Is Jared Loughner Jewish?

A face only a mother could love: Jared Loughner's mugshot

A report stating accused Congressional shooter Jared Loughner is Jewish through matriarchal descent has become a hotly-debated issue, following earlier rumors that the Saturday morning shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had an anti-Semitic slant.

In an exclusive interview with Mother Jones, long-time Loughner friend Bryce Tierney told the blog the alleged lone gunman’s mother, Amy Totman Loughner, is Jewish. Through Jewish Matriarchal Law, as explained in Deut. 7:3-4 of the Pentateuch, or Five Books of Moses, that makes Jared Loughner a member of the Tribe.

That one line went viral within hours across the Internet, in a similar fashion to rumors that Loughner allegedly shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who is Jewish, for anti-Semitic reasons. Those charges have been largely disproven.

“I would be curious about that information, how he [Bryce Tierney] got that information, what he knows, how he knows it,” Rabbi Stephanie Aaron, Giffords’ rabbi at Congregation Chaverim, told Rob Kall at

Rabbi Stephanie Aaron

“We had a meeting of the Tucson Board of Rabbis. We all looked at our rosters from many years back. No one has ever heard of the family – him, his parents, any of them. I can say with absolute certainty that we do not know him in pretty much the entire affiliated community,” Rabbi Aaron said.

Rabbi Aaron also flatly denied another circulating rumor, that Amy Loughner was a member of Congregation Chaverim, where Congresswoman Giffords attends.

What is true is that Congregation Chaverim has at least one transgender member, according to a January 28, 2010 article in Tuscon Weekly.

Noted Jewish roots columnist and researcher, Nate Bloom has done an extensive background check of the Loughner family and published it on Using public records on Amy Totman Loughner, here is what he found:

Jared Lee Loughner’s mother is Amy Totman Loughner;

Amy Loughner—Known Parentage from Public Records:

Her [Amy’s] parents were Lois May Totman and Laurence Edward Totman.

—-Lois M. Totman died in 1999 and Laurence E. Totman died in 2005. Both were registered nurses. Laurence worked at a VA facility in Tucson. We both found this info via google news archives, social security death index.

From 1930 census records

Laurence E. Totman was born in Illinois in 1925.

His (Laurence’s) parents were Laurence A. Totman and his wife, Mary.

Laurence Totman pere (the elder) was born in Kansas to a Pennsylvania father and an Illinois mother. Mary was from Illinois, as were both of her parents.

A sister-in-law named Myrtle M. Brennan is listed as living with them also.

1920/1910 census records—Totman Family:

In 1920, Lawrence Totman, (Jared’s) great-grandfather, is living with his aunt, Rosa Clarke, who was born in illinois to two Irish-born parents.

Rosa is his mother’s sister. On the 1910 census, his (Laurence, the elder) maternal grandparents are listed as Irish-born.

Father, Orvie Totman was born in Ohio to Ohio-born parents.

Amy Loughner’s Mother’s Line:

See obit, below, from Arlington (Illinois) Daily Record, June 24, 1999—Obituary of Helen Medernach of Virgil, Illinois. Helen was the sister of Lois M. Totman (the mother of Amy Totman Loughner). Helen was the great aunt of Jared Loughner.

As you can see, Helen’s funeral (mass) was held at a Catholic church. Helen (and Lois) were the children of Anton Bleifuss and Jessie Bleifuss (nee Anderson).  Lois M. Totman died just days after her sister, Helen.

According to the census records, Anton Bleifuss was born in Bremen, Germany, to German parents. Jessie Anderson Bleifuss was born in Illinois to a father born in Denmark and a mother born in Illinois.

Conclusion—It is exceedingly unlikely that Amy Loughner has any Jewish ancestry. The only “line” not traced his Amy’s father’s mother’s family. The other three lines (Amy’s father’s father, Amy’s mother’s father, and Amy’s mother mother)—show, to all but the most obtuse, that these were/are not Jewish families. Moreover, it is quite clear that Amy’s mother, Lois Bleifuss Trotman, came from a Catholic family.


  • #1) Reformed (Deformed) Judaism iisn’t Judaism.
    #2) It is anti-halachic to have a woman rabbi so she is anything but a rabbi.
    #3) Did he have a bris? Is he circumcised or did he have a halachically sanctioned metzizah bi peh?
    #4) Has anybody seen a lateral view of him and taken a nasal length to width ratio of him which is the only accurate measure of Jewishness?
    #5) Does he eat lox and bagels and schmear a bissel a creme cheese on the whole thing in mitten dritten- Vu Den?

  • He couldn’t be Jewish. Everyone knows Jews have others do their dirty work for them, unless it involves swindling people out of money.

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  • He is jewish in ancestry, his father is also jewish I was in Jr. HS with him and I know!

  • Since beginning of time recorded (persia and egypt) the jews were slaves, as they went along they co-opted stories from their owners cultures and incorporated them into a book (testament) and so as most repressed cultures do, they created reasons for their plight that alleviated their anguish at having no great collective works or civilization.
    They as desert nomads and slaves were country-less and barbaric (backwards) even until the late 18th century when they for the most part having been rejected by almost every country formed as sons of zion.
    Indirectly asking their people to come out of hiding and try to compete within the more advanced, far WEALTHIER western cultures in order to secure a place for themselves and perhaps a home country.
    They have done well in certain parts and especially the new world of humanistic rights (USA.
    There are so few of them and they are without cultural wealth that they must continue to spin stories in order to relieve the anguish of the past.
    They now have a small country given to them by westernerns, hoping they will relocate there.
    Always at war or raising socialistic and marxist ruckus, they generally have a bigger bark then bite and thus gravitate to media and story-telling (religion)(law)(snake-oil salesmanship) to paint a false picture of the past and to manipulate the facts of the present.
    They are good people and good story-tellers but in considerable denial of the past! the words infidel, barbaric, backwards and people of lie have been used to describe them. The Hitler and Joseph Stalin (both jews) killed more jews then anyone.
    The books of karl marx have resulted in more death and misery (see mao,hitler,stalin,etc) then all the wars of nationalism and religion combined since they were laid down.
    They are welcomed in the world as are all of humanity but they spin falsehoods in your face.
    Who said tell a lie often enough and soon you will begin to believe it! This is the creed. ….

  • An awful lot of research when they could have just asked her. Listing all those countries and states has nothing to do with religion. As I believe Shakespeare put it “Methinks that for an innocent man, thou protests too much!”

  • “In 1920, Lawrence Totman, (Jared’s) great-grandfather, is living with his aunt, Rosa Clarke, who was born in illinois to two Irish-born parents.”
    I have never known an Irish RC named Rosa.
    An occasional Rose cannot be that his great-grandfathers’ grandparents were Marxists and named her after Rosa Luxemburg as she died on 15 January 1919.
    They were not Irish Catholics.

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