SPLC Brands Rand Paul An “Extremist”

"Extremist" Rand Paul

Far-Left activist group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has branded Tennessee Congressman Rand Paul an “extremist” in the latest edition of its newsletter.

In the Spring 2011 edition of its newsletter, the SPLC article Electoral Extremism: 23 Candidates on the Radical Right, Paul is listed among mostly fringe candidates who never made it close to winning the elections they ran in. White Nationalist Harry Betram, former Klansman Jim Condit, Jr., and venerable neo-Nazis Billy Roper and Tom Metzger are included alongside Paul.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the inclusion of Paul on the list is that the SPLC now considers libertarianism an extremist ideology, alongside anti-Semitism and White Supremacy.

Other respectable Republican candidates listed include Tom Tancredo, Arizona Senator Russell Pearce, and Iowa Congressman Steve King for their desire to enforce immigration laws.

Congressman King was also cited for his desire to haveĀ  a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage in America as being between one man and one woman.


  • The SPLC’s “reports” are little more than unvarnished fund-raising propaganda. Of the 23 candidates listed, nearly half of them failed to garner even 10% of the vote. One guy got 10 votes, another got 7, and another didn’t even run, (zero votes…) and yet he STILL made the list. Huge threat to Democracy here, folks.

    Rand Paul’s crime against humanity, according to the SPLC, is that he is… wait for it… a “Radical Libertarian.”

    What puzzles me is that the SPLC is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, and under IRS rules, these entities are forbidden from participating in direct political activities, meaning the promoting or denigration of individual political candidates.

    The SPLC now has more than $216 MILLION tax-free dollars in cash on hand. Popping the SPLC’s tax-exempt status would put a lot of that money back into the economy where it might actually alleviate some poverty.

    Is there an IRS auditor in the house?


  • SPLC?

    Another stealth Ashkenazi Khazar organization?

  • Lamont Cranston

    Morris Dees grandfather was a klansman. Mo: pour gasoline on your crooked eyebrows and light a match.

  • Who care what the SPLC says? Everybody is on to their racket at this time. Please do not post anything else involving that outfit.

  • Lamont Cranston

    @Jeannon Kralj: Unfortunately, many do care what Morris Sleeze, Mark PoCrock and crackhead Julian Bond say. They have totally wiped out the klan in Alabama and Kentucky and have bankrupted Tom Metzger, not that these are the cream of American society. But, when have these white trash and oreo cookie Bond ever stood up for a white man screwed by Affirmative Blacktion like Allan Bakke. NEVER!!!! So I do pay attention to these clowns because they are REAL troublemakers to the white race to which I am a proud member- not schmucks like the GA.

  • Bill oliely has had the SPLC on his pice of shit show and asked them about how many white racist militias there are in the US. And why they are on the rise! the whole question is slanted shit ! OLIELY SUCKS DICK! BOYCOTT HIS SHITTY SHOW. HE IS A PHONY LIE MONGOR OF THE WORST KIND I HOPE HE GETS CAUGHT MOLESTING MORE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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