NYPD Will Not Probe Anti-White Beating As Hate Crime

Hate crime victim Jason Fordell

New York City detective investigating the weekend beating of a White man by a gang of African-American men have refused to open a hate crime investigation into the case, despite the attackers having used anti-White racist epithets during the attack.

“They have to look at whether that was the motivation before the robbery,” a police source familiar with the investigation told The New York Daily News.

29-year-old Jason Fordell of the Bronx was travelling home on Sunday morning at 5am from an East Village nightclub where he sells hand-made custom-made leather goods. Some of the African-American and Hispanic passengers on the train did not take kindly to his Gothic outfit and began harassing him, using anti-White racial slurs.

The New York Daily News reports things got much worse for Fordell when he transferred to an uptown-bound Number 4 train at 42nd Street:

After Fordell transferred to a crowded 4 train at 42nd St., four young, Black men began harassing him, cops said.

“People started saying stupid little comments – cracker this, White boy this, f—-t this,” Fordell said. “I told them the only reason they were saying this is there was four of them and one of me.”

“I’m a small, little White kid with long hair,” he added. “They got guys three times my size threatening me.”

As the train continued into the Bronx, the confrontation became physical, he said.

“I was in a headlock, punched and kicked on the floor,” Fordell said.

Then a passenger decided to join in – declaring, “Oh, I get a few shots, too,” before kicking and punching Fordell in the head, according to cops.

When Fordell finally left the train at his Fordham Road stop, his original attackers snatched his bag and ran. Inside was $2,900 worth of merchandise, cops said.

Fordell shows the beating he took

Fordell chased the men to the token booth downstairs, where two of them pummeled him while the others escaped with the bag.

By the time the cops showed up, all four attackers had fled. But Fordell pointed out the straphanger who had joined in the beating and police arrested 54-year-old Barminthe Ramoutar of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and charged him with felony gang assault and robbery.

Fordell admitted to local television news outlet WPIX-TV that he also used racial epithets at his attackers, but only after they started beating on him.

“They’re the ones who started with me,” Fordell said when questioned by his case should be investigated as a hate crime. “If I was dressed ‘hip hop’ and I was darker, I don’t think it would have happened in the first place.”

Fordell selling his Goth Gear downtown

Despite the fact that the Black and Hispanic men targeted Fordell because of his goth clothing, a style popular mostly with White youth, and used anti-White racial slurs before and during the attack, a spokeswoman for the NYPD told WPIX-TV that the Hate Crimes Task Force is not investigating the matter as a bias incident because they detectives determined that race was not a motivating factor in the attack.

Fordell was bleeding from his head, a severly swollen black eye, and footprints on his back and neck from where the Black assailants stomped him. He was also urinating blood for some time. He was treated and released from Montefiore Medical Center on Sunday afternoon.


  • Typical what do you expect

  • I don’t believe it. I did until he lied stating he chased four black men. Probably like all of the rest of those motivated by greed and looking for free advertisement.

  • Introduce Apartheid sheeple – Apartheid is the only answer.

  • Lamont Cranston

    This is your fault- white people, I mean TRASH. You had such a great country and you let the liberals shame you into giving it away to the Martin Luther Coons and it can NEVER go back. The toothpaste can NEVER be put back in the tube again. Fuck you and Fuck your mothers for ever having given birth to you.

  • The New York police i.e. the “Hate Crimes Task Force” cannot open a hate crime investigation into the savage beating of Jason Fordell a Caucasian because of the directives and ‘Control” it receives from the SPLC, ADL along with the department of injustice under its director Eric the swine Holder.
    That is the real reason they “will not” investigate the matter . The police know that this was a racial attract.
    New York City detective investigating the weekend beating of a White man by a gang of African-American (black devils) men have refused to open a hate crime investigation into the case, despite the attackers having used anti-White racist epithets during the attack.
    Enough said!
    The writer of this article appears to be justifying the attack, based on Fordells attire not his race, more double speak.
    I wonder where the “Guardian Angles” were during this attack, at Curtis Speedwells penthouse, perhaps.
    This is another example of the fruits of evil integration that began in the 1960’s, welcome to South Africa white fools.
    A nation should be of one language, one culture and one race. Do you hear that Michael Savage?
    Out of many… none!!

  • Where is the great frank? He mocks Canada for letting indians talk shit. When the people in his own rotten pice of shit called New York City will let scum commit crimes of race hatred! And do nothing! Why does he ask the south african people to rise up?, when his whole cowardly bunch of sheep are slaughtered in his back yard? Oh wait maybe curtice sliwa was involved. Better do an hour on him. Or mock Christians, better yet. You guys talk about moving, where when? Your time is up.
    I give you shortwaves finest hour!!!!!!!

  • Hey, Do you think that jesse jackson or al sharpton would come down there and protest this beating and way the police mishandling it ?

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    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • noble white savage

    The term racist was designed as an attack word to be used against whites. It looses its zing when its applied to blacks or browns.
    The chance that a black on white crime will be seen as a hate crime is probably very low.
    Its about an anti-white agenda. I hope white people will wake up to this.

  • A lot of money and effort has gone into turning racist into a curse word, that is associated with negative feelings of anger, hatred and ignorance.

    Kinship on the other hand means essentially the same thing, but is associated with good feelings like family, warmth and familiarity.

    Anti-whites do? not want white people to feel a racial bond with each other because they WANT white geNOcide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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