Afrikaners Need “Psychological Homeland”: Zuma

South African president Jacob Zuma in traditional Zulu garb

South African President Jacob Zuma says “Afrikaners” should be able to find their own “psychological homeland,” but not a seperate geographical area they can call their own.

In his first interview with the Afrikans newspaper Beeld since becoming South African President, Zuma said that he has a deep understanding for the need of some Afrikaners for a home of their own, a place where they are safe and have the freedom and confidence to live and express the things that are important to them.

“For example: I work in Cape Town and in Pretoria, but then I want to go to Nkandla (in rural KwaZulu-Natal). That’s where I belong. I feel at home when I’m there,” Zuma said. “I can do the indlamu (a traditional dance for men), I can speak isiZulu.”

“This is what some Afrikaners need on a psychological level: an Nkandla.”

Zuma added that this does not mean that they can have their seperate geographical homeland, such as the original Boer republics, or current Orania project.

The original Boer Republics

Ignoring the historical fact that that the Transvaal and Orange Free State were once Boer nations, Zuma said that Afrikaners are spread across the country and therefore do not have a “physical Nkandla” like other ethnic groups that are concentrated in different regions.

“You can’t create an Orania, you must be part of South Africa and share in what we all share,” Zuma said.

Touching on the sometimes-heated “Boer-vs-Afrikaner” debate that rages in some circles within the White-Afrikaner-Boer community in South Africa, Zuma said that he has met “many different Afrikaners” but not “the Afrikaner (representing the whole group).”

Zuma spoke at length about the Afrikaners’ unique history and how this distinguishes them from other whites in the country.

“Some people are upset when I say this, but it’s a fact: they are the only white group who can lay claim to the fact that they also fought for their freedom, against the Brits… they died in concentration camps.

“They made a contribution to the development of South Africa and helped make it what it is today. They are an important group.

“They are the kind of group that doesn’t carry two passports, only one.”


  • Of course they can’t. Who will pay the taxes to support ANC criminals if the Boers had to take back their republics?

    And people still argue that it is impossible to bring the ANC down. Stop paying taxes at municipality level and escalate to provincial level. The ANC would be screwed in 3 months flat.

  • Shame the blacks couldn’t make do with a psychological homeland, and feel the need to steel what belongs to everyone else, Cape for example.

  • Atleast he acknowledges them, no former president has, and few whites in SA even understand or know what happened during the Boer war. the Boer do need a homeland, but when they are such a small minority fighting each other on who is an afrikaaner and a Boer then it will never happen, like zuma says, they are too spread out in beliefs and what they want.

    Another thing is, i dont care who argues, there is no difference between an afrikaaner or boere

    Afrikaaner is of Dutch, French, German decent, they stayed behind in the cape

    The boere moved and tracked, they might have more german blood but they also have the same blood group as the afrikaaner. There is no difference, only in their small minds.

    Seriously it would be nice if they could have their own homelands, but they would become like the Amish living in the US, old school and not moving on.

    Please all the afrikaaners, move on, if you feel as an entire community threatened then take action, but the truth is you are not one community, many afrikaaners and boere also married english, Scottish and Irish that turned on their british

    There is no difference between a afrikaaner and boer, exept one chose to move on and farm, they have the same blood.

    You wont get your homeland, if you want a homeland you will have to move.

  • Why would it surprise anyone with intelligence regarding the statement that the Afrikaners” should be able to find their own “psychological homeland,” but not a separate geographical area they can call their own, come from a heathen clown wearing leopard skins and feathers dancing about thinking he is wearing the traditional garb of the Zulu while wearing basketball shoes. ( perhaps the Michael Jordan model)
    No one lives in a “psychological” homeland Zulu Zuma. Do the Japanese; Chinese or Ugandan’s live in one? Only a Black mental mutant would come up with racist demented idea for the Afrikaners or white people. This fat buffoon needs to loose weight before appearing in his pagan apparel!

  • We want usa and britain out of south africa .They are the reason sa is in such a mess.The cia nd mi6 connived behind the scenes to oust the boere in sa,it had fokal to do with apartheid it was all about minerals.Paul kruger once said ‘ I tell you today that every ounce of gold taken from the bowels of our soil will yet have to be weighed up with a river of tears’.The anc must nationalise sa’s mines as planned and we shall see what the west do,the west is built on sa’s gold and diamonds(very simple to see).It is interesting to note that our real downfall was imminent by chase manhatten bankers the minute us boers wanted to nationalise sa’s mines back in the 80’s early 90;s.Good luck to zumas half wit nationalisation plans in sa.Im sure Chase manhatten,Nikky Ophenheimer,Lord Roberts nd the rest of the crowns scumbags in uk will not be amused……..The world will soon realise the Waarheid! Cant wait for Brics to take effect.Uncle Sam and good ol england will soon realise theyve backed the wrong horse.Boerseun.Dbn.Z.A.R

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