Rush: Ron Paul Is Right

Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh stunned his audience on Monday when he said that US presidential candidate Ron Paul has the right perspective in wanting to cut US$1 trillion in government spending – although the conservative talker claims he came up with the idea first.

“You’re not going to believe my answer,” Rush told a caller who asked how the Republicans can govern once they defeat President Obama next year. “Ron Paul has a good idea.”

“Ron Paul is about to show the Republican presidential field what a serious fiscal reform program looks like,” Limbaugh said, and read highlights of Paul’s plan as published in Politico.

“What this [plan] represents is something we have got to face if we are serious about this,” Limbaugh said. “Fooling around the margins on all this spending isn’t going to get it done.

Rush Limbaugh praises Ron Paul's Restore America Plan.

“A 2-percent tax cut here, or a 3-percent tax variation there, is not going to fix what is wrong. Genuine big spending cuts is the only thing that is going to bring us back into some semblance of ideas.”

Limbaugh then went on to take credit for coming up with the idea first, and accused Paul of “stealing” it from him.

“I, El Rushbo, suggested we should freeze spending at 2008 levels,” Limbaugh said. “Cutting the EPA? We’ve long been an advocate of this!

“But nobody on our side has ever seriously proposed it, and Ron Paul is going to,” Limbaugh conceded.

The talker then said that plans proposed by other Republican candidates, such as Mitt Romney’s 59-point program, may be good, but “it’s not what’s needed if we are going to save the country and preserve it” in the way that Ron Paul’s Restore America Plan does.


  • Rush, it’s about time. Get on board the Ron Paul Express as we head in to the future of America, its greatest days are ahead.

  • What’s this American thing of always saying “I said it first”, “He stole my line”.

    My God when are you Americans going to grow up? It’s not about “who said it first” but it’s about “who will DO it first” that matters.


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