The Case AGAINST Jonathan Jay Pollard

Pollard's Naval Intelligence ID photo

In November 1985, the FBI arrested Jonathan Pollard, a U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, on charges of selling classified material to Israel.

In his younger days, Pollard enrolled in several graduate schools but never completed a postgraduate degree. He admitted to prolific illegal drug abuse from 1974-78, when he was between 20-24 years old; Pollard was turned down by the CIA and Navy for failing polygraph testing.

He was then somehow hired by the Naval Fields-U.S. Operational Intelligence Office (NFOIO) as an intelligence specialist on Soviet issues. Lying about his father’s involvement with the CIA, Pollard offered to start a back-channel operation with the Apartheid South African Intelligence Service. It was later discovered that Pollard lied repeatedly, in addition to his father’s spy work, he denied illegal drug use,  misrepresented his language abilities and educational achievements, and claimed to have applied for a commission as an officer in the Naval Reserve.

A month later, Pollard applied for and received a transfer to the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) surface ships division while keeping his TF-168 position. After the meeting, Admiral Sumner Shapiro immediately ordered that Pollard’s security clearances be revoked and that he be reassigned to a non-sensitive position.

According to The Washington Post, Shapiro dismissed Pollard as a “kook,” saying later, “I wish the hell I’d fired him.” A polygraph was ordered. The special agent administering the test felt that Pollard, who at times “began shouting and shaking and making gagging sounds as if he were going to vomit,” was feigning illness to invalidate the test, and recommended that he not be granted access to highly classified information. Pollard was also required to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

By 1982, the psychiatrist concluded Pollard had no mental illness; his clearance was upgraded to SCI once again. In October 1984, after some reorganization of the Navy’s intelligence departments, Pollard applied for and was accepted into a position as an analyst for the NIS. The dates are important, because it has been said in some quarters that Pollard gave Israel information about the Iraqi Osirak reactor and how to bomb it. This is impossible, because the surprise Israeli air strike carried out on June 7, 1981, that destroyed the nuclear reactor under construction was well before the dates when Pollard received his top security clearance and made contact with Israeli agents.

Surveillance cameras caught Pollard in the act of stealing America's military secrets

On November 29, 1983, the U.S. and Israel signed an agreement creating the Joint Political Military Group and Joint Security Assistance Program. It is this that Pollard used as his basis for feeling that all one million pieces of classified information at his disposal should be in the hands of a foreign nation. There is no entry on the Internet of the exact wording of this understanding, but in 1983, the United States and Israel established the Joint Political Military Group, which meets twice a year. Both the U.S. and Israel participate in joint military planning and combined exercises, and have collaborated on military research and weapons development.

Within a few days of starting work for the NIS, in June 1984, Pollard started passing classified information to Israeli Colonel Aviem Sella and received, in exchange, US$10,000 cash and a very expensive diamond and sapphire ring, which Pollard later used to propose marriage to his girlfriend, Anne. He also agreed to receive US$1,500 per month for further espionage.

Pollard wedding photo

Pollard was a professional, passing classified information to South Africa and attempted, through a third party, to sell classified information to Nazi Islamic Pakistan on multiple occasions. Pollard also used his access to secret documents to furnish classified information to non-governmental employees, including two friends of his who worked as professional investment advisers. Pollard also stole classified documents related to the Bolshevik People’s Republic of China, on behalf of his wife Anne, who used the classified assessments to advance her personal business interests. Anne Pollard kept the documents around the Pollard household, where they were discovered by investigating authorities when Pollard’s espionage activity came to light.

During the course of the Pollard trial, Australian authorities reported the disclosure of classified American documents by Pollard to one of their own agents, a Royal Australian Naval officer who had been engaged in a personnel-exchange liaison program between the U.S. and Australian Navies. Furthermore, it is impossible to know who the end recipients of these documents were and may even have been countries who are enemies of the U.S. and of Israel.

Caspar Weinberger

The full extent of the information he gave to Israel has still not been officially revealed. Press reports cited a secret 46-page memorandum, which Pollard and his attorneys were allowed to view. They were provided to the judge by Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, who described Pollard’s spying as including, among other things, obtaining and copying the latest version of Radio-Signal Notations (RASIN), a 10-volume manual comprehensively detailing America’s global electronic surveillance network.

Pollard’s espionage was discovered in 1985 when a co-worker anonymously reported his removal of classified material from the IS; Pollard eventually cooperated with investigators in exchange for a plea agreement for leniency for himself and his wife. At the time, Israel claimed that Pollard worked for an unauthorized rogue operation, a position they maintained for more than ten years. Israel agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for immunity for their people, a deal they needed since many of the Israelis involved lacked diplomatic immunity.

