Reid: No Debt Deal, No Social Security Check

Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said payments for Social Security, as well as veteran’s and military benefits, would stop on August 3 if a budget agreement is not hammered out by Republicans and Democrats on August 2.

Reid made the statement while speaking on the Senate floor, reports The Sacramento Bee.

An aide later said Reid misspoke, and meant to say that payments “could” stop. US President Barack Obama made a similar statement during an interview with CBS News on Tuesday night, as previously reported.


  • Who is he… a RINO?

  • Its is no surprise that this vampire would make this egregious statement threatening veterans and senior citizens with the withholding of what is rightfully theirs, if “ no deal is reached.”
    This black mail terrorist tactic is normal for Marxist socialists, and since it practically works all of time using fear, they keep using it. It was a popular terrorist tactic under the Bubba Clinton regime.
    Dirty Harry doesn’t worry about social security; he is on the racketeers of DC retirement plan.

  • Cheryl of New Jersey

    Are WE THE PEOPLE supposed to think that Social Security goes along on a month to month basis? If the dems are in the mood MAYBE they’ll make the payments. If they don’t feel like it, MAYBE they won’t. Why doesn’t the LAMEstream media point out that the program is an ON GOING program, not a month to month flexible payment variable schedule policy program.

  • fuc you harry you filthy rotten bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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