Vavi To Run For South African President?

Zwelinzima Vavi

South African media is speculating that recent public statements made by COSATU Secretary General, Zwelinzima Vavi indicate he may run for president of the country.

Vavi has been openly critical of ethics among members of the ruling ANC, saying the Party is “infested with corruption and greed” at a recent public event. Vavi has castigated the administration for plunging South Africa into massive job loses and poverty, reports Afrikaans-language daily Rapport. He has predicted that, if the ANC does not change course, the country may see a “President Zille” in the not-too-far future, a prospect he calls “an absolute nightmare.”

Vavi has also expressed disappointment with political progress in Zimbabwe, blaming mismanagement on the Mugabe regime.

A source wishing to remain anonymous told the paper that Vavi is building a “preconceived plan” to portray himself as “the man of our people and as a leader first” who is not a party hack, but voters should not be fooled by it and think Vavi would make himself unpopular among his alliance partners.


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