Plaasmorde Attacks Rise Since ETB Murder

The widow of Eugene Terre'Blanche lays a wreath at his grave to mark one year since his savage murder.

A total of 77 attacks in which 51 people were murdered have taken place on farms across South Africa in the year since AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche was savagely killed, allegedly by workers on his own farm.

During the first quarter of 2011, from 1 January to 31 March, 16 farm attacks occurred in which eight farmers were murdered, reports the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU SA).

The farmers who have been murdered in 2011 are Mr. Kobus van Rooyen, Mrs. Wendy Wilken, Mr. Deon van Staden, Mrs. Babs Strecker, Ms. Georgie Jacklin, Mr. Frik Hermann, Mr. French Eric Powell, and Mr. Alberto Costa.

“This means that on average more than six farm attacks occur every month, and that on average more than four farmers have been murdered monthly, on the basis of the statistics of the last year,” said Henk van de Graaf, Assistant General Manager of TAU SA.

TAU SA President Ben Marais noted the alarmingly high statistics by repeating his call for a separate crime category for plaasmorde attacks. “Farm attacks are not ordinary crime, and should be investigated by experts, especially to determine the real motives behind it,” he said.

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) said in March 2010 that the silent genocide of South African farmers is has a devastating effect on the South African economy and raises concerns for food security. SACCI estimates that one farm attack counts for a R1.9 million (US $260,00) loss from the South African GDP per annum, which in 2009 stood at R2.4 trillion (US $328 billion).

It is widely believed by many in the White-Afrikaner-Boer community that repeated singing of the song, “Kill The Boer,” which has been banned in South Africa as hate speech, not only contributed to Terre’Blanche’s murder but has encouraged the increase in plassmorde attacks.


  • Well its the whites fault.

    If you are a sitting duck be prepared to be killed, turn off the blue bulls rugby match, load your weapon join your fellow white and fight

    Cant complain while watching rugby

    You either fight or die, there is only those options

    But its easier to braai and watch rugby

    oh and your fellow whites who speak English are all labeled English, you tell each other that afrikaaners are different to boers etc etc

    No wonder

    I feel sorry but i dont (if that makes sense) There are more than enough whites/boere who could all default on their farms and say we are not farming anymore or selling our crops until we are dealt with


    Frank and John have done right with this show but they need to understand one thing, before it was the ANC these very people were complaining about the past, they still do, they will rather complain than do anything until there are thousands ready to kill them

    So the problem is not a black problem in south its a white problem, the whites will not do or say anything! F**** they fight amongst each other like a bunch of hyenas, and sorry to say

    most nations betray other nations, in SA history the white man betrays his own people before he will betray another nation

    We as whites need to look in the mirror in SA and ask whos problem is this, theirs or ours, for as long as you put food in the masses stomach, they will hunt you down, stop feeding them, burn your farms like the british did and salt the things, then say to them “now feed yourselves”

    But boere are also more in love with farming than with living, without their farm they believe they dont have anything, so they will rather farm nor revolt, is this not the case with the british, the ANC learnt the psyche of the whites in this land

    They know you love rugby, your history, your farming, your hunting, your weapons, so they will do away with all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is if you allow them

    Farming is more important than living, so they will continue to sit on their farms like ducks and so be killed, you could farm anywhere!!!!

    Either fight or flight, sitting back waiting for people to kill you is fighting but from a defencive point of view

    hey if they could kill terrblanche just like that, now they think they can do what ever they want passop

    And you talk to nicely, even on TRP you are to afraid to say it

    So i hope the next time frank is on air he clears the air

    There is already “night of the long knives happening in SA” there is already a war

    Wake up and F**** fight

  • Wittes Verenig.

    It will get worse while big mouth little brain malema is allowed to use hate speech.
    Funny how these marmite monsters can say what they want, have facebook profiles calling for kill the boer, one bullet one white infant and nothing is said. A white guy says the word kaffir and he is locked up as a racist. mmmmmm

  • The trial is in the first week of May, 2011. They will walk like OJ.


    im just waiting…waiting…and WAITING for the government to stop these small taunts they keep doing to us via “people” like malema because frankly us boers have been accused of all types of madcap accusations in our lifetimes,so we are used to this.I am looking for a declaration of outright war on our volk by gov. in sa and i will NEVER turn down the threat or the opportunity to do them a fucking favour and put them outta their western backed misery!!!


    When are boer agriculture unions going to get serious about aff action,crime,water & soil pollution,farm murders,hate speech,land grabs etc etc.WE Boere in south africa need to declare war on agriculture unions in sa and until they (boer agriculture unions) stop supplying sa with food we bitter einde boers need to burn farms in sa like the british did to us.Our fight must begin within ,lets deny these lazy morons food they will soon see our point of view,otherwise this bad treatment of farmers will continue.Remember you cant mine on an empty stomach……..

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