Ron Paul Tied For First In Iowa

Ron Paul and his wife Carol

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is ranked second in a four-way tie for first place in the Iowa caucus race, whose influential vote in the Republican primary season will be held on January 3rd.

A Bloomberg News poll released November 15 shows Former pizza mogul Herman Cain is first at 20-percent; Paul is right behind him at 19-percent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is third at 18-percent and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is fourth at 17-percent. All four candidates are within striking distance of each other and the poll’s margin of error.

What is even more promising for the Paul candidacy is that Cain’s popularity is slowly eroding due to a sexual harassment scandal and the businessman’s continual bumbling in trying to answer basic questions about American foreign policy.

Tea Party supporters have been shopping around for a candidate to back ever since former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, both favored by members of the conservative grass-roots coalition, opted to not run for president this time around. Evidence of this can been seen in the poll, which shows a whopping 60-percent of voters say they can still be persuaded to vote for another candidate other than their current choice, and 10-percent declaring themselves to be undecided.

However, Paul’s support of 19-percent is more solid than the other candidates, notes Bloomberg News.

“Paul’s campaign leads for voter contact, with about two thirds of respondents saying they’ve heard from his campaign,” the survey also reports.

Paul’s first-place showing comes as a shock to many, as the candidate has gotten little time at the GOP debates and been largely ignored by mainstream media reporting of the Republican primary. Many conservative pundits who warmly embrace his fiscal and constitutional philosophy reject his controversial views on American foreign policy, which runs counter to the neo-conservative doctrine that dominated the Bush administration.


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