Krauthammer Trashes Palin, Praises Obama

Charles Krauthammer

Neo-conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer has praised US President Barack Obama and trashed presumptive presidential candidate Sarah Palin in two recent television appearances.

On a December 31 appearance on Inside Washington, Krauthammer said that Palin’s chances of being the GOP’s pick in 2012 “are are smaller than half a dozen other people,” reports The Daily Caller.

He also said Palin “has a very strong core constituency but outside of that I think she is rather weak,” and that only “one in three” Republicans think she can even win the nomination, let alone the presidency in 2012.

Krauthammer “even employed a Keith Olbermann catch phrase to describe Palin and said even fellow Republicans didn’t see Palin as qualified,” reports the blog.

Here is video of Krauthammer on Inside Washington:

This is not the first time Krauthammer has downplayed Palin as a political force. While saying Obama “got lucky in ’08,” the syndicated columnist told Bill O’Reilly on December 15 that the former Alaska governor is “not practiced in policy,” reports RealClearPolitics.

Palin gets an overall bad grade from Krauthammer

Palin finds herself in a political situation “a lot like Hillary was in [during] the late ’90s,” Krauthammer explained. “A very strong constituency among liberals, in Hillary’s case, but then very high negative among people who are not her fans.” He went on to say the media has contributed “enormously” to this and Palin has handled it “reasonably” well, “but when you have that much opposition, it is impossible to overcome that.”

Krauthammer said he had hoped Palin would have spent the last two years delving into policy instead of launching a media campaign, no matter how “dull” it may seem. Unfortunately she has not, which is a negative to people who are neutral towards her.

Obama "on a rebound"

Meanwhile, Krauthammer has given glowing remarks to President Obama for his handling of the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others last Saturday by a crazed lone gunman. In a FOX News roundtable discussion with Brit Hume and Chris Wallace, Krauthammer praised Obama for “the way he seized the moment [Rep. Giffords opened her eyes at him when they met after the shooting] and he brought the audience to that and became so inspirational” was “quite remarkable and extremely effective.”

Krauthammer added that he thought Obama was “already on a [political] rebound,” but that this speech would do wonders to help his approval on the way up, reports Mediaite.

Here is video of that appearance:

Hume and Wallace knocked Obama’s speech as more of a “pep rally” that the audience was more in control of than Obama.

“It’s not a seminal event for Obama,” Wallace said.


  • Obama was both inspirational and empathetic.

    He displayed all the traits the world’s premier statesman should show, uniting a nation to at least strive to better themselves as individuals and as a nation.

    Contrast that with the vitriol of Palin, and it is clear why Obama is president and is popular with countries all over the world.

    He has a dignity to his words and voice most people will never convey.

  • When “Krauthammer” gets up off of his knees then he might see thru the rhetoric that Obama skillfully weaves.

    Obama is popular with those that wear blinders.

  • Usually Krauthammer is smarter and less prejudiced toward women. He hate S. Pallin because she’s not from the establishment but her achievements in Alaska and the way she surfed on the wave of hatred from the liberals shows that she is skilled and has a thick skin. She will surprise more than one so-called pundit: She’s speaks and thinks like the People, she’s one of us and not one of the Washington (or Chicago) professional politicians who despise the people and forget that they are there for serving us and not for distributing money and pork barrels to their friends.
    The speech of Obama is a model of manipulation and a perfect politician rhetorical exercise. How can a human being yet campaign and push a political agenda next to dead corpses and wounded peoples?? It always amazes me…

  • I have changed my mind about Charles, I think he is a closet liberal now and I can just picture him kissing Obama’s ring…..that jerk Obama is so false and stupid….I can’t stand him and try never to ever watch or listen to him…..I can’t tell you how many people I know feel the same way….now Charles is kissy kissy about Obama….Charles is now a jerk in my book especially when he trashes a true American and conservative, Sarah Palin

  • Krauthammer doesn’t speak for the majority of conservatives in this country. I find it typical Obama to note Giffords eyes opened when he spoke to her. The sea probably parted at the same time. I find it typical beltway commentator, like Krauthammer, to be gleeful that a president who has spent the past two years demonizing the right, wall street, banking industry, oil companies, etc, is now pointing once again to the right to now behave.

  • The Only Conservative Left in the Room

    Wow, really? Am I the only conservative left in the room? If someone doesn’t like Palin, he is now labeled “prejudiced towards women”? That’s the kind of identity politics that I associate with liberals.

    I, too, am sorry that Sarah Palin didn’t spend the last two years delving into conservative policy ideas instead of launching a media campaign. She would have been a far stronger candidate in 2012. And that makes me a sexist?

