“Kill The Boer” Ruled Incitement To Murder

Julius Malema

In a ruling seperate from the hate speech charges brought against ANCYL leader Julius Malema, a South African High has ruled the old ANC battle anthem “Kill The Boer,” also known as “Shoot The Boer,” is incitement to murder.

IOL News reports that in his order, Judge Leon Halgryn said “… the publication and chanting of the words ‘dubula ibhunu’, prima facie satisfies the crime of incitement to murder.”

Willem Harmse and Mohammed Vawda celebrate the original ruling last March.

The case was originally brought up last March by Mpumalanga farmer Willem Harmse, who had a dispute with his friend Mohammed Vawda over the song. The two, who belong to the group The Society for the Protection of Our Constitution, planned a protest march against crime and farm murders. Vawda wanted to use the slogan, “Shoot The Boer” in a sign for the rally, thinking “Boer” meant “Apartheid.” Harmse disagreed, saying the term was a call to murder White-Afrikaner-Boer in South Africa.

Judge Halgryn declared in the original case that the song is illegal and unconstitutional. The ANC appealed, arguing the ruling meant the anthem could not be discussed in classrooms and ANC war veterans could not sing the song during private meetings.

In Halgryn’s latest judgment, he added the words “to commit murder” onto his original finding that the song is incitement. He also ordered that a copy of his judgment be forwarded to the Law Society, ordering it to investigate the conduct of the lawyer who represented Harmse and Vawda.

Afriforum lawyer Willie Spies, who had also applied to intervene in the appeal application, told Sapa this effectively prohibits the singing of “Kill The Boer” by anybody and makes it a crime.


  • “Kill The Bantu”
    “Shoot The Bantu”

  • Andre from Cape Town

    This filthy, black devil,communist swine!! I can’t wait till this kaffer gets a bullet through his head. He is nothing but a scumbag who deserves to be burnt by the necklace method his kaffer buddy Winnie Mandela advocates.

    The court decision actually means nothing because this swine will just continue doing what he always has done, Die you son of a Bitch!!

    • People with no education do like Malema! Look ANC sent Malema to go and tell Mugabe that they are behind him (the ANC) and people of Zimbabwe are suffering because of them! Malema is the Puppet of ANC!

      • You are 100% correct my friend…. he says and does what the ANC tells him to do…things they dont wat to say and do themselves he is paving the way for the ANC


    This judgment creates a precedent that can now be used in Malemas hate speech trial.This case shouldnt play out in a court controlled by the sa government but in the hague! Just goes to show how little the world court cares about us boers.If it was the other way around and us boers were inciting other lunatic warmongering boers and threatening to kill “kaffirs” ;would it be only sa courts or would it be ,human rights,various n.g.o’s,foreign governments that would prosecute,play us down or discredit boers ???Strange sick world hey?

  • georgetheatheist

    “Shoot the Boer” Vawda thought meant “apartheid”? Huh?

    • With a Std-3 education and an IQ slightly higher than a baboon I can well understand that he thinks ‘Boer’ means ‘Apartheid’. And Malema as well as Zuma are in that same league.

  • Aryan ??? The ANC is already taking care? of Business Stop arming the Whites in South Africans.? They want to pretend 2be good? but they r good for nothing as the Voortrekkers & Dorsland Trekkers NP chaos? have done to oppress the majority population so dont make a mistake DA members, vote for the African National Congress, everyday, anywhere, anytime for the future generation & God Bless Africa!

    Philoctetes? is so baye dom, professional Orator Julius Malema never new? if it was a British Journalist so dont worry we thought its a Boar so dont mind its fine with us. Do u speak any African language or not and I am so sure you wont know anything els. Please explain to me how do u define an uneducated African Man or Woman? If a Caucasian person do not know how to write and read or speak any African language are they still not illiterate? Professor Nghoshi yaMbulunganga Shikoko

  • @TheMerciFix ? Kinshasha yetu yaKongo zy you Boer wat ke jy van Suid Afrika met you kromregheit se vesrtande. Linving in Africa does not mean that u know anything, so lets try to get together and? get along as we go along down & up Mount Kilimanjaro Plaas Boare. Respect Professor Nghoshi ya Mbulunganga Shikoko

    53Africa 2 ure gelede
    @KronikLad? Some white individual would goes to Africa without showing the Airport or City were they landed only to come back & tell ur whatever cat chanced a dog u know? By seeing a Black person eating? Goat meat, they twisted that and run around to say they were eating a human flesh, so stop your uncivilized lies and please dont come again! Pigmies are well-known in the World & particular environment here is to prove we are the true founder of civilization.

    53Africa 2 ure gelede
    You probably have never been in DRC my friend, and to bring skin colour into this, I am black, I am? African. Uncivilized Lies… is to sweep the truth under the carpet. Move on.

    TheMerciFix 3 ure gelede
    @TheMerciFix White boy? What do u really know about the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC? I know that the Belgian Gov, was the one responsible to? cut our African Ancestors hands off, for their own imperialist desire. I wont believe your nonces so give me some prove. White Man being a Black person eating a Goat and than turn out to say he was eating a human being so stop your uncivilized lies.

    53Africa 3 ure gelede
    I happened to be in the DRC as part of a military deployment. We were based not far from a cannibalistic tribe, who hunts and eats pygmies to enhance virility. Africa is not a happy place for Pygmies? anymore. Good souls. And I disagree with the IQ claims. All respect to the little guys :) TheMerciFix 777 ure gelede


    Swapo you belong in a mental institution!

  • “Shoot the Boer” song must be barned, remember when General Cele said “shoot to kill” other policeman got the message wrong! How many innocent people have been killed after Cele’s statement! No “shoot the boer song” end of story.

  • Minorities in South Africa are in Serious danger of being wiped out. We have lately also increasingly heard of more politicians in the ANC joining Malema in openly inciteing violence against minorities. Our people are stuck here because we only have South African ID’s and most of us don’t have the means to immigrate. We need the world to see what is really going on in South Africa. Save us

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