Ron Paul: UN Undermines Sovereignty

Ron Paul

US Presidential candidate Ron Paul has said the Palestinian drive for statehood highlights how the United Nations undermines the sovereignty of independent nations, and the US should realign its foreign policy to one that puts its interests first.

In the latest edition of his weekly Texas Straight Talk newsletter, Paul tackles the thorny issue of Palestinian statehood by looking at it from the Jeffersonian perspective of “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

“We can no longer bribe the Israelis and Palestinians to continue an endless ‘peace process’ that goes nowhere,” the Texas Republican congressman writes. “It is not in our interest to hector the Palestinians or the Israelis, or to ‘export’ democracy to the region but reject it when people vote the ‘wrong’ way.”

In addition to being at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with its 1947 Partition Plan, Paul writes the world governing body also threatens American sovereignty and economic well-being, moving from its original intention as “an international forum to preserve peace” to one that provides “political and legal cover for the military aspirations of interventionists.”

Paul says the US should get out of the UN

“Under the sovereignty-destroying doctrine of ‘Responsibility to Protect,’ adopted at the 2005 World Summit, the UN takes it upon itself to intervene in internal conflicts of its member states whenever it believes that human rights are being violated.” Paul writes. “Thus under ‘Responsibility to Protect,’ the UN provides the green light for a kind of global no-knock raid on any sovereign country.”

“Personally I wish the United States would de-recognize the United Nations,” he writes, noting how every year he has introduced legislation calling for an end to US membership in the UN.

Paul advises the Palestinians to steer clear of the United Nations, noting that recognition by the international governing body is no guarantee of sovereignty. It has been used as cover to attack other UN members that fall out of favor with American administrations, such as Iraq and Libya.

PA president Mahmoud Abbas shows his formal request for UN recognition of a Palestinian state.

The congressman’s comments come as the UN Security Council prepares to consider Palestine’s application for membership later this afternoon. President Obama has said Palestinian statehood should result not from a unilateral bid at the world body, but from negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The US has vowed to use its veto power in the Security Council to block recognition of the Palestinian territory as an independent nation.

But Paul said the United States should not block Palestine’s application, even though he doesn’t see Palestinian membership as a “particularly productive move.”

“I believe in self-determination of peoples and I recognize that peoples may wish to pursue statehood by different means,” Paul writes.

“As we saw after the Cold War, numerous new states were born out of the ruins of the USSR as the various old Soviet Republics decided that smaller states were preferable to an enormous and oppressive multi-national conglomerate.”

“The real, pro-US solution to the problems in the Middle East is for us to end all foreign aid, stop arming foreign countries, encourage peaceful diplomatic resolutions to conflicts, and disengage militarily,” he writes.


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