Man Broadcasts MLK Truth Over Radio

Brett Reese

A Colorado school board member has been bombarded with death threats for broadcasting little-known but true facts about the life of civil rights martyr Martin Luther King, Jr. over his radio station.

In an editorial broadcast four times a day over the 100-watt radio station he owns, KELS-FM Pirate 104.7 in Greeley, Brett Reese has brought to light several glossed-over facts that King was an adulterer, plagiarist, and at best had Communist affiliations, reports FOX News.

Although Reese was directing listeners to the website, which is run by White Nationalist Kevin Strom, Wikipedia also has entries detailing King’s plagiarism, adultery, and Communist connections, all citing original, hard sources.

Brett Reese behind the mic

Reese told The Greeley Gazette that he got the op-ed from a listener three years ago and, after fact-checking the information, began airing the commentary over his station every year during the days leading up to the federal holiday.

“I was taught growing up that Dr King was this hero of history and to question his character or integrity was near sacrilege,” said Reese, who also told the paper he “wholeheartedly” supports the civil rights movement.

“Why can’t we call it “Rosa Parks Day” or “Civil Rights Day?,” Reese asks. “I am not trying to diminish the movement at all, but King is the only American with the honor of having a national holiday named after him.”

“That ‘honor’ sets Dr King up as a hero and also holds him to a very high standard of integrity,” Reese said.

The Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education, which Reese is a member of, passed a resolution on January 7 denouncing his message while saying he is within his First Amendment rights to air the broadcast, reports The Denver Channel. Reese walked out of the meeting.

Since the controversy surrounding his broadcasts was made public, Reese has been inundated with death threats from anti-racists and other sorts of Leftists, reports The Greeley Tribune. Reese told the paper that he has spoken with police about the threats, but so far has not filed any complaints.


  • Like Cedric the Entertainer said; MLK was nothin’ but a ho!

  • If he broadcast that Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, would he be receiving death threats?

  • This isn’t really pirate radio. This guy is just calling his station by that name. I’m sure he’s a licensed broadcaster. The FCC would have shut him down if he wasn’t legally operating, and with all his information on the website, he’d be very easy to find.

  • Like Plato said, the truth hurts.

  • I can’t wait for the sealed records to be opened in 2017.
    Once and for all, MLK will be proven to be nothing but a common pavement ape.

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