Ronald Olive

However, according to Ronald Olive, the NCIS investigator responsible for capturing Pollard and a member of the delegation that traveled to Israel for debriefing, the Israelis failed to live up to their agreement. For instance, when asked to return the stolen material, the Israelis handed over a few dozen low-classified documents. At the time, the Americans knew that Pollard had passed tens of thousands of documents, possibly more than a million. The Israelis created a schedule designed to wear down the Americans, including many hours per day of commuting in blacked-out buses on rough roads, and frequent switching of buses. This left the Americans without adequate time to sleep and prevented them from sleeping on the commute. The identity of Pollard’s original handler, Sella, was withheld. All questions had to be translated into Hebrew and answered in Hebrew, and then translated back into English, even though all the parties spoke perfect English. The Americans were treated with hostility from the moment they arrived in Israel to the moment they left. Even as they departed the airport, airport security made a point of informing him that “you will never be coming back here again”; they found various items had been stolen from their luggage, upon their return to the United States. The abuse came not only from the guards and officials, but also the Israeli media.

Aviem Sella

Aviem Sella, Pollard’s initial Israeli contact, was eventually indicted on three counts of espionage by an American court. Israel refused to allow him to be interviewed unless he was granted immunity. America refused because of Israel’s previous failure to cooperate as promised. Pollard’s plea discussions with the government sought both to minimize his chances of receiving a life sentence and to enable Anne Pollard to plead as well, which the government was otherwise unwilling to let her do. The Government, however, was prepared to offer Anne Pollard a plea agreement only after Jonathan Pollard consented to assist the government in its damage assessment and submitted to polygraph examinations and interviews with FBI agents and Department of Justice attorneys. Accordingly, over a period of several months, Pollard cooperated with the Government’s investigation, and in late May 1986, the Government offered him a plea agreement, which he accepted. By the terms of that agreement, Pollard was bound to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to deliver national defense information to a foreign government, which carried a maximum prison term of life, and to cooperate fully with the Government’s ongoing investigation. He promised not to disseminate any information concerning his crimes or his case, or to speak publicly of any classified information, without first submitting to pre-clearance by the Director of Naval Intelligence. His agreement further provided that failure by Anne Pollard to adhere to the terms of her agreement entitled the Government to void his agreement, and her agreement contained a mirror-image provision. In return for Pollard’s plea, the Government promised not to charge him with additional crimes.

Wolf Blizter during the Gulf War

Three weeks before Pollard’s sentencing, Wolf Blitzer, at the time a Jerusalem Post correspondent, conducted a jail-cell interview with Pollard and penned an article which also ran in The Washington Post headlined, “Pollard: Not A Bumbler, but Israel’s Master Spy,” published on February 15, 1987. Pollard told Blitzer about some of the information he provided the Israelis: reconnaissance satellite photography of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) headquarters in Tunisia (for the Israeli airstrike of 1985), specific capabilities of Libya’s air defenses, and “the pick of U.S. intelligence about Arab and Islamic conventional and unconventional military activity, from Morocco to Pakistan and every country in between. This gave the Israelis the intelligence needed to bomb PLO headquarters in Tunis on October 1, 1985 by Israeli F-15s. This included both ‘friendly’ and ‘unfriendly’ Arab countries.” Some commentators identified this interview as a blatant violation of the plea agreement.

Anne Pollard

Also prior to sentencing, Pollard and his wife, Anne, gave further defiant media interviews in which they defended their spying, and attempted to rally Jewish Americans to their cause. In a 60 Minutes interview, Anne said, “I feel my husband and I did what we were expected to do, and what our moral obligation was as Jews and I have no regrets about that.”

On June 4, 1986, Jonathan Pollard pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to deliver national defense information to a foreign government. The prosecution said that the Pollards had continued to violate numerous nondisclosure agreements even as the trial was taking place. The prosecutor noted one in particular, which had been signed in June 1986, alluding to Pollard’s interview with Wolf Blitzer. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison on one count of espionage on March 4, 1987.

The prosecutor complied with the plea agreement and asked for “only a substantial number of years in prison”; Judge Aubrey Robinson, Jr., not being obligated to follow the recommendation of the prosecutor, and after hearing a “damage-assessment memorandum” from the Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, imposed a life sentence. In 1987, Pollard began his life sentence, which he is still serving. Pollard’s wife, Anne, was sentenced to five years in prison but was paroled after three and a half years because of health problems.

At the time of Pollard’s sentencing, there was a rule that mandated parole at thirty years for prisoners like him if they had maintained a clean record in prison. That parole date would be November 21, 2015. Also, Pollard was eligible to apply for parole after eight years and six months, though he has never done so and is incarcerated in FCI Butner Medium at the Butner Federal Corrections Center near Butner, North Carolina. His projected release date is November 21, 2015. It is not a life sentence.

Pollard has shown erratic behavior his whole adult life and has also lied to investigators as well as prosecutors after he was caught and has talked freely to the media after he made an agreement with them that he and his wife would not.

Is Jonathan Pollard a Jewish American hero or an embarrassment to Jewish Americans who plays into the hands of anti-Semites who state that Jewish Americans have divided loyalties and care far more about Israel than their home country? Since the Pollard affair, U.S. intelligