US Run By “Anti-Jewish Elite”: Gingrich

Gingrich says the US is run by an "anti-Jewish elite"

Former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, has said the United States under President Obama is “dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite.”

“Until you replace this president and until you have the Congress and the new president replace large parts of our bureaucracies, we’re going to continue to be dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite, which is seeking to impose on us rules that make zero sense,” Gingrich said at the American Family Association’s pastors’ policy briefing in Iowa on March 25.

The statement came from a question about confronting Sharia law in America, reports Politico. Gingrich said that American leadership was “so afraid to tell the truth” and “timid” that it did not prosecute the Pakistani Muslim who planted a bomb in Times Square last year.

“I simply suggest that every church in the country announce there is a new principle that visiting Bethlehem every year for three weeks is an important part of your devotion,” Gingrich said to applause.

“The whole thing collapses,” he added. “It’s an absurdity. It’s part of this desperation of our secular elites to do everything they can to prove they are not anti-Muslim.”


  • Laughable. I’m sure Newt would never favor one over another, especially with the right doing whatever’s necessary to protect their puppet masters… Israel.

    The whole system is a clusterfuck of glorified shysters and blatant idiots with no common sense who use the legal system and the victim industry to cater to special interest groups and enable entitlement wherever they can get people to be more dependent on the government.

    Any good Christian doesn’t need some welfare system to support it. They built this country by hand. It’s the Jews and minorities that need the rest of the world propping them up like some tattered scarecrow.

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  • May G-d Bless Newt Gingrich for speaking the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

  • As a life long Democrat, as well as a former employee in a Jewish center and a person who favors Israel I am saddened by the crazy assertions by the like of Newt and the idocacy of Beck and disturbed that any sane person would believe these two.

  • If you ever really want to lose faith in humanity– read the comments section of an article about newt gingrich. YIKES! you people are truly terrifying!

  • Newt Gingrich is an ass-kisser. Obama is a sockpuppet to Jews. They just aren’t quite as looney as the Jews that ran Dubya.

  • I credit Newt for helping Clinton get re-elected.

  • Puppet masters, anti-Christ, socket-puppet, not bad vocabulary I must say. I thought the likes of you only crawled around the dark corners of the Middle East and the former East Germany, places the enlightenment has passed.

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