Carel Boshoff, 1927 – 2011

Carel Boshoff, 1927 - 2011

Carel Willem Hendrik Boshoff, founder of the Orania settlement in South Africa, passed away from cancer on Wednesday. He was 83.

“After a full and rich life, Carel Boshoff passed on today at noon,” Orania official Jaco Kleynhans said in a statement. The White-Afrikaner-Boer leader had been seriously ill during the past year from cancer and his health deteriorated drastically last month.

Boshoff had a doctorate in Missionary science from the University of Pretoria and served as Secretary of Missions for the Dutch Reformed Church, in addition to doing extensive missionary work in Soweto and the old Transvaal Province. He also spoke fluent Northern Sotho, a language in the Bantu family.

Boshoff married his wife Anna, the daughter of Prime Minister Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd in 1954, and together they had 7 children. Anna passed away from a stroke in 2007.

South African President Jacob Zuma met with Boshoff last September

As the founder of Orania, Boshoff challenged the White-Afrikaner-Boer to develop constructive solutions which would ensure their future in Africa. The self-reliance movement that the town represents currently has more than 800 residents.

FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder remembered Boshoff for”his honesty and sincerity as (a) wise leader (being) appreciated and respected by people from all race groups” in a statement.

ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu noted Boshoff’s passing “with regret” and extended condolences to his family.

The ANCYL sent similar regards, adding it was saddened “that he passed away before he could fully embrace the non-racialism brought forth by the democratic government in South Africa,” spokesman Floyd Shivambu said.

Shivambu said that “unlike other right wing forces,” Boshoff was willing to “engage with other people, even those he did not agree with.”

South African president Jacob Zuma visited Orania last September and met with Boshoff. The two were friends for more than 20 years.

In addition to founding Orania in 1990, Boshoff was leader of the Voortrekker movement from 1981-89 chairman of the Afrikaner Broederbond from 1980-83, and chaired the Freedom Front in Northern Cape since 1994.


  • Wittes Verenig.

    R.I.P Mnr Boshoff.

    Our thoughts are with your family and friends.
    Thank you for all your work.

  • Thanks to TRP for covering this.

  • I never hear any news like this on the fox news network, hln, or any other news network. But, go to the t.r.p website and you get the real news. T.R.P. does not hold back anything. R.I.P Mnr. Boshoff. My prayers will be for your family.

  • Sa lost a great man.Enough said

  • According to Mnr. Boshoff, there is NO difference between an Afrikaner and a Boer. I agree. When they come to chop your heads off, they don’t ask questions. You either hang together or you WILL hang separately!!

    • He will be buried Sat. a.m. at Orania’s Town Community Hall in a simple ceremony like that of an ordinary Orania worker, as per his wishes but open to the public (

    • The fact that Boshoff did not admit nor recognize the difference between Afrikaner & Boer comes as no surprise as he was once the Chairman of the Afrikaner Broederbond which worked so hard to PREVENT the Boer people from obtaining self determination. Then you promote a FALSE paradigm by invoking the “when they come to [ kill ] .. they do not ask questions” because that fact is IRRELEVANT because as soon as the Boers fully reclaim their STOLEN & suppressed identity: they will be a free nation again as they have not been since before the second Anglo-Boer War.

      The Afrikaners who ran South Africa were MOSTLY not of Boer descent & they all REPRESSED the Boer people. Please try to remember that the BIGGEST obstacle to Boer freedom & self determination is the Afrikaans money power & the old Broederbond / Afrikaner Bond which permeates all aspects of political life. The recognition of Boer as distinct from the Afrikaner is about the SURVIVAL of the Boer people because the Afrikaner establishment are FULLY ON BOARD WITH THE CURRENT DISPENSATION. In fact the Afrikaners HELPED TO CREATE the current dispossessing dispensation.

      This whole notion of an Afrikaner was a DANGEROUS political dragnet stunt which was aimed at getting Afrikaans speakers to conjure a LOYALTY to the macro State of South Africa as created by the British in 1909. The Afrikaner designation lumped the smaller Boers in with the larger Cape Dutch who were historically pro British & pro Colonial while the Boers were historically anti Colonial. That is why the notion of an “Afrikaner” is STILL promoted because it NEUTRALIZES the inherent strength of Boer Republicanism & its inertia towards Boer self determination.

      The notion of an Afrikaner ensures that the Boers WILL hang separately! Please I urge you to get some insight into the dangerous purpose of the Afrikaner designation. Why do you think it was PROMOTED by the British & is STILL promoted to this day because it ensures that the Boer segment will remain TETHERED to a political entity which has NO INTENTION OF SECURING any form of Boer self determination.

      I have personally examined this issue going on decades now & I can assure you that there is a GRAVE difference between a Boer & an Afrikaner. The Afrikaner is the State sanctioned controlling mechanism aimed at PREVENTING any form of Boer or Afrikaans independence & self determination. It was a term promoted by the controlled politicians in order to get Afrikaans speakers on board with the notion of accepting their subjugation within a British created macro State. A macro State now run by its ANC puppet regime. That is why Afrikaners are called “a minority” when in fact the Boer population segment was a nation which had their own internationally recognized Boer Republics during the 19th cent.

      The Afrikaners later came & COLONIZED the Boers soon after the British Colonized them & by later having the Broederbond historians rewrite the history turning Boer personalities into “Afrikaner” personalities. The Cape Dutch began to propagate & appropriate the term Afrikaner is a DANGEROUS political context starting in 1875 then later exported the term onto the frontier & republican Boers thus leading to the dispossession of the Boers in the 20th cent. When they set themselves up within the towns of the conquered Boer Republics this accelerated the co-option of the Boer people into the Afrikaner coalition.

      Look into this matter please because as long as the Boers are lumped in with the Afrikaners [ the very force most working against their freedom ] they will never reacquire freedom or self determination.

  • Carel Boshoff was a radical traditionalist master. A great man is laid to rest. His ideas of localism and self rule will with the great demographic shifts in Europe and elsewhere, in time become unstoppable. A man ahead of his time who never accepted the status quo and actively worked to created an alternative.

  • i wonder, when we are like SA in the next few years at most, if we will have a show like the TRP from someplace that will note when freedom fighters fall. He was a great man but had too pass knowing that his homeland was demolished. Now since there is a lack of any men who will fight for freedom in the US, our once great nation is but a few years away from SA.

    Our country is now passing laws against white men,! and we hear no voices like Boshoff only fools, I only wish we had one man like him to lead us.

  • Every white country on earth will eventually be worse off than SA, in SA we knew what the Africans/ a la 3rd world country men could offer (absolutely none) we understood that if you let a few in many more would come down as is the case now, we knew from day 1 that eventually we would be over run, but it seems as if the north Americas (including Canada) and western Europe still think that they are the minority and that by letting a few in will make no difference

    Well you can only drop so much ink into a glass of water until it turns to the colour of the ink, and at the rate these third world mad men are flocking to the western world, the west in as little as 40 years will look like the country that these very people came from.

    As for the affirmative action happening in America, where blacks and hespanics combine outnumber whites, there should be no law

    But let the common folk sleep, he will only wake up when his dumb box (television) is switched off and he sees terrorists blowing things up, man even 9/11 didnt do much, you have a Muslim government / head of state / president , just shows how seriously seriously seriously seriously brain dead most people are in the west

    • I am not speaking of affirmative action, the justice dept. is stating that if a CRIME is committed against a white male from a minority, the government will not prosecute or protect the white MALE in any way. We are south africa!!!!!!!

      hellooooooooooOOOOOOOOooooaachhoooooooooooo Africa

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