Ron Paul Clear Favorite With Tea Party Conservatives

Ron Paul

Texas congressman Ron Paul is now the clear favorite among members of the Tea Party, according to a major website popular with grass roots conservatives.

With Bachmann out of the primary race after Iowa, Paul stands head-and-shoulders above all other contenders, according to the Conservative HQ website. The Texan grabbed 53-percent of all votes in their weekly CHQ Presidential Straw Poll.

Far behind is Rick Santorum with 12-percent. The former Pennsylvania senator has risen 6 points in the first week after his 8-vote loss at the Iowa caucus to Mitt Romney. Paul fell 6 points in the same week.

Paul’s fiscal-conservative message has resonated soundly with Tea Party members, whose concerns over big government led to the movement’s creation after the last presidential race in 2008. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, an unofficial leader and spokesperson for the group, has been taking Paul’s side on the issues in her position as a commentator at FOX News lately.

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