Chris Christie A “Disgrace”: Mark Levin

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin has blasted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a “disgrace” for “overreacting” to Hurricane Irene last Friday.

Governor Christie should not have issued an evacuation order of coastal and low-lying areas in New Jersey ahead of the storm’s weekend arrival, Levin said. “He had better information than I did” about the approaching Category 1 hurricane, the talker said on his nationally-syndicated show Monday.

Although Hurricane Irene’s impact on the Garden State was nowhere near the doomsday scenarios predicted by some in the media, 9 river locations across northern New Jersey reached or surpassed record flooding levels and 7 deaths have been atributed to Irene, reports Reuters.

Governor Christie “is a man whose ego is completely out of control” for issuing the evacuation order, Levin said. “As long as the governor or local officials don’t put their professionals [firemen, police, etc.] on the line, then you’re on your own.”

Striking an usually libertarian pose, Levin rhetorically asked, “if you want to have a picinic on the beach with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the beach in the middle of a storm, then who am I to say no?”

“But,” Levin continued, “it’s not just what he [Governor Christie] did, it’s the way he did it.”

During a speech Friday afternoon, Governor Christie punctuated the evacuation order with his trademark blunt manner. “Get the hell off the beach,” he ordered sun worshipers who were trying to get in a few more rays.

"Get the hell off the beach": Gov. Christie

“This is a governor, an elected official, and he is talking to his citizens in this way,” Levin critically said of Governor Christie. “You can see real insight into a person when they’re under pressure, or when they’re facing a situation like this.”

Christie should not have ordered people to leave their homes, but “strongly encourage” them to do so instead.

“He shouldn’t belittle them, he shouldn’t scream at them, he shouldn’t call them names, just say it like a statesman,” Levin said.

In neighboring New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a similar edict on Friday.


  • Do NOT listen to this guy he is not for our savior RON PAUL
    Yo jerk lavin get down wit Ron…….

  • I agree with Levin.

  • Hi,

    Right now the Passaic River has crested and thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate along the river. I think Governor Chris Christie had made the right decision in ordering people to evacuate along the coasts last Friday. He showed leadership in a difficult situation, which Mark Levin can never have. Listening to Levin makes me want to vote for Obama.

    RON PAUL 2012!!



  • “Jay”, and I suppose the “force feeders” don’t give us the LEFT WING lunacy all over television, MSNBC, the universities and other outlets? Come on….

  • Levin is a Jew and will only support candidates who support Israeli puppet masters.

    Ron Paul is everything anti-Israel without ever saying it.
    Get rid of the two headed Jewish monster known as the two party system once and for all.

    • Ron Paul is not anti-Israel, he is neutral on Israel. He just doesn’t care about squabbles in the middle-east.

      • Thanks for saying this.

        Contrary to what some believe, Ron Paul is NOT anti-Israel. In fact, after Obama made his call for Israel to go back to the 1965 borders (with land swaps), Ron Paul came out in defense of Israel:

        IMHO the ones who are perpetrating the “Ron Paul is anti-Israel” cannard are the ones who are looking to maintain the very status quo Ron Paul looks to destroy.

        • I don’t need Ron Paul to say he’s anti-Israel to see he is. It would be political suicide for him to say so himself.

          He wants to pull troops from all the countries that threaten Israel.
          (It’s no hidden truth that we always seem to protect Israel regardless of how ridiculous the reasons turn out to be. It’s always one of those unattainable goals like the war on drugs, ending racism, or the war on terror)

          He wants to end the federal reserve.
          (Do we really need to discuss how ending a completely independent agency in charge of one of the largest economies in the world, completely controlled by Zionist banking would put a chink in the armor of Israel?)

          He wants to end the IRS.
          (Enough said. Just where do you think Zionists get their funding from the modern day slaves known as the middle class in order to keep creating a dependent class?)

          He wants secure the borders.
          (ZOG loves to divide and conquer. It secures the fall of European ancestry and the positions of power they hold. Letting the flood gates open will destroy white workers, white corporations, and enable the minority population to taint the blood of Europeans creating a hybrid majority which creates not only class warfare, but racial divides, religious divides, and gender and sexual preference divides)

          These are all against ZOG.
          Good for you Ron Paul, and good for you for letting actions speak louder than words.

  • Oh no, a pompous lib blacklisted ? At FOX ! Say it aint so.

  • The United States government is our worst enemy. US ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] is not our government, it does not represent us, and it is forcibly holding power over us as a hostile occupation force. ZOG is committing the most malicious and open form of genocide ever seen in history. They have set the entire infrastructure of this once White nation against the very existence of our race.
    Some well-placed Aryans will one day cause some serious wreckage. A thousand [Timothy] McVeighs and another thousand 3-4 person cells spawned in one decade would end any semblance of stability in this racially-corrupt society. When ZOG [the Zionist Occupation Government] cannot protect the sheeple [sic] it will lose its foundation as a legitimate government, and be susceptible for overthrow.

    Isn’t it time you did something for your race? The deliberate U.S. government promotion of race mixing, which will lead to our extermination, is the greatest crime in history. Its promulgators in the U.S. government must be held accountable and punished for their race treason.

    “Never utter more than the 5 Words to any agent or representative of ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government]: ‘I Have Nothing To Say.’ There are no exceptions…. Never talk to a Grand Jury even when faced with contempt of court. No exceptions.

  • RON PAUL 2012
    RON PAUL 2012
    RON PAUL 2012
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Levin loves to troll. Pay no attention to him. Floods, deaths and lots of destruction overall. Who knew what would happen at the Jersey shore. I am not a great fan of Christie but in this case he was absolutely right,

  • Yeah, that’s why Christie did their shows when he ran for office, and even did some after being elected.

  • Ask the Russians and the Cubans, they’ll confirm that

  • Cheryl of New Jersey

    Don’t tune in to listen to Levin. He thinks he knows everything. Everybody should do what he says, at his command, as he issues the orders. He attacks elected Republicans who don’t see things HIS WAY; everybody has to agree with him and do it the way he wants it. There are plenty of dummycrat, dopeycrat democrats he never mentions. He calls everybody a Back Bencher; he always says they copy him; they take his material; he says that he’s the one who says it first. Listeners to THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE know that Cheryl has pointed out all the material he takes from her. THIS is not the first time he attacked Gov Christie. He has spoken against the Gov before. Found him to be NOT a conservative, as he defines it. Well back when we had strong rains in the Spring, the Passaic River overflowed and tremendous damage was done. The folks up in that region applied for Federal Emergency help then; the answer came back that their damage was minimal – the Federal agency was not going to help them. THIS TIME the Gov wanted to make sure New Jerkey was covered. Unprecedented Damage: the Governor was Correct. It’s the JOB of the government to Preserve, Protect and Defend. Christie was making sure Citizens, Property and Businesses were safe. And still there was tragedy and suffering. When Levin starts off his show, his opening monologue is good. The first 20 minutes; then he does the rest of the show, 2 hours and 40 minutes, repeating what he said in the first 20 minutes, going around the same point from all 360 degrees; he’ll vary the words but stick with the same theme. It doesn’t matter when you tune in; he’s doing the opening monologue using different words. And you ever notice how many commercials he reads and repeats. He has to interrupt the commercials just to bring you the show. Don’t tune in to listen to Levin.

  • Levin is great.

  • I like right wing talk radio since it give an outlet for callers, and a different perspective from the Main Stream Media. I listen to WABC and WNYC as well as other stations; I like the variety on AM radio. Left Wing talk radio has failed so far (Air America is an example); I would like to listen to some entertaining and informative left wing talk show hosts (I enjoyed Lynn Samuals on WBAI and when she was on commercial AM radio) One only has to change the station, if one does not like to listen to the host.

    RON PAUL 2012!!


  • As a Ron Paul supporter, I would like the least amount of government in my life as possible. I do like the concept of a National Health Care System, so I was not hostile to Obama’s plan. I do have concerns as to whether or not we can afford it. My late mother who died of cancer used Medicare as well as AARP supplemental insurance during her last year; it did help a great deal.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Wow jay has a lots of free time. Everybody came here to get away from their crappy governments. Some people want crappy government, so here we are. Tell us more Jay, all people who are against the government should be put on trial or shut down. Sounds strangely familiar JAY. How about the government should investigate people who say anything Jay and his friends don’t like. Again Jay, that sounds familiar.
    How about anybody that does not see things the way Jay sees it is executed?
    Well, Jay this is one you can agree with. How about we put them in box cars, we can make them wear patches. And we can break all the windows of non union businesses, actually they beat you to that one. Jay you have some great Ideas, they of course all have been used before.
    But I think you are on to something here, if people do not know history, this will all work again. You are obviously very educated and far superior to any right wing idiot. I think you would be perfect for wieners congressional seat. I would vote for you. SAY HAIL JAY. Go for it!

  • Jay is just pissed that he can’t get back onto real radio….

  • Mr. Diamond, you are making a lot of sense and I enjoy your postings. It is, in my opinion, shocking how some of the right winged radio shows have gotten away from the truth. The left wing radio shows are not any better. I keep thinking somewhere in the middle we’ll find the truth and maybe come together as Americans. Maybe not though and this is what scares me.

  • Jay, you’re brilliant. You are also unemployed. If the family investments didn’t do well you would have to work, buy you don’t. EVIL CAPITALISM at it’s best. Perhaps if you had to work 12 to 18 hours a day like most of us you could get over your personal grievances. agree you were treated badly by WABC management. Dude, that was 15 years ago.Get over it.

    P.S. You’re a pompous bore.

  • Mark Levin is actually ???????

    Whadda self hatin’ yid. Jez kiddin’

    All kidding aside, his show is just a bit more listenable than Savage. It’s a shame Malzberg got fired, and not Mark.

  • Oops, posted this in wrong place. It was meant for the Levin article. Ah well.

  • Truly Jay Diamond

    Someone else is posting here using my name.

    Most of the “postings” are things I have written elsewhere, though some, like this one, I have never written.

    In any event, this is all out of any context, and none of what is posted here under my name was posted here, in this context by me.

    It is sleazy, but not surprising that people do this kind of dumb and dishonest crap.

  • Obama will be thrown out of office next year and his fat-assed wife will treat him the way Hillary treats her rapist husband.
    Barack Hussien Obama = Jimmy Carter, version 2.0

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