Steve Malzberg Loses NYC Radio Show

Steve Malzberg

In a surprise move, conservative talker Steve Malzberg has been fired from the top-rated, afternoon drive-time slot on WOR in New York City that he has been broadcasting on for the last four years.

“As you may know by now, WOR Radio has decided not to renew my contract which expires in October,” Malzberg wrote on his official website. “They have also elected not to have me finish out my contract, so I am officially done with my on-air shows on WOR.”

Management at WOR have reportedly chosen former New York Governor David Patterson, a liberal Democrat, to replace the firebrand conservative-Republican host. “I wish [him] all the best,” Malzberg wrote.

WOR VP/GM Jerry Crowley called Patterson “the obvious choice to be the man behind the microphone,” reports

This is not the first surprise firing by WOR in recent past. Glenn Beck was axed from the station this past January, reportedly for low ratings.

Former NY Gov. David Patterson will replace Malzberg

While some believe the Beck firing was due to a desire by the station to move towards a more localized flavor in its programming, the rationale does not explain why Malzberg, a staple of New York City talk radio for the last 30 years who consistently won his time slot against rival talker Sean Hannity, was let go.

In an interview with FishbowlNY, Malzberg says he is “not totally shocked” about being fired. “They decided to go in a completely different direction.”

Ratings had gone down for the station overall, which normally happens over the summer months, but Malzberg said he was sure listenership would pick up again in the Fall, with the build-up to the 2012 US presidential election.

Malzberg plans to remain a strong voice for social conservatism in the tri-state area, with plans for many different ventures already in the works. He hinted in the interview with FishbowlNY that he might return to WABC, where he spent most of his 30-year career in radio.

“I grew up at WABC,” Malzberg said. “I would absolutely love to go back to WABC.”


  • steve malzberg was a loser and while i support conservative views, his were fill of venom and malice that was borderline racist and quite frankly, with that whine and drone for two hours, a tune out. he won’t be missed in the afternoon. in fact, someone farting into a microphone made more sense than steve malzberg’s rhetoric.

    • John, as far as farting. I think you are talking from your A.

      • so was malzberg. and i am sure if you subscribe to that sort of infantile screaming and yelling and carrying on, so do you.

    • Steve was the man.He took no prisoners whether u were on the left or right.He campaigned for Gov.Christi and was to have him as a guest once a month.When Christi wouldn’t commit to the Mosque near ground zero.Wouldn’t come on to give his side of appointing the Muslim judge,who gave truther opinions on 911,Malzberg called him out.Steve picked up the mantel,left void when the “King of talk radio”,Bob Grant,left the air waves on a weekly basis.Hannitty was beaten by Steve in the arbitrons regularly in N.Y.He’ll be back.

    • borderline racist? are you on drugs? you sound like a lib disgruntled loser.

    • The voice of ? “Intelligence”.

  • Too bad Fox News decided to bow down to the pressure put on it.
    Well, Good bye dear Steve! You really told the truth and that’s why so many of us were interested in listening to you.
    However, I am also now saying Good Bye to Fox News for trying their darndest to become another CBS or NBC or CNN.
    You don’t have to try anymore FOX NEWS, you already succeeded.
    Just like the saying goes, “They bent over so far backwards to please the other side, they broke their own backs.”
    FOX! You are the first foolish FOX I have seen.
    Steve, whoever has the courage to hire you and the guts to stand by you, is getting my listening skills and I will also be looking forward to other newscasters and hosts on whichever radio station that will be.
    On and on STEVE!!!!

  • steve, i am outraged they let you go and replaced you with a leftist idiot, who will be totally boring. steve you are a great & exciting host and this obviously happened due to pressure from the left, its another infringement of our freedom of information and speech we all know thats a big lie. but the liars @ wor claim it was due to your ratings . but we all know thats a big lie. we are going to boycott any liberal they stick on their network.

  • gonna miss you , cause i’m not going to listen to hannity, but i’m also not going to listen to patterson. hope to find you somewhere.

  • I am truly sick over this. Steve is the best and his program always hit the nail on the head. I guess somebody in a powerful position was offended by some imagined slight. There is no other explanation for this. This is so difficult for me– a long time listener since Steve did overnight. WOR has lost me forever as a listener. They have just made one of the biggest mistakes in broadcasting! Fools.

