Rangel Fined For Rent Law Abuse

Charlie Rangel

Degenerate Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel and his campaign have been fined US$23,000 for abusing rent control laws in New York City.

The fine was handed down by the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel for Rangel’s use of a rent-stabilized apartment in Harlem’s Lenox Terrace luxury complex as a campaign office. By leasing the apartment at US$630 a month, well below the market rate of US$1,700 a month, he accepted campaign contributions far exceeding the maximum limit.

Additionally, city and state guidelines in New York require rent-stabilized apartments to be used only as a primary residence.

Rangel's apartment building

The FEC’s general counsel also found fault with Fourth Lenox Terrace Associates, the owner of the building. It said that in allowing Rangel’s political committees to pay less than the market rate, the owner made “excessive in-kind contributions” to the committees.

The findings conclude an investigation that began back in 2008, which led to a House Ethics Committee probe. Rangel was eventually found guilty of 11 counts of ethical violations, including failure to pay taxes, improper solicitation of fund-raising donations and failure to report his personal income accurately.

He was eventually censured in November 2010, the most severe penalty a representative can get short of expulsion. Rangel was also stripped of his Ways and Means chairmanship, a position he had coveted for much of his career.

Rangel spokesperson Hannah Kim responded to the findings in an e-mail. “People settle not because they’re guilty but because they don’t want to go through the arduous process and expense to show they’re not guilty,” she wrote.


  • Don’t complain. If Charlie leaves, we get Adam Clayton Powell IV, a real chip off the old block. “Keep the Faith,Baby”!! I’d rather vote for Charlie!

    • Paul the Vermonter

      Rangels seat is his until he drops dead, Then as Circus Boy says it’d Adam Clayton Powell IV. And unless he doesn’t do a serious chimpout he can have that seat until he croaks.And still nothing in this congressional district will clean up the crap or bring any type of economic progress to the district.

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