places in the Soviet Union by German allies – Soviets with silent acceptance of the West; they were interrogated, tortured by Gestapo in their (Nazi- not Polish) prisons, they were being caught in the streets and sent to death camps or shot in the streets for just existing, or in revenge for Home Army attacks, or other so called “crimes”; they were terrorized in cities, smaller towns and villages; they were sent to labour camps and sites in Germany where they were working for free, starving and dying. There they were!
    No, Ms Debbie, they were not enjoying the Oscar gala shows, nor walking Broadway, nor shopping in the 5th Avenue, nor having a fiesta on the streets of a happily isolated America! They were dying the same way Jews were dying when America was happy with its isolation sending away ships with Jews and other immigrants.
    Ask your leaders, your own nation (if you have any – which I doubt): what have you done to aid the Jews? (the later Kennedy style). And not only Jews, also other Europeans. Anyway the answer is simple. They (your government and your people) did not do anything! They didn’t even believe Jan Karski’s reports. Nor Pilecki’s. Nobody. See, how cruel history is – both of them risked their lives in vain. America preferred to have fun and fiesta. Who would believe Polish emissaries if their stories seemed unimaginable, incredible. But somehow these “fantasies” turned to be true. Hmm, it’s so difficult to admit for you that the only persons to give a credible testimony of what was happening to Jews turned out to be Poles? And that the only persons who could have done something turned out to be your (not exactly yours of course as you have not been born yet) president, other distinguished politicians and your rabbis? Karski was looking for anyone to listen to his story, knocking at every door – in vain. Sure, it’s always easier to blame it on the inadequacy of the “then” reports. But they did not lie and now you know it. The US and western allies did have a possibility to put pressure on Stalin – contrary to Poland as were still in the state of war (though undeclared by the Soviet Union).
    It’s just a minor point I guess – because all Poles know these facts and do feel offended by you attacks – but I hope that even if a single person out of 1000 who read this (and other historical comments) will reconsider the issue, it’s good. Better than your history handbook.
    And one more minor point about “pogrom” – in Kielce. Poland apologized, there is a special tablet on the wall of the building commemorating the victims. But keep in mind Ms. Debbie that this event happened in 1946 i.e. after the war. For the West it was after the war, for Poland it was another war, another occupation. Not that I want to excuse the culprits. It happened, it was done and started by the then ruling authorities – UB (Security Bureau). They encouraged people to participate in it but we do not have and probably will never have credible data about the event. Probably the real reason was just an alleged “kidnapping” which turned out to be (still probably) a lie by a teenager. But this was not Poland as it is now. It was the “Poland” suppressed by communists and the Soviet invasion, looking for help it never received. We have and still ask the same question: where were you (Amrica) when Poland was being deprived of independence? Where were you when we were left alone – first to face the Nazi invasion and the Soviet invasion, then to face the Communist invasion with acceptance from the West – our former allies? We were left alone with no help although Polish soldiers were fighting on all the fronts in the II World War. They were fighting for everyone’s independence but theirs. You promised us something and you just forgot about us! One more historical lesson to learn – don’t play with history!
    The country and government that got rid of Jews were not us. It was a Communist government. Ask your own authorities (if indeed American authorities are your own) why they preferred to listen to Stalin, why they sold Poland to Stalin who in turn murdered or persecuted hundreds and thousands of our people? Including Jews – you seem not to remember or not know but Stalin suspended his ethnic cleansing (getting rid of Jews in his government) only for the time of war. Then he returned to it. Since America and Great Britain – despite our veto – accepted the so called “new order” they are responsible for what happened from then on. To Poland, to other Central-European nations cast into the Soviet sphere of influence and to the Jews that happened to live there.
    We apologized for Kielce and Jedwabne although we don’t know the details. Still, it was our fault, no matter what the starting point was. Provoked by UB-Soviet overthrown regime or by occupant Germany – it is a black spot in our history. The II World War with all its cruelty and unimaginable dehumanization turned angels into monsters. But how can we judge it if we were not there? Respect!
    Ask your authorities why they accepted and tolerated Nazi murderers in your country or facilitated their escapes to South America? Why they placed some of them in security services in the West Germany? Why so few of them have been punished in the Nurnebrg process? Why every Nazi claiming that he or she was just performing the job, orders went unpunished?
    Ms Debbie, how do you dare – with your zero knowledge of he reality and background – condemn or even judge the people that practically had no choice? Cause the choice seemed to be like the choice between the plague and the cholera. Both fatal in these conditions.
    Every family in Poland suffered terrible losses during the war – from Soviets or Germans. And nobody ever satisfied their losses nor eased the suffering. Poland just happened to be in the way and it proved to be disobedient. We were fighting for our independence. So – even it is sounds cruel – we were not fighting for Jews, nor Gipsies, nor for Poles, nor any other nation. We have always been fighting for independence – and finally we won in 1989.
    Remember that Jews were not the only victims of Nazi death camps. Remember that for Nazi Germany everyone who had any Jewish roots (though Jews would treat the person as totally not-Jew) was a Jew. There were mixed marriages and children born from families with just traces of Jew origin. For Hitler they were the same stuff – to be exterminated sooner or later. Nobody wanted them, nobody let them in, nobody facilitated their escape from a just pre-war Europe. It was comfortable to remain deaf for America in a pre-war reality.
    Why Poles did not help to stop the Holocaust? They tried but they were part of this Holocaust themselves. They were dying the same way as Jews were dying. Even if the Home Army could have liberated one camp (from the military point of view it would be unrealistic cause the camps were well guarded and not by the Poles – it is a lie), where would the people escape? The Czech Republic in the South was occupied, the Soviet Union was first collaborating with Hitler, then itself it was occupied by Germany, the now Republic of Ukraine was collaborating with Germans and had its own army killing Poles and Jews. Where would they escape?
    Unlike you – comfortably located in the US – we won the battles, we lost the war. Somehow it seems your grandparents survived. (Correct me if I’m wrong). For you ancestors it was the end. For mine (and others) it was just a change in occupation.
    Can you imagine living in an occupied land? Sure you cannot. This is the difference between us. I do not need to imagine it. You don’t have enough imagination nor empathy to do so.
    I wonder what you would be like if you had a nation and national identity. What would you say then and how would you feel if someone attacked your nation without having a ground. Offended? Probably.
    America has no history but the one that started after the Declaration of Independence. But for me it is no excuse. Poland like the rest of Europe has a millennium history of Jews coming to their lands. If you have a family history try to dig as deep as you can and look as wide was you can. Take off the glasses of ignorance Ms. Debbie. Unless you prefer to remain forever blind.
    When we were fighting for independence with the most cruel regimes in the world – German Nazi and Soviet – Blacks, Afro-Americans were still persecuted in your “country of freedom”. You accuse Poland of anti-semitism which sometimes is obviously true. What about such an open, “democratic” nation as the US and its segregation laws? And Israel’s? It took you much longer to grant black citizens their rights than it took us to organize again communism America and Jalta Treaty condemned us to.
    The more you touch the wound, the more it hurts. The more demons of the past you wake, the more they haunt you. The more nuetrally or pro-Jew people you insult, the more anti-Semitic they become. Is that YOUR plan?
    Stop it Debbie. Finally, ask yourself a question: why? Why so many Jews were living in Poland (3 million) till World War II? Why not elsewhere? Why not in America?
    This is a rhetorical question. Smart people know the answer.

  • I do try to be fair, at times, and the Yad Vashem website as of Jan. 1, 2012 under Righteous Among the Nations under Poland lists 6,339 persons for special recognition for hiding and saving Jews lives under grave concern for their own lives.

  • CircusBoy, she doesn’t ‘happen to be right’, she’s lying through her teeth. And this is a favourable interpretation, otherwise I’d have to say that a prominent American journalist has no bloody clue what she is saying.

    Poland did not happily surrender to Germany in order to gleefully murder millions of Jews under the Nazi protection. Pogroms did happen, but Polish pre-war anti-Semitism was just as popular as in any other European country with a Jewish minority, and those pogroms were limited to damaging property and some physical abuse, like everywhere else. Jews were killed during and shortly after the war, but the reasons were mostly political, co-laboration with the Soviets.

    The infamous Kielce Pogrom is a highly controversial story. Consider the following:

    1.It lasted for long hours in a city fully controlled by the Soviets, or, rather, by the local authorities on a very short Soviet leash. Even in the 1970s, when the commie rule was relatively loose, this would be a definite clue that it had the acceptance of the authorities.

    2. A significant part of the ‘unruly mob’ were the workers from a neighbouring factory, led by a resident PPR activist. Again, PPR was a Polish commie party, created and fully controlled by the Soviets.

    3. The building where the pogrom happened was inhabited partly by Orthodox Jews, displaced persons, and partly by communists and Soviet collaborators of Jewish origin. Only the Jews in the ‘Orthodox’ part of the building were murdered. The commies were spared – and did not intervene even if many of them were armed. Given the popular bitter hatred of Poles against the new occupational force, this is a very unlikely scenario.

    Very unlikely scenario, unless we assume that it was not a spontaneous pogrom by a Polish mob, but a planned Soviet provocation. Then, suddenly, all the pieces snap in their places and the puzzle is no more.

    Those three points are just what I remember off-hand, there were more such. There’s no hard evidence about the Soviet responsibility for the event, and possibly there never was any document, so even opening the Moscow archives in some unforeseeable future would not help much. It’s only clues, but there is little doubt now about their factual authenticity, so the case is definitely ‘controversial’. For me, an evident Soviet provocation in order to besmirch the nation struggling to gain independence with the help of the Western so-called Allies.

    That Schlussel girl is is just a hateful racist bitch, with anti-Polish sentiment implanted by the grandmother who left Poland before the war, for whatever reason. Polish-Jewish co-existence was not all honey and smell of roses, admittedly, but the fault does not lie on the Polish side solely – and definitely had not resulted in a genocide, not even in any exceptionally brutal persecution. She’s mental, sick with hate. Or just seeking publicity, but then she might easily learn that the celebrity status is not necessarily, wossname, all honey and smell of roses.

  • The jewish holohax was in fact greatly exaggerated anyway. In Auschwitz camp were many people from different countries, but only jews are profiteering from it making it their business to create a holocaust industry as Finkelstein states himself.
    Why nobody reveals the ethnic background of th Katyn executors?
    Why nobody talk about jewish atrocities committed on Poles in a place called Koniuchy?

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