Did Jackie O Think LBJ Killed JFK?

Jackie Kennedy

Claims that soon-to-be released recordings will show Jackie Onassis thought Lyndon Baines Johnson was behind the assassination of her husband President John F. Kennedy are false, accoridng to officials familiar with the tapes.

Next month, ABC News plans to release eight hours of audio recordings the former First Lady made shortly after the tragic killing of her husband in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The then-Mrs. Kennedy taped herself in eight hours of conversation with historian Arthur Schlesinger, and then ordered the recordings to not be released until 50 years after her death.

Daughter Caroline Kennedy authorized the release of archives, which have been tucked away in the Kennedy Library in Boston, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of JFK’s inauguration. The historic audio will be offered in book and CD formats, along with an ABC News television network special.

Caroline Kennedy ok'd the tapes' early release.

Without saying how it got advance notice about the audio, British tabloid The Daily Mail reported on August 8 that Jackie Kennedy says she “believed that Lyndon B. Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved in the assassination of her husband.”

“She became convinced that the then vice president, along with businessmen in the South, had orchestrated the Dallas shooting, with gunman Lee Harvey Oswald — long claimed to have been a lone assassin — merely part of a much larger conspiracy,” the tabloid writes.

This prompted ABC News to vehemently deny the claims made by the Daily Mail. “The tabloid reports about the content of the tapes are totally erroneous,” the news organizaiton said in a press release. “ABC News isn’t releasing any content from those tapes until mid-September at which point it will be clear how off base these reports are.”

The assassination has sparked an endless number of conspiracy theories, some claiming LBJ was involved with plotting the killing.

Some historical facts about the assassination may back up the tabloid’s claims.

Jackie wore her blood-stained coat to LBJ's swearing in on Air Force One.

After witnessing JFK being shot and killed as they rode in a motorcade, Mrs. Kennedy refused to remove her iconic double-breasted, pink Channel suit, which had become splattered with her her husband’s blood. She wore the suit alongside LBJ as he was sworn in as the 36th President of the United States, saying, “I want them to see what they have done to Jack.”

Congressman Albert Thomas winks back at a quickly-smiling LBJ as he is being sworn in.

If the claims made by the Daily Mail turn out to be true, we may finally know who the “they” Mrs. Kennedy meant are.


  • Martin Luther King was behind it. Praise be to Allah!
    JFK on the Civil Rights Act.- NO
    JFK on the Voting Rights Act – NO
    JFK on the Immigration and Nationality Act – NO

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  • My own theory what happened with the JFK assassination is it all had to do with JFK’s affair with Ellen Rometsch a KGB spy. see http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKrometsch.htm

    I don’t think it was Castro because the cover-up with the evidence was immediate not after a few days or weeks. There was a split between the ‘old guard” and the newbies in the Secret Service. over JFK’s affairs.The old guard despised what JFK was doing in his private life and it is well documented that 4 agents nodded in agreement after seeing JFK sleeping with a hooker they” would look the other way if they ever heard a bullet” and those same 4 agents were in the Dallas motorcade. Agent Clint Hill the only one who tried to do save JFK that day was always Jackie’s Personal guard when she traveled around DC and in overseas trips was ignorant & out of the loop in regards to JFK’s affairs. Sleeping with a KGB spy was a serious breach of security that was bound to come out like the Profumo affair in England and the ugly truth is Kennedy had to be eliminated for the security of the country. If it was a conspiracy like LBJ the Soviet Union would have found about it and exposed it long ago but their actual ties with their spy in the WH bedroom could never be revealed; even now.

  • Also the man who was in charge of the WH detail and all security of the President ; Gerry Behn was not in the Dallas motorcade that day & instead was on his vacation since 1964 was going to be a busy election year. Behn was a newbie who looked the other way in regards to JFK’s affairs and was later demoted from his post approx over a year later. In his place in the front of the limo was agent Roy Kellerman a man who LBJ best described “This fellow Kellerman…he was about as loyal a man as you could find. But he was about as dumb as an ox.” See Behn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBeXIZA0S9A

    Kellerman was strictly one of the old guard and bizarrely concluded a newspaper interview done in 1979 with this statement “” I just hope something good will? come all out of it.”
    Now this was long after the assassination and security was vastly changed soon after the assassination; guilty conscious perhaps?