  • Steve, we have been thru this before. Just let Your many fans know where
    You land! I think you would be perfect for The Apple 970! or NJ 101.5!

  • Steve
    you will be missed. I will no longer listen to WOR. I have heard David Patterson fill in for other talk show hosts and have not enjoyed listening to him and his views.
    Good Luck and keep us posted where you land.

  • Steve,
    We will really miss you here in Ct. You make more sense than anyone I listen to. You had quite a fan club here in fairfield county.Good luck to you and we will be waiting for you. No
    more WOR. Finished!!!

  • I always listened to Steve if I got out of work before 6:00PM. I enjoyed the show even though he doesn’t have a good voice for radio. I like listening to Patterson also, even if my political views differ from his.

    Steve, if you get another show I would suggest sticking with politics. Don’t even mention any sport stories or ask your son if he thinks “the Devils will outscore Montreal tonight.” I, for could care less. Also, shorten the “Won’t Back Down” lead-in to 20 seconds. Stop running the clock down – you are actually on air too few precious minutes every hour.

  • Love Steve..will not listen to boring Patterson who was a poor governor

  • I deleted 710 from my preset.

  • Goodbye WOR. You have absolutely nothing to offer…count me out of your audience…I’m sure there will be many more to follow. Dumb move. And John Owenn, you could not be further from the truth. You want to hear venom and malice? Watch The Ed show, Keith Olbermann.

  • Will miss your quest for truth, Steve. Didn’t take long for Rick Buckley to be gone to put new people in place for the fairness doctrine. Lou Dobbs is truthful and intelligent, Joan Hamburg (good info. though politically left), and Michael Savage, and Coast to Coast. remain. Interesting, Michael Savage always talks about how no one in the media supports him. You gave him time. However, on a promo today he spoke of how he will interview Patterson tomorrow, not mentioning your departure. John Gambling is money and status conscious (cold when speaking of Rick Buckley) , JJ Kennedy speaks of watching Dave Letterman (relativistic) , Joe Bartlett gives a lot of his enthusiasm to the audience, but puts down Palin and Bachman regularly as stupid. Have you heard his gafaw? Will miss your moral dedication and your daily presence. WOR is going down hill.

  • I was stunned to hear this when tuning in to hear your program today. I’ve been following you for years…….I’ve been a long time listener of 710 but obviously I will now change the dial. I hope to be able to enjoy you again somewhere…sometime again. WOR made a poor decision by letting you go………and made a poor decision in bringing David Patterson on board. The best of luck to you

  • Long Time Listener

    I heard Patterson fill in for Malzberg a few months (?) ago and he was a better talk radio host than governor. But to ditch Malzberg for him? NO WAY!!!! While Malzberg is hysterical (not funny, buy hyper-neurotic) there is something compelling about his show and he’s almost a parody of a right wing extremist, so in that way he is funny, I guess.

    Also when Patterson was on the first time, he brought on Ron Kuby as a guest. The two did an entire hour together. And now Kuby has also been filling in during the last week, when the hurricane was hitting NYC. So are we going to have Patterson & Kuby?

    Maybe Malzberg will wind up on the Apple, he can do a show with Curtis Sliwa. Like how Sliwa does 2 shows, maybe Malzberg can do that 2nd show with Sliwa, plus a solo show. Why not? Then in 10-15 years we can expect their brats to co-host a morning show together.

    • Diamond, You are an absolute idiot. You are blinded by the left. What are you going to do next November when the lefties lose the Senate and White House, and that idiot President is on a permanant Vacation? (NO, I do not HATE black people, only THAT person. I would love to see Thomas Sowel, Walter Williams or Senator West in the White House, but not this moron leftist, Commie jerk.

  • Firing Malzberg was the right thing to do.

    His show was horrible, he is a dick and only lands back on radio because he’s Jewish, spews the Republican talking points, and got connections.

    Fuck Malzberg and the horse he rode in on.

  • Well said Jay. Malzberg was a self serving hack who’s brand of talk was to scream over the guests and callers when they disagreed wit him. He provided little to no intelligent perspective on the topics he covered. If one is going to do a brand of talk, conservative or otherwise, it has to be done with some intelligence and savvy rather than through bland boring whining. Good riddance.

  • How can Paterson keep up with the news if he legally blind? Unless they want someone with the right melanin concentration, i.e., someone who is BLACK and this is an affirmative action hit job!! I’m suspicious.

