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Ron Paul No Racist: NAACP Austin President

Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder

Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul is not a racist and is being smeared as one because he is a clear threat to the political establishment, says Nelson Linder, Austin president of the NAACP.

Speaking out against the charges when they first surfaced during the last Republican primary in 2007, Linder said he has personally known Paul for 20 years and heard him speak out against police oppression in minority communities, racial biases in mandatory drug sentencing, and favorably about late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Knowing Ron Paul’s intent, I think he is trying to improve this country but I think also, when you talk about the Constitution and you constantly criticize the federal government versus state I think a lot of folks are going to misconstrue that [….] so I think it’s very easy for folks who want to to take his position out of context and that’s what I’m hearing,” Linder told talk radio host Alex Jones during an interview on January 13, 2008.

“Knowing Ron Paul and having talked to him, I think he’s a very fair guy I just think that a lot of folks do not understand the Libertarian platform,” he added.

“I’ve read Ron Paul’s whole philosophy, I also understand what he’s saying from a political standpoint and why people are attacking him,” said Linder.

“If you scare the folks that have the money, they’re going to attack you and they’re going to take it out of context,” he added.

“What he’s saying is really really threatening the powers that be and that’s what they fear,” concluded the NAACP President.

Linder echoed his statements during another interview during the same time, with Texas libertarian radio host Scott Horton.

“There are quite a few folks who don’t understand the libertarian philosophy,” Linder said, adding the ideology is one African-Americans should more open to.

“The two-party system has failed America,” he said.

“I hope that more folks in the other parties develop the courage to join him in addressing that, I think, will decide the fate of this country in the future.”

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  1. Aryan says

    How the ZioCon, the foreign Puppet Masters of Khazarian extraction, will now start their ruthless anti-Paul smear campaigns in earnest as they’re getting damn scared their sacred usurping fiat money machine (aka FED) will be scrutinized and in the end could even be taken away from them where Ron Paul win. So folks, use a clear head and have a look at “Libertarianism in One Lesson” again.

  2. NewsGuy says

    A Black man gives the right perspective on “Racist” Ron Paul

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