Moderate Dems Flee Obama In Primary Votes

Prisoner Keith Judd won 40-percent of the vote against Obama in the West Virginia primary.

Moderate Democrats appear to be abandoning U.S. President Barack Obama, based on the results seen in some key elections from Tuesday.

While President Obama did win the Democrat primary election in West Virginia, Federal inmate Keith Judd placed a remarkable showing, winning 10 counties and 41-percent of the vote. Judd, who  is serving a 210-month sentence for extortion at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, scored enough of the popular vote to earn one delegate at the Democrat National Convention. Nobody has stepped forward to claim that role.

In analyzing that stunning result, FOX News notes that the Virginia vote was a resounding protest against the president’s energy policy, which puts heavy restrictions on the mining and burning of coal, the state’s top industry.

Senator Joe Manchin

West Virgina Sen. Joe Manchin, who is pro-coal, pro-life and anti-gay marriage, did not say if he voted for President Obama or Judd for in his state’s primary, according to the Christian Science Monitor. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin did not reveal his vote either, the paper noted.

President Obama’s “evolving” stance on gay marriage may have also added to the protest. In the swing state of North Carolina, a minimum of 35-percent of registered Democrats voted in favor of a constitutional amendment declaring marriage as being only between a man and a woman. The legislation passed with an overall vote of 61-39.

In the state’s Democrat presidential primary, also on the same ballot, 20.8-percent, or nearly 200,000 voters, chose “no preference” over President Obama. The president won the state in 2008 by only 4,177 votes out of more than 4.2 million cast.

Finally, in the normally-safe-for-Democrats state of Wisconsin, incumbent Republican governor Scott Walker got almost as many votes in his GOP primary as all five of the Democrat challengers got in their primary, combined. The result shows that, although Governor Walker faces a partisan recall election, support for him is stronger than any single Democrat rival.

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