  • Video of Steve Malzberg at the Stop Ground Zero Mosque on Sept 11 2010:

    So yes, Steve Malzberg is with the same Zionist cabal led by Pam Geller and the EDL/JTF that are responsible for the mass killing done by Breivik.

    Malzberg has blood on his hands.

  • I agree with Steve 90% of the time and he certainly tells it like it is.However,his delivery is flawed-He is way too aggressive,loud and has an overall abrasive talking manner. If he could tone down this way of broadcasting, he really would rank as one of the great talk show hosts.


  • AA governor to AA talkshow host. Surprise surprise.

  • Cheryl of New Jersey

    Steve Malzberg originally was a big hit on Weekend Night Time Radio. The flow of words was much better, smoother; he’s a SCHMOOZER. He was more comfortable with that time slot. Barry Gray was the Master of Night Time Radio. Steve should AIM for that time slot. Drop the Sports; go for the Politics. Drop the Social issues; go for the Politics. Don’t talk about what interests you, Steve; let the callers talk about what interests them. Go for the Politics.

  • Sounds like sour grapes Jay. You and John just don’t get it. All this is just entertainment.
    Many times Steve was over the top, but so were you. Bring in Ron Kuby. He’s the man. One of the most intelligent personalities to hit the NY area airwaves.

  • Godb bless you Steve Malzberg. You are a good man. Keep true to your heart. I’ll find you somewhere else on the dial, and good luck to Governor Patterson.

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO WOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They FINALLY had the guts to get rid of that pathetic, vile homophobe. He took every chance and explored every angle to spread vile lies about the LBGT community. His so-called “experts” whom he would interview about the nature of homosexuality would repeat the lies of the radical right. His cynical, bullying and destructive behavior will certainly NOT be missed by those Tri-state listeners who respect human rights and scientific inquiry over misinformed mindlessness. It’s especially good to know his best buddy Rick Santorum whose equally pathetic knowledge of the LBGT community and was practically a daily guest on the show is still tracking 1% in the Republican polls. May Steve join Rick in the annals of political and social oblivion and be quickly forgotten.

  • I cried myself to sleep last night.

  • Congratulations Governor Paterson

  • One People’s Project is an anti-racist org that fucks with social conservatives. They lump neo-nazis in with legitimate activists and public personalities, including talk radio hosts.

    Here is OPP’s file on Malzberg. It’s funny that they haven’t said one thing about his being fired. Maybe it’s because they know Malzberg was fired because of Obama, and not for anything he said?

    Whenever you simply call out conservatives on their fascist ties, they will start charging you with violating their First Amendment Rights. If conservatives truly believe in the protection of free speech, they will have to explain this guy.
    Malzberg was until recently a radio talk-shit host on 77 WABC in New York City. For all his own talk of free speech, he doesn”t seem interested in extending that beyond himself or those whom he disagrees with. Also, like much of the WABC “talent”, Malzberg does not see racism or hate unless it is a black person doing it. Malzberg”s first real bit of press came in 1999, when he attacked Spike Lee for jokingly saying that NRA President Charlton Heston should be shot. Malzberg did not have anything to say about similar remarks from Heston, but had loads to say about Lee. “The remark is bad enough,” said Malzberg, who faxed the Post column to Heston, “but given the recent (Columbine) school shootings and the climate they have created in this country, you might think Lee would be taken to task by someone, somewhere. Where”s the outrage over this?”

    Probably the same place it was whenever he engages in the same. His show on Valentine’s Day 1995 was a good example of that. At one point he went on a rant about the anti-immigrant California Prop. 187 where he opined, “These people don”t belong. We should have troops at the borders and they should shoot and kill anybody who climbs over that stinking wall and crosses the border.” He was pretty much on the violence thing throughout the show, and stayed on it when he decided to talk about black Rutgers University students who staged a peaceful sit-in at a Rutgers basketball game in response to University President Francis Lawrence”s remark about blacks having an inferior “genetic hereditary background”. “I hear where representatives of the university said, you know, ‘We can’t guarantee that it won”t happen again,'” he said. “Well, the hell you can’t. You put people in there with guns and hoses, and they do it again – you use them!” Apparently Malzberg, despite being Jewish, struck a chord with the white supremacist National Alliance, because also on that day a caller “Joe from New Jersey” called in and asked if he could give out contact information for the group. To be square, Malzberg didn’t seem to know what the group was about (Joe said they were a conservative organization), but the entire show that night was pro-white power context. Ironically, Malzberg once went on a campaign to oust Rev. Calvin Butts from his position as chair at SUNY-Old Westbury for his remarks the right are trying to promote as racist. Whether or not there is an argument for that is irrelevant when it comes from someone like Malzberg.

