Weiner Crossdress Pics Come Out

Oh boy...

Things have gone from bad to worse for degenerate Democrat Anthony Weiner, as new pictures of the New York Congressman wearing women’s clothing have been released.

The photos, released by The National Enquirer, claim he is “oiled up and stripped down.” One picture shows Weiner in women’s bra and tights; another shows him oiled up and posing in front of a Christmas tree.

The UK Daily Mail reports the snapshots were taken in 1982 when Weiner was an 18-year-old sophomore at the State University of Plattsburgh.

“It was never quite clear whether one of Anthony’s challenges was to become a cross-dresser or if it was just some bizarre stunt he decided to do on his own,” Weiner’s old college buddy told The Enquirer.

“He was a very odd guy who went out of his way to do things purely for the shock value.”

Weiner posed for the pics during a three-night ‘Secret Santa’ holiday event at the college.

Weiner, who announced a two-week break from Congress last Saturday to seek treatment for his reckless online behavior, is reportedly waiting for his wife to return home before making a decision on the future of his political career.

His wife, Huma Abedin, is a personal aide to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is curently on a whirlwind tour of Africa and returned to Washington, DC late Tuesday night.

Democrat leaders are hoping she will persuade Weiner to resign from Congress for the benefit of the Party.


  • If Weiner finds money and future in that business, more power to him on a second career.

  • georgetheatheist is always looking for a nice jewish girl, this is a match made in heaven I would say. Well not in heaven for these two, but a good match anyway !!!

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