    This may sound old-fashioned, but I still believe conservatives can actually win elections based on the quality of their ideas. And we don’t need our pundits fawning over our conservative politicians like some star-struck teenage fan club. If that is what you are looking for, I think MSNBC might have a few shows you would enjoy.

  • Sure, Krauthammer, blame Sara Palin for everything, you JERK. You suck sauerkraut!

  • It’s amazing to me that as soon as a conservative veers out of lockstep with the party line, he is thrown under the bus at the blink of an eye. Liberals are guilty of this as well, but there seem to be less and less moderates in the GOP and the conservative movement. By the way, where were all the critics on the right when W massively increased the reach of washington with the prescription drug plan and the patriot act. Nobody called him a socialist and unpatriotic.

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  • What crock is that of Obama being inspirational and empathetic; he feigned, which is different.

    Obama being himself a hardcore-Left ideologue and operative (i.e., now “just” a Marxist-Leninist of the relatively civilized “Western-Marxist” strand but with frequent strong atavistic hiccups of brutish Bolshevism) who was, for all practical purposes, merely launching his reelection campaign from the dais at the Tucson Memorial –i.e., just paying lip service to his phony and hypocritical calls to civility– what can anyone with just one ounce of brains expect from other hardcore leftists, but what one sees in carrying those posters in Frisco?

    Obama making calls of civility is like an active hooker preaching virginity.

    Didn’t he spend 20 long years in the pews listening to the hysterical venom of his “spiritual” mentor, theology-of-“liberation” Bolshevik –and, consequently, viscerally America-hater– Jeremiah Wright?

    Hasn’t he referred publicly to his ideological opponents as “enemies”?

    Hasn’t Obama flagrantly extorted bankers with threats of “folks with pitchforks” coming after them?

    Wasn’t Obama the one who set the tone for the entire hardcore Left demonizing and insulting Tea Partiers?

    Isn’t Obama the, ostensibly, public servant that from his prominent bully pulpit doesn’t waste any chance to ridicule those tens of millions among his bosses –i.e., among American citizens– who happen to be part of the great grassroots-patriotism Tea Party Movement?

    Wasn’t Obama who warned that “they bring a knif, we bring a gun”?

    Isn’t Obama the maximum proponent of the utmost incivility when adhering to the sickening notion –and publicly stating it– that the Constitution is just “…a charter of negative liberties”?

    Isn’t Obama, as the Maximum Dear Leader of the Democrat Party, also the same for the hardcore-Left in America, the very preponderant Bolshevik sector of which is the archetype of violence and incivility?

    The least he could have done in Tucson was to call the hysteric throngs to observe mournful restrain.

    That’s too much to be expected from Obama!

    And don’t forget that Kraut-hammer is one of the eight establishment and faux conservatives (i.e., George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Lawrence “Larry” Kudlow, William “Bill” Kristol, David Brooks, Paul Gigot, Margaret “Peggy” Noonan and Michael Barone) that dined and wined Obama on Jan 14, 2008 at Will’s Manhattan home .

    Remember how the eight came out of the shameful powwow clucking and bleating “Give him time, give him a chance…” to destroy America that is. Only a crass ignoramuses in the punditry didn’t know who Obama is, those eight cannot claim ignorance.

    Notice that O’Reilly, Beck and others at FOX have joined the choir of grovelers extolling Obama for his manipulative speech, the purpose being protecting the coming TV interview of O’Reilly with Obama.

    Learn whom you trust in the punditry: Limbaugh, Levin and a few others, most of the rest are mere spineless curs.

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  • Krauthammer belongs, like the Bushs, to the “old boys club” Republicans. Sweet Sarah is the outsider who talks and thinks like us. Michell Bachman is also an outsider who does the same as Sweet Sarah. They hit harder and have more balls between them than all the old boys club Republicans like McCain! Don Anus calls her “stupid”, why? Because he tows the party line. It is a lie, but a repeated lie that the ignorant can latch onto and repeat without any thinking. “Civility” means business as usual. It means “let the liberals run over us again”. Sweet Sarah stands up them! That’s why they hate her and those who support her and what she stands for!! I just fear for her safety with all the mindless and senseless hatred towards her.

  • yep a check pants republican , but what we don’t understand is the left was waiting for a riechstag fire and they jumped the gun folks, but are there any republicans stand up with outrage no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead they will bow to cheap media tricks too make the demoncrats look better……….thanks you idiots in the senate you republicans little girl pussy morons.

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