    Not only has Malzberg has expressed racial hatred on his radio show against African Americans, but Arabs as well, and has called for war against Palestinians, the only time you may find a departure with him and the white-power crowd.

    When he was confronted about this particular radio show on the air once, he hung up on the caller, angry because the caller dredged up something that happened seven years before. In his typical hypocritical fashion, he had just spent much of that night”s show attacking Al Gore for homophobic remarks he made in 1988. The reason why he was talking about Gore, by the way, brings us to his main shtick.

    Malzberg is known for his bellyaching about some double-standard that suggests conservatives cannot get away with what he considers to be slights and insults towards other people while liberals can. He spends much of his time trying to expose the “hatred” of people like Alec Baldwin, Spike Lee, and others who have made comments that he considers questionable about conservatives.He has taken credit for example, for Rep. Dick Armey s repudiation of Lee”s comments on Heston on the House floor. Meanwhile Malzberg has never been called to task over his own hate and violent rhetoric, so perhaps there is a double-standard. Perhaps Rep. Armey should have been told to take a closer look at him and make his displeasure known.

    In 2004, Malzberg left 77 WABC, his radio home for 25 years, and went to 1600 WWRL-AM a smaller station in NYC which is currently the flagship station for Air America. He did a point/counterpoint morning show with Karen Hunter, an African American commentator formerly with the New York Daily News. This was a much better program than the one that he had at WABC because the ignorance that he was allowed to run free with at the old station is being challenged passionately, not just by Hunter, but also by the callers. Unlike WABC where callers of color are few and far in between and are either not given a chance to articulate their views or ridiculed when they are, WWRL’s callers were better representative of the racial makeup of the city and all callers are respected. Malzberg only lasted eight months. He spent that time trying to pick fights on the air with everyone he talked to, even the woman who was doing the traffic report. Eventually a message showed up on Malzberg’s website saying he was canned. “I want to inform you that I am no longer affiliated with WWRL Radio,” Malzberg wrote. “I look at my time there as a learning experience. It just wasn’t a good fit. I wish everyone at the station all the best in the future.”He later called this his “time in talk radio hell”.

    For the next few years, Malzberg fluttered around in talk-radio limbo, doing substitute guest spots and even going back to WABC for sports commentary until he ended up with a radio gig on WOR. That is where he is today, but no one seems to care. Malzberg pretty much now the red-headed stepchild of talk radio. He rants and raves in the typical fashion of anyone else on radio, except with him it just sounds like he is trying to get attention. But now, with the exception of a few lunatic fringe types, everyone has written him off. Today, it is not so much about his politics that makes him a hateful scumbag. It is more about the fact that he is just a bitter fuck.

  • Well, mike savage is at it again talking to governor paterson telling him how moderate he is, and how much they have in common! Laughing and giddy with self importance. Of course mike knows nothing of this criminal racist bastard. Every day the savage nothing goes on the air and, unless its about his fat rich self, he knows nothing of history or even recent events! He is kissing this former “governors” ass not knowing a thing about the lying bigot thief.
    “Please buy my book its brilliant and my new book will be out in four months”.
    Suck off savage you two bit lying pos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s because for all his bluster, Michael Savage is scared shitless that he’s next on the chopping block.

      He’s no longer the 3rd biggest host in America and he’s losing major affiliates. Where’s he going to go in NYC if he’s axed, the Apple? They can’t afford him. So Savage has to suck up now just like the nobody he really is.

  • Hey JAY I didn’t know you are into that stuff. Hey, its OK, I mean you have a better chance of getting a show back, if you get out of the closet now. You have a complete right to pick the lifestyle you want! IF you like ” men in skin tight pink “, and you are fixated on a mans ass, and you hang out on Christopher Street thats ok to. Good for you JAY! Gay or not, you have some important and enlightening points of view. You just won’t hear this on any main stream outlets. Hope you get on the air soon!

  • ill miss him and jay i think your full of it.

