Rick Perry Heckled Over Immigration Stance

A protester outside the Perry fundraising event.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was loudly heckled Thursday while holding a fundraising event in Charlotte, North Carolina, despite attempts by his campaign to thwart the critics.

Some 15 members of the Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) were outside San Antonio’s Mexican Grill, where Perry held his fundraiser. Bearing signs and American flags, the immigration reform protesters made much more noise than their number, and cars driving by the protest loudly honked their horns in support.

ALIPAC President William Gheen

“Rick Perry is the only candidate that signed in state tuition for illegal immigrants into law, ” ALIPAC President William Gheen told local news outlet WCNC. “I shouldn’t have to pay to replace my own kids in college because of someone else’s criminal activity.”

Perry has gotten a drubbing in the polls after he told critics of his approving Texas state tuition funding for illegals attending college that they “have no heart” during last week’s GOP debate. He apologized for saying this yesterday, although he stands by the decision he made as governor.

Cars honk their horns in support of the protest.

Before heading into the restaurant, Perry told reporters that the fault lies in the federal government’s inability to stop illegal immigration, and his decision was to make illegals “part of the work force and not part of the problem.”

Perry campaign officials attempted to stifle the protest, and were caught trying to censor a Facebook page set up by ALIPAC promoting their event.

Gheen called his protest a success in a press statement afterwards, noting their message was picked up by national media and heard across North Carolina.

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  • Illegal immigrants can be compared with sperm. They enter in their millions but most of the time only one of them works.

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