Ron Paul Wins Minnesota And Iowa?

Winning? Ron Paul.

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has reportedly won the majority of delegates in Minnesota and Iowa, and is poised to do the same in six other caucus states.

The Texas congressman took 20 out of 24 of the delegates from the Minnesota Congressional Districts, RNC committeewoman Pat Anderson tweeted. Those delegates will go on to the state convention, scheduled to be held May 18-19, where the final 13 delegates representing Minnesota at the GOP convention will be chosen.

The news was ignored by the mainstream media, including the Associated Press, which estimated the delegate breakdown would go 17 Santorum, 10 Paul, and 6 Romney.

Tweet from Minnesota's RNC National Committeewoman announcing Ron Paul's win.

In Iowa, the Des Moines Register reports that “six of the new Iowa GOP state central committee members elected at district conventions Saturday have publicly expressed support for Paul,” and “two more new central committee members have close ties to Paul.” The new state chairman is also a Ron Paul supporter, who served as a co-chairman for the congressman’s Iowa state organization.

Iowa holds its state convention on June 16.

Doug Wead

Writing about the surprising news on his blog, Senior Adviser to the Ron Paul campaign Doug Wead said that the same thing is going on in at least six other caucus states. Although Wead did not say which other states this was happening in, Nevada and Colorado have had non-binding straw polls similar to Iowa and Minnesota, where the actual process of selecting delegates for a particular candidate does not start until the District Conventions and State Conventions. Alaska, Missouri and Maine also hold a similar delegate selection process.

Wead claims the news is already affecting the campaign of rival Mitt Romney, which sees a turbulent convention as an eventual loss in the general election against Barack Obama.

The Ron Paul takeover of the GOP is “viewed by many political observers as the biggest transformation of the Republican Party since 1988, when evangelical Christians joined the process and dominated state positions for a whole generation,” Wead observes.


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