Rush: Birthers In A “Fantasy”

Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh blasted members of the so-called “birther” movement as “children living in a fantasy” who want a “magic wand” that will undo Barack Obama’s election.

“If you want to focus on what should have happened before the election, we can do that [but] but going back in time and talking about a birth certificate is not the most effective way of stopping this guy [Obama],” Rush exclaimed to a caller who lambasted him for not questioning the president’s ability to hold office based on his natural born status.

Rush exclaimed that he would love to see everything Obama has done legislatively while president get erased, but he deals with “‘what is,’ not ‘what ifs’.”

“‘If’ is for children, and we have certain things that are the reality of the day and need to dealt with,” Rush said.

“There is no magic wand that can get Obama un-elected,” Rush declared.

“I would love for this guy [Obama] to be a fraud with the birth certificate, he’s a fraud with everything else,” he said. “Just to watch the Democrats and the media go [nuts], that would be fun. But until such things happen, if, when, whatever, there is a reality that has to be dealt with, day in and day out.”


  • rush is wrong. we want to to see the proof. obama has spent 2 million dollars to avoid having to show his birth certificate. the hawaiian government says it exists. why not show it? is it a matter of who the baby daddy is? what religion is professed? trump has gotten me quite interested.

  • Trump has me interested too. I am looking at my birth certificate (April 9, 1962 in Hawaii) and Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth looks nothing like my birth certificate.

  • hey john is this guy a fat tub of crap. YES YES YES GO COUNT YOUR MONY LUSH!

  • If rush went against the foreign occupier and his supporters rush could lose a lot of money. Jesse Jackson and al sharpton would get there people together and tell them to boycott his supporters. It’s all about the money!!!

  • Limbaugh mentions the stupidity of the American voters that elected Obama but not the stupidity of the Republican Party that gave them no acceptable alternative.

    • YOU had a very acceptable alternative, how could u even say that capt. j mccain 70% conservative voting record , a spending cutter, pro 2nd amendment , PRO-LIFE Military man and most important an american!!!!! IT WAS THIS FAT PIECE OF S^^#&T LIMBAUGH WHO CONVINCED IDIOTS LIKE YOU THAT THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE. AND YOU ARE SHOWING YOURE IGNORANCE OF THAT FACTS! IF YOU BELIVE WE WILL STILL HAVE A COUNTRY AFTER THIS COMMUNIST! HE HAS DESTROYED EVERYTHING, MAYBE LIMBAUGH WILL TAKE YOU TO HIS SWISS MOUNTAIN CHALET WHEN HE LEAVES NEXT YEAR, DUNCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Birthers” are perhaps the least intelligent of the fringe right movement and proof positive of the old adage by John Stuart Mill: “Not all conservatives are stupid people, but most stupid people are conservatives.”

    Obama has provided his birth certificate and announcements of his birth have been found on microfilm. This Honolulu Advertiser announcement of Barack Obama’s Aug 4, 1961 birth was published August 13, 1961 on page B-6. It is available only on microfilm in Hawaii libraries.

    Seems an elaborate scheme that if Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii they would have put a birth notice in the paper there. Of course, they were probably planning a conspiracy all along because they knew there was a good chance their bi-racial baby would grow up to become president. LOL. Loonies will believe anything they want though and now Trump is feeding them to get air time. LOL.

  • Everything that Trump has brought up so far has been debunked. He better have something or he’s going to get smoked in the debates!! Read the article at on Trump’s false and poorly investigated allegations @

  • OK. Sometimes it is necessary to explain the obvious. So for the benefit of UF I will explain.

    When a baby is born, the grandparents (who live in a different city than the “birth city”) may run an ad in the local paper to announce the event. The purpose of this announcement is to inform the community of the birth, The purpose is not to deceive. I read you comments carefully. It does not mention the name of the hospital or current home neighborhood of the mother. Such information is common when placing an ad for a local birth,

    • “Trump says newspaper announcements of Obama’s birth that appeared in Hawaii newspapers in 1961 “probably” were placed there fraudulently by his now-deceased American grandparents. Actually, a state health department official and a former managing editor of one of the newspapers said the information came straight from the state health department.”

      More analysis on this topic is inside the article . Read the FACTS at

  • I hate rush for the fat ass dunce he is, he told us not to vote for mccain, so did idiot glen beck another know it all money bag, so did bill cuntingham that half wit friend of john bohner, did one “conservative show host say at least we can gain a seat on the supreme court, or our nationally security is at stake, or we don’t know anything about obaaama except he’s in with radicals and black hatred theology”.? His books spout hatred for America, No they let this guy in, and even helped him by making conservatives like “HADDING” the dunce(in the above post} say there is no acceptable alternative? Six years of hell for mccain and these scum bags threw him under the buss. I will not listen to Rush or Beck or any other egocentric so called spokesman for conservatives. A blind man could see mccain was the only choice! Now the talk is over, I used to get some hope from the TRP, but all I hear is berengian and south african lament, what about us guys? The future is now written in stone, goodbye Israeli ,and goodbye America. We have lost the greatest country in the history of mankind, and lost the grace of GOD. There is no one left too speak now but ghosts from the past Goodbye fair lady liberty we will miss you.

    • You need to take your meds, mate. It’s not all that bad. Just admit it, you can’t stand having a black man in the White House. You’ll feel better if you just say it.

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