    Kellerman interview http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=AcJaAAAAIBAJ&sjid=FVkDAAAAIBAJ&pg=2737,1540226&dq=william+greer&hl=en

  • Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Bush did it

  • And my theory.

    JFK, Executive Order 11110 and the Warren Commission

  • Bobby Kennedy’s threat to blackmail the rest of Congress over the prostitution KGB scandal was the most brazen & arrogant attempt ever to bring down the the govt over his brother’s reckless behavior. It wound up blowing up in their faces that day in Dallas.

  • MIKE BLEVINS AKA VONBLUVENS is the archfiend. We all know it.

  • Robin Moore author of the book “The Green Berets”, which was made into a movie with John Wayne, believed that LBJ was behind the assassination of JFK.

    Here is an article by a seperate author on the character of LBJ:


  • Secret service agent Elmer Moore who was stationed in Dallas during the assassination and was instrumental in the investigation and assassination recreation was quoted on JFK’s character.
    Moore told graduate student James Gouchenaur that he “felt remorse for the way he (Moore) had badgered Dr. Perry into changing his testimony to the effect that there was not, after all, an entrance wound in the front of the president’s neck.” Furthermore, Gouchenaur quoted Moore as saying that Kennedy was a traitor for giving things away to the Russians; that it was a shame people had to die, but maybe it was a good thing; that the Secret Service personnel had to go along with the way the assassination was being investigated: “I did everything I was told, we all did everything we were told, or we’d get our heads cut off.”

  • From the 2/22/78 House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) interview of Miami SAIC John Marshall, former White House Detail agent who conducted all the advance work on President Kennedy’s frequent trips to Palm Beach:

  • SA McIntyre and three of his Secret Service colleagues shared with author Seymour Hersh in 1997 —and, soon after, on ABC television —concerning JFK’s private life (and, indirectly, Emory Roberts)…but not for the reason the reader might think: a disturbing and alarming mindset was demonstrated by these men concerning the president they were sworn to protect. As McIntyre put it: “His shift supervisor, the highly respected Emory Roberts, took him aside and warned…that ‘you’re going to see a lot of shit around here. Stuff with the President. Just forget about it. Keep it to yourself. Don’t even talk to your wife’…Roberts was nervous about it. Emory would say, McIntyre recalled with a laugh, ‘How in the hell do you know what’s going on? He could be hurt in there. What if one bites him’ in a sensitive area? Roberts ‘talked about it a lot’, McIntyre said. ‘Bites’… In McIntyre’s view, a public scandal about Kennedy’s incessant womanizing was inevitable. ‘It would have had to come out in the next year or so. In the campaign, maybe’. McIntyre said he and some of his colleagues…felt abused by their service on behalf of President Kennedy…McIntyre said he eventually realized that he had compromised his law enforcement beliefs to the point where he wondered whether it was ‘time to get out of there. I was disappointed by what I saw’ [emphasis added].” McIntyre repeated the Roberts’ story on ABC (without naming Emory), with this comment included: “Prostitution-that’s illegal. A procurement is illegal. And if you have a procurer with prostitutes paraded in front of you, then, as a sworn law enforcement officer, you’re asking yourself, ‘well, what do they think of us’?” McIntyre felt this way after having only spent a VERY brief time with JFK before the assassination: he joined the WHD in the fall of 1963 (fellow former agent Gerald Blaine confirmed to the author on 6/10/05 that McIntyre was indeed “brand new” and lacked experience)! In addition, these feelings of anger and impotence– especially by Roberts and McIntyre—loom large in the context of the actions and inactions of the Secret Service on 11/22/63. Soon after the airing of the aforementioned television program, Clinton Secret Service Director Lewis C. Merletti wrote a letter to 3,200 current and 500 former agents reminding them not to talk about “any aspect of the personal lives of our protectees.” He further reminded the agents to recall their commission book oath, “to be worthy of trust and confidence.” Merletti said this “confidence … should continue forever.”
    How similar were these other agents’ feelings about JFK to those of their colleague McIntyre (and presumably, by extension, Roberts)? Very—Tony Sherman, who spent two years at the White House with JFK: “I wanted out…I didn’t want a part of it…I got mad…I got angry at any president who doesn’t treat the White House like I think he should…” Sherman added: “Seventy to eighty percent of the agents thought it was nuts… Some of us were brought up the right way. Our mothers and fathers didn’t do it. We lived in another world. Suddenly, I’m Joe Agent here. I’m looking at the president of the United States and telling myself, ‘This is the White House and we protect the White House.'” On the ABC special, Sherman related a tale of JFK and prostitutes that occurred during the President’s trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, in June of 1963 (incidentally, two clips are shown of this trip, depicting agents running with the limousine on all four corners of the limousine during the motorcade, motorcycles beside JFK, and SAIC Behn on the trip, among other things). Sherman said: “The Honolulu episode made me angry. It did make me angry…I’m not a holier-than-thou guy…but he shouldn’t be doing this in public.” The agent also added that this debauchery “continued constantly” and was “a regular thing.” Larry Newman: ” It [JFK’s behavior] caused a lot of morale problems with the Secret Service…you felt impotent and you couldn’t do your job. It was frustrating…[emphasis added]” On the ABC special, Newman mentioned JFK’s sexual trysts with White House secretaries who were known by the nicknames of “Fiddle” and “Faddle.” The agent also said that this facet of JFK made you not want to associate with the man in any way. Joseph Paolella: ” [He] acknowledged that the Secret Service’s socializing intensified each year of the Kennedy administration, to a point where, by late 1963, a few members of the presidential detail were regularly remaining in bars until the early morning hours [emphasis added].” This is corroborated by what Abraham Bolden told the author, and it also is best exemplified by the drinking incident of 11/21-11/22/63. Agent Tony Sherman also told author Edward Klein: “His womanizing was so routine and common…that we slipped into the nefarious duty of protecting Kennedy from his wife by alerting him is she was returning to the White House unexpectedly…Some agents felt that if the President could get away with this kind of stuff, so could they…Drinking, partying, and sex became part of traveling with the President” Agent Larry Newman wasn’t finished, either—he spoke at even greater length to author Barbara Leaming about JFK’s womanizing several years later. (Author Palamara did contact Newman, Sherman, Paolella, and McIntyre but did not discuss JFK’s womanizing at any length.) -above passage from author Vince Palamara.

  • Bobby was banging Jackie for three years on Fifth Avenue from 1965 until 1968 while he was NY Senator until he threw his hat into the ring as President. Ethel was stuck in Virginia raising 11 kids. She called Bobby on the phone. He answered, “I’m cumming”!!

  • Everyone knows Israel was behind the JFK killing. Check out Michael Collins Piper, he wrote a book about it. Mordechai Vanunu also said it. I wouldn’t be surprised if LBJ helped get it done for the Israelis.

  • U. E. Baughman chief of the United States Secret Service between 1948 and 1961 ( Gerry Behn’s predecessor) was immediately critical of the methods used by the Secret Service following the assassination of President Kennedy. He wanted to know why, after the first shot was fired, the Secret Service didn’t immediately pepper the window with machine gun fire to prevent any further shots from being fired. He was also curious as to why, with an entire Secret Service detail and the Dallas Police Force on hand, the only shots that were fired were from the assassin. He claimed it was basic training for all secret service agents that unauthorized people should be kept out of buildings

    • Martin Luther King was behind it. Praise be to Allah!
      JFK on the Civil Rights Act.- NO
      JFK on the Voting Rights Act – NO
      JFK on the Immigration and Nationality Act – NO

      I hope you Cracker’s don’t like dis. Now we got a N155a in dahouse. NOT a house N155a!


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  • Did Jackie O Think LBJ Killed JFK?
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  • LBJ didn’t hate JFK. He loathed Bobby!! I could believe he would have had Bobby knocked off!!

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