Sean Hannity Endorses Ron Paul Budget Plan

Republican talk radio host Sean Hannity has endorsed Ron Paul’s Restore America Plan, which cuts US$1 trillion in federal spending and balances the budget by the third year of a Paul presidency.

“I like your plan,” Hannity told Paul during a radio interview on Monday. The talker went on to compare Paul’s proposal to the Mack-Penny Plan, which would balance the federal budget within 8 years, hold spending at current levels for 6 years, and raise spending by 18-percent of GDP for the last two. Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, has been active in promoting that initiative.

Hannity also told Paul that he often agrees with him on economic matters, the role and influence of government, and the conservative-libertarian’s views on the Federal Reserve. “Ben Bernanke is a disaster, as is Tim Geithner, and these guys should be fired immediately,” Hannity said.

The talker went on to dispute Paul’s previous declaration that Hannity and other hosts “made his living by fooling people in thinking they are real leaders of limited government.” Paul said he was “surprised” by many, who he believed were not as fiscally conservative as he, were suddenly applauding the Restore America Plan.

Ron Paul has won over many with his Restore America Plan.

“I may have to modify my views [on talk radio hosts Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin] a bit,” Paul admitted. “I’m very pleased that you have spoken out openly about what I’m trying to do.”

Hannity then told Paul that he has “always” agreed with Paul’s views on the economy, although he does have disagreements with him on foreign policy.

Paul took the moment to remind Hannity that America’s debt has been increased by US$4 trillion over the last 10 years because of foreign expenditures, ie, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“If we don’t address that, that would not be considered conservative,” Paul said, “it’s not all just food stamps.”



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