  • @eva-jay was a right host and friend of bob grant on overnights on abc.i actually used to call him as a kid.he claims hes gone left but i think hes just pulling a long term gag…its kinda like an andy kaufman gimmick.either that or hes just a contrarian….hey jay what do you think of al sharpton getting a tv gig at msnbc? i remember how much you loved that guy…

  • 1) He was bring a phony back then and 2) Frank would WHOOP his A** in a debate and 3) you are full of crap

  • Jay,u were a decent Bob Grant clone once.But since u went lib and can’t get a job in,you can sniff da aroma offa my funky white boda!
    Malzberg was da man!

  • Getting rid of Malzberg was a stupid move by WOR, and we know Paterson isn’t going to last. I didn’t hear Paterson on Savage’s show, but Paterson would never have done Savage’s show if he wasn’t going on WOR.

  • The sooner Frank drops dead, the sooner I can piss on his grave.

  • I heard Paterson on Michael Smirkonish Show last night and he sounded sane not like that manic Christ-killer Malzberg.

  • Steve Malzberg and Rush are the only honest, truth-talking people in radio. Dropping Steve and replacing him with the incompetent, “accidental governor” will cost WOR lost money and lost listenership. Steve was the ony reason I listened to WOR…no more. John Gambling is painful to listen to, and I laugh at his weekly ass-kiss fest he has with Mike Bloomberg. Maybe WOR can get Art Bell.

    Good luck, Steve, and I’ll tune in where ever you go.

  • Steve Malzberg is not a conservative. He is PURE SCHTICK. He is an amal,
    gam of all the WABC talk radio hosts who are successful so he can last and the jig is finally up, than Christ. He does not have an original thought or verbal gesture in his head. He memorizes sports like Art Rust, Jr. He talks conservative like Rush and Hannity. He shits on peoples’ heads like Morton Downey, Jr. and Wally George, He pimps his baby Robert off on the public like Coitus Sleazwa does little Antony Chestahh. He can suck up to the intellectual liberals like Nat Hentoff like Lynn Samuels. He’s a Weal New Yawka who couldn’t play west of the Hudson who has the charm of a rattlesnake. His next and last gig should be subbing for Coitus Interruptus in NEW JOISEY!!

  • I started listening to Steve Malzberg because I couldn’t listen to Hannity anymore.

    I will not be listening to Patterson and will no longer be listening to WOR. I will listen to music instead!

  • I was very surprised when I heard someone say, stay tuned to the David Patterson show. What? Anytime that John Gambling had him on I was off. In fact, I suspect that Gambling might have had some sway in getting him in there. AS for Gambling, he is a favorite of mine ……anytime I’m not working and wish to go back to sleep. I put him on and I’m out like a light! What could Patterson talk about other than gibberish? WOR has done a 180 and I believe it will be reflected in their ratings. I actually did the Arbitron last year and gave most of their shows high ratings. Not any more! I’m outta there! I’ll pick up Savage on some other station…..nobody else on there of any interest!!!

  • enough is enough…bring back malzberg and get rid of that boring patterson…i haven’t listened to wor since they got rid of steve…and i never will….i hope he gets on wabc so he can beat patterson to a pulp in the ratings….brilliant move wor-the inmates are running the asylum i see….

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  • ************ And these RADIO stations (PROMOTE) these type of RADIO shows for (RATINGS)!!!

    But the (HATE) and (ANGER), and TROUBLE these type of HATE filled CONSERVATIVE RADIO talk show (HOST) for (RATINGS)!!!!!

    One day these RADIO TALK show HOST, are going to cause somebody to do something(CRAZY), with all THEIR ANGRY, HATE FILLED CONSERVATIVE RADIO talk shows. Like STEVE MALZBERG, or MIKE SAVAGE, or MARK LEVIN!!!!

    They are all (ANGRY, HATE FILLED) radio talk show host!!! ******************************

  • He’s been on now over a year and he’s as vicious a negro as they come….
    This mess is the ultimate ape in sheep’s clothing….
    Don’t let the affable demeanor fool you….This trash is every bit the sharpton, jessie jackson type subvertive trash….
    On his way out of office (after being accidental governor….)this semi-negro trash pardoned a negro killer in Long Island who murdered a 18 year old White kid in cold blood….

    After the vicious attack on George Zimmerman in Florida (in which he successfully defended himself….) this rabel rousiing trash ran down to Florida to start riots “Al Sharpton” style.
    I can’t believe ANY White moron would listen to this….

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