SA Police Lost 20,000 Guns

There you have it.  Citizens owning legal firearms are being disarmed by law, while the South African Police lost 20,000 firearms since 2004.  Now “lost” here can mean many things.  Anything from drunken cops leaving their guns in the local shebeen to corrupt cops selling firearms voluntarily handed in by legal gun owners.

The police described the report as “worrying” – not incompetent, corrupt, inept, but worrying.  The best part – no report of how many officials have been criminally prosecuted as a result (as required by law).  If this doesn’t stink of communist regime to you, you probably won’t notice a turd on your upper lip.

Annelize van Wyk of the ANC said that laws “seemed” to be stricter for civilians than police officers.  More communist wordplay – “seemed” to be.  Annelize, just remove that turd from your lip.

Diane Kohler Barnard of the Democratic Alliance said that “I am convinced that many murders are committed with police weapons”.  She is correct of course.  This is of course over and above the crimes committed by cops themselves, with around 10,000 of them in jail.

You can read the full article here.


  • What a joke Sa’s police have become! The judiciary is just as much a gemorse,What do people expect? Did people believe that Bheki Cele would be better than Adrian Vlok….?? It will only get worse…..and THEY want to disarm the legal gun owners…How??? They will need arms to disarm us boers..They can have my gun over my dead ‘Bitter einde ‘body!!! Niemand vat my wapen!!:When Guns are Outlawed,Only outlaws will have Guns! Good Luck to Bheki Cele on his corrupt property deals,maybe Zuma is sick of his Buffoonery.I find it hard as he (Zuma)hired that piece of kak!! The sa government is illegal in terms of the constitution in place at the time of the vote of 1994.Why does the Hague allow such criminal,illegal governments to continue and rather worry themselves with monkeys like Al Bashir & blood diamonds they cant get their hands on immediately. To all boere in sa: We need to petition the world court .I urge ALL boers to avoid tax in sa by all means necessary,to have disdain & disrespect “for the Law’ especially white traitors serving this corrupt ‘government’ Viva De la Ray!! Bring my die OORLOG.!!Well fight to the last…They dont realise that the poor boere who where treated worse than kaffirs under british colonialism & continue to survive outside the british dominated economy of sa……Come from Warrior Stock !!!BOERSEUN DBN.ZAR

  • Wittes Verenig.

    I have been thinking just the same the last few days.
    Here are some details to the Hague.

  • Muchas Gracias.

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