Mary Sliwa Leaving Curtis

Happier times: Curtis and Mary Sliwa from January 2010.

Mary Sliwa, the third wife of Guardian Angels leader Curtis, has left him after 11 years of a “difficult” marriage, according to gossip columnist Cindy Adams.

While breaking apart is never easy, in her column published in Monday’s NY Post, Curtis explains to Adams that dividing everything up between he and his estranged wife is already planned out, despite the two not having a pre-nuptual agreement.

“She didn’t have worth and neither did I. Lawyers already filed. It’s in court. A no-fault case. Listen, we’re friendly,” the degenerate liar explained.

Mary will get custody of lil' Chesta Ant'ny.

Custody of their son, 7-year-old Chester Anthony, will go to Mary, with Sliwa having to work out visitation. “We’re both city folks, living right here, so no problem. I’ll just have to learn to spend extra time with him,” Sliwa said.

The soon-to-be-former Mrs. Sliwa has already resigned from her position as executive director of the Guardian Angels, a position she took after meeting Curtis in 2000. Sliwa implies that Mary will not seek a part of the non-profit organization, which brings in millions of dollars a year.

Sliwa does not rule out future love. “Who knows? Listen, my opinion is you fall in love you get married,” Sliwa said.

Cindy Adams believes Curtis will eventually walk down the aisle for a fourth time.


  • What the Guardian Angels are really involved in is security theater. There’s not all that much they can do to directly prevent crime and, let’s be honest, these people are really not all that intimidating to real-life gang members. The idea is to let criminals know that there’s someone out there ready and willing to alert the authorities if they see something suspicious–like a roving, garishly dressed neighborhood watch.

  • He might get married again but she? I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole and two condoms. Any woman who went down for COITUS is contaminated for life!! She is a PUTANA!! Take him for all his simolians, his lettuce, cheddar, ducats, his do-re-mi, u-fa

  • “She didn’t have worth and neither did I” Ha !l Like he was living in a million dollar condo in Manhattan making peanuts!!!
    Another lie from the master liar himself!! I wonder how much money Sliwa and his wife & executive director of the GA have siphoned off from that organization over the years! Yeah he sure was some lousy father & husband never being there for them ;too busy flying from city to city like some road show carnival barker to peddle his GA like some magic elixir that would solve all crime ills to whatever downtrodden and desperate city folk willing to buy it! Add in the fact in his sick twisted mind that he thought his own son was more like a “brother to him”! A 7 year old is like a brother to a 57 year old man?!!! To quote the valiant Wing Chung from TWS “Curtis you generated a lot of Bad Karma in your life screwing people loyal to you and now it’s all coming back in spades!”

  • I hope she hits him for everything he stole the maggot

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  • Your obsession with this man borders on stalking. Is it because of all the butt hurt he has given Frank (the not so) Great over the years? What a hero, John Gotti tried to have him killed. He was shot but leaped from the speeding car. Frank and John should aspire to be half as much as man as Curtis.

    • Frank is jelloz. He want what curtis got and cant get. Black woman and a REAL radio show
      All he got is hiz fellow jewz

  • Sliwa is a Ashkenazi Khazarian name which says it all.

  • Now that gay marriage is legal in NEW YAWK, maybe he’ll marry his fellow shitpacker Gerson Borrero!!

  • How come Frank hasn’t commented yet? Is he dead?

  • Curtis is a good man. Please bare in mind he is partially responsible for the NYC crime reduction. This good man has done nothing but give and that out of the purity of his heart. I can not understand all the hate against this good man. I guess the light shines in the darkness and darkness comprehended it not.

    • Charley's Angels

      Curtis is a prostitute of pain opportunist who hustle money from smoke & mirror type phony crime fighting. Curtis couldn’t catch a hooker in a whore house with a hundred dollar bill in his hand.

      • A hundred bucks? Inflation buddy!! it takes more than that these days, say, $250 for plain in and out, without around-the-world, suck and f–k, fisting, footing, golden showers, water sports, candle waxing, dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, whips, chains, genital electric shocks or verbal demeaning which makes the interchange worth while.

      • Charley’s Angels: C’mon. COITUS goes to DEM high class BWOTELS. DEM costs a whole $500 FAW Around Duh World, Suck & F–K, Fisting, Footing, Golden Showers, Water Sports, Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, candle waxing, breast piercing, genital electric shocks and verbal demeaning.

  • Charley's Angels

    Hey Curtis, I’ll bang that old piece of “A”””””” I know you haven’t been hitting it well or lately lol if Mary wants to get banged real good she can hola at me bitch! Then after I get that ass smoking I’m gonna charge her for my services like the prostitutes of pain both of ou are bitches

  • Curtis is again full of s–t. He is a close friend of Cindy Adams’ way back from when her late husband the comedian Joey Adams d. 1999 was alive so naturally she would put just the right friendly spin on it for him. She won’t say how he was such a fornicating absentee father obnoxious chiseling untermensch.

  • Hi,

    I wonder if Coitus Interruptus Sliwa is in competition with Rush Limbaugh. Coitus Interruptus Sliwa cannot match Rush Limbaugh’s audience range, so I wonder if Coitus Interruptus Sliwa is in competition with Rush Limbaugh on the amount of wives one can accumulate in a lifetime.



  • Curtis has dedicated his life to traveling all over the world on a CONSTANT basis helping others with The Guardian Angels org. A difficult life for ANYONE. Their personal lives are no ones buis. and having been around them both seperately and together I can honestly tell you they are a perfectly normal couple and both kind and loving people. R. Smith

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