“That’s Not Osama”: Neighbor

A neighbor of dead terrorist leader Osama bin Laden says the man seen in new videos released by the US government is actually a friend of his and not the Al Queda founder.

“His name is Akhbar Khan (Han), He owns the house that was Osama’s house. I know him very well,” a Pakistani man named Shabir told the BBC.

Shabir says he is his a neighbor of the man.

“It’s all a fake, nothing happened,” Abbottabad resident Mohammed, who has been selling newspapers in the two for the last 50 years, told the BBC.

Out of the 50 Abbottabad residents interviewed by the BBC, only one believed that Osama bin Laden was in their town. Others claimed the pictures and video of bin Laden in his home are fakes made with a computer.


  • I did not believe for one second either Obama or the media about this supposed finding of bin Laden…I’m inclined to believe bin Laden died back in 2001.

  • You mean, this gov’t lies? Can’t be true! Oh, sure. I’d have to believe the govt that chg’d its story 3 Xs already and dumped the body out to sea before I’d believe people who llived there their whole lives. Yeah, sure.

  • now exactly what credibility could a guy who went tp grammar school with khan have..???????????????

  • You can believe some stinking Mohammedan…….I don’t!!! Go listen to that paid stooge for them Alex Jones if you think he’s been on ice or is still alive with Adolf down at a secret base at the South Pole!!!!

    • Alex Jones actually predicted the WTC’s would be attacked 3 months before it happened. It’s on video on Youtube. He was correct. This guy lives right besides the compound. Now, who am I going to believe. Him or you? You might be the one that is wrong. :)

    • u cant believe the people who live there? are you still drinking the koole-ade.. stop it felix.. hos can u believe a govt that has no proof of this mans death.. and if it is true why would they deny the rest of you losers the right to see him suffer.. ugh some people need an education and we all know that this will not happen in the USA…of course they did teach you well to never question their terrorist ways, ,and when the terrorists of the US govt go after you i’m sure u will defend them because you are that stupid.. i feel sorry for your kids if you have any..

      • Helen, why do I suspect you live in a country that’s had it’s arse saved at least once by the USA? Ohhh…because they ALL have.

        And you berate us? Call us losers? Unreal. I know where you all come running when you need help…and you know what? We’ll help you again…because that’s what we do.

        Thanks for your support, “cousin” from across the pond…

        • You suck ass, McCoy. Typical ignorant redneck. You haven’t done sh*t for anyone. You didn’t fight in WWII so stop acting like you deserve credit asswipe.

        • Actually it was the sacrifice of many millions of Russian soldiers that made the defeat of Germany in ’45 possible. And I don’t hear you advocating for them, so….

    • Felix you need to pull your head out of your arse and have real good look at what is happening in world.

    • Obama bin bush

      Who is this clown? You must work for those lying a holes, anybody with half a brain can see real bull sh*t. How can you believe anything they say… it’s just obvious. they all need to be thrown in prison!

    • Alex Jones did not predict it. It was Bill Cooper who first predicted something of that nature. Read his book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. Bill Cooper was murdered for what he knew. Anyone with any sense at all knows that Alex Jones is a loud mouthed shill.

  • The next thing the government will claim is that they found Elvis living in the same neighborhood. This hoax was amusing at first. Now it’s getting really annoying.

  • Felix! Pull your head out of your @!


    I’ll follow my country into hell if I have to!


    God bless America, land of the … the … the … huh?

    I can’t wait until the TSA starts orifice probing!


  • American Patriot

    OBL is as fake as Obumers birth certificate neither ever existed.

  • I am 70 years old and happen to know that all governments lie most of the time about most things. Practically everything about government is contrived and unreal. The only thing that is real in the U.S. government is the Postal Department. The post office delivers, and if it doesn’t it says it doesn’t. The overweening purpose of any government is to perpetuate itself by whatever means are expedient. Anybody that doesn’t know this is naive in the extreme. End of story.

  • Who gives a shit one way or the other ?

    I don’t.

    Talk about something interesting

  • All fake, he died many years ago, but now was the convient time to “kill” him. Its far fetched hwo the US gov. use to create stories with no connection to reality. We are Watching one big movie!!!

    My guess is they want to use this death, to create another big “terrorist” happening, and after that then they can go to war against terroist in pakistan.

  • December 16, 2001. Kidney failure.

  • Paul Johansson

    I have to agree with Paul, I can’t imagine what reason the US government would have to lie to anyone, least of all it’s own citizens, what a terrible precedence this would set, after all the honest Presidents in the past particularly George W Bush, there were WMD’s in Iraq they just couldn’t find them, an honest mistake anyone could make. Let’s not forget the Twin Towers, a man in a cave in Afghanistan overcame the most sophisticated surveillance system in the World to cause mass destruction and murder, taking down 3 planes with plastic knives. Where is that Cherry Tree.

  • If it was OBL, maybe the CIA was afraid he was going to out their corroboration with him these many years.

  • How interesting, USA spent tons of $$ in Afghan war being afraid of OBL, the only one person. what a shameeeeee??

  • I have always been under the impression that the person we know of as Osama bin Laden is simply a hired Hollywood actor, who has always been living the sweet life in California’s beautiful San Fernando Valley.

  • Ozman has it right! This whole thing is about getting us into Pakistan so we can destroy it and set up our ruling base. All for the “security” of the Zionist state…..

  • He’s dead.
    His organization says he’s dead.
    His family says he’s dead.
    Frank and John say he’s dead.
    All of these commentators have thought processes so poisoned by suspicion of government that nothing they can’t personally verify is believed except that government can’t be believed. They are in step with Islamic culture in which nothing can be believed and everything is an aspect of a conspiracy. No moon landing. No terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Hitler didn’t die in Berlin. Got to ask, “Is this normal?”

  • Boo…you’re just sore because you found out that gravity is fake. And oxygen…

  • common american citizens are too innocent to be fooled all the time such as bush sr bush jr now fake birth certificate holder mr obama hussain …
    9/11 was a job done by the insiders of usa !! can some one answer my this question that
    why all the jews were abscent or late on work that day at that place ?????
    was OBL was controling the pentagon and air traffic controle head quarter ?? even a child can realize that was pre planed to creat a base for the warr on terror (war of horror ) ..
    now why should we believe this operation ,drama based videos !!!!
    just check the statements issued by presidency and pentagon ,, were kept changing every day ! some say he was unarmed ,some say he was armed , some says he was on the first floor ,some say he was on second floor , now some claim after !0 days that his son escaped that night !!!! none of common ppl has seen the evidence ,proofs , no one has seen his family members too ..
    pakistani officials are also involved in this well scripted badly played drama !
    obama says becoz of the sentements of muslims he is not issuing the pics ;;;lolz
    dont make us fool ..we know well that none of you have ever cared of the feelings of muslims , why you would now …..

  • Military… We got osama! Media… Where is his body? Military… Where do you want it to be? Media… Can you say you dropped it in the ocean? That way no one will go looking for it. Military… Great idea! Doesn’t matter though. Even if they did look they won’t find it. Media… Nice. We should be able to run with this for months. Hello ratings!! Military… Yup. And after that these dumbed down Americans will forget all about it. Plus, we need some new weapons. Those pesky Arabs are using advanced Camel tactics and making our guys look stupid. Media… Do you want us to write about that? Military… Sure. Lose the camel though ok? Media… You got it! Keep the stories coming guys!

  • hey there is a fuukinnn election coming up and this kind of horse shit is just what ooobamma wants us too get hung up on. lets get rid of these assholes that are saying take my word hes dead the stupid fuukin rinos
    and get behind rep west, or rubio or cain and lets focus on what is coming at us fast. Or there will be no more blogs or internet or radio or anyfuukin thing including freedom now is the time folks, take the bait or smarten up I wounder what will happen? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMERICAAAAA DUH FIGHT OR DIE,WAKE FREAKIN UPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The majority of the sheeple will believe anything the guberment tells them.

  • we are not fools .. they sat his organization has decleared him dead via a website ..
    can some one show me that exact website ? can some one prove thats been sent realy by his organization or some CIA agents !!! can some one in the whole world give me a link to any of al-qaeda website ??? i m sure no one coz there is no such site ..
    all tapes ,recordings and pics made by CIA and by paid agents ..
    this is an era of technology wake up u morons ,,,, be smart ,be true or go home

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