Angels Leader Beat During Chi-Town Arrest

Chicago subway train

Members of the Chicago Guardian Angels franchise have abruptly moved their crime-fighting patrols up to city buses after their leader was cold-cocked in the jaw by a mugging suspect.

The incident, which occured during the early-morning hours of February 8 on a north-bound Red Line as it was in Wrigleyville, is recounted by franchise leader Miguel “3rdRAIL” Fuentes to News Radio 780:

He [Fuentes] walked through right after two men had been robbed of a video camera, “I approached two individuals and I’m like, ‘Who’s got the camera?’ One of these individuals had a camera.

“I then took the camera from him, put it in my pocket. He swings at me. So I grab him. I fling him to the other side of the door so he wouldn’t go out the doors when the doors opened,” Fuentes explains. “His other buddy took a swing at me, hit me in the jaw. And I grabbed him.

“Meanwhile, I’m detaining them and the other Guardian Angel comes in from the first car and helps me subdue the individuals,” Fuentes adds they made citizens arrests and held the men until police got there.

Although Fuentes told News Radio 780 that he walked into the car after the robbery took place, he later told The Chicago Tribune, and police, that he witnessed the incident as it took place.

Fellow Angels Keanthi Davis and Felipe Aroyo were on patrol with Fuentes and helped subdue the suspects after the franchise leader got cold-cocked in the jaw.

Robbery suspects Ryan Mitchell (L) and Hoyle Marshall (R)

Ryan Mitchell, 19, of the 9000 block of South Langley Avenue, and Hoyle Marshall, 22, of the 9600 block of South Union Avenue were both charged with robbery and battery, police told The Chicago Tribune.

The two were ordered held in lieu bond; Mitchell was also ordered held no-bail on a violation of probation petition stemming from a 2010 weapons conviction.

Here is video of the suspects in custody, after they were arrested by the Angels:

Guardian Angel patrols abruptly stopped shortly after the incident.

Nearly two months later, the Angels reappeared on Chicago buses, reports local television news station WLS. The group “began riding some CTA buses Tuesday to protect passengers after a rash of purse snatchings,” the station said.

It is not known where Fuentes was on the bus.


  • If a stopped clock is right twice a day, I guess the Gangster Disciples are good for something. D.J 3rdRAIL does not realize his hero’s ” CRIME FIGHTING ” is nothing more than a series of well planned hoaxes. He will learn the hard way, if he learns at all. NewsGuy, keep up the great work.

  • Thanks, caiusmartius!

  • Miguel “3rdRAIL” Fuentes is Sliwa’s mouthpiece – and since Curtis revealed he has prostate cancer, we now know where Fuentes’ mouth has been!!!!!!

  • Here is how it was reported by the local Fox affiliate. I despise Coitus but if his organization performed constructively this time, I can’t complain but I still despise his bullshit!!

    • I for one am glad someone punched 3rdRATE in the face!

      But you have to think, how come he told one reporter that he walked in to the car AFTER the robbery took place, and then he told another reporter he witnessed the robbery go down?


  • And what does “eyeballing” mean? If I walked into a subway car and Catherine Deneuve were sitting there, I would be “eyeballing” her but it doesn’t mean I want to rob her. I think Turd Rail’s big ghetto mouth is going to mean these two perps will walk.

    • When you have alot of experiance being around the “Dreggs” of society, you can (sometimes) tell ahead of time what is about to take place. As a seasoned veteran of the Angels I too have a knack for spotting trouble ahead of time. You can tell who’s scoping someone out to rob if you know what to look for – its really not difficult and comes naturally to seasoned crime fighters. JAWS

  • This is the little turd who took Navy SEAL training and broke his leg! What an inept klutz! He was bragging how adept he was and got coldcocked by a 16yr old kid who just came up to his shoulder! When he thought he was going to “arrest” the kid, BOOM! he got slammed in the jaw and DOWN HE WENT! The fraud didn’t persue the kid because he was scared shitless! So instead of strutting on the CTA, he now goes on buses where he can jump out the window if the situation gets out of hand! Okay, Turd Rail, time to go back in Curti’s ass with Pratt! Operation No Angels is Winning and Winning BIG!

  • Bad News: Coitus is doing well post-op.
    Good-News: The metastases are aiming straight for his brain but their microscopes aren’t powerful enough to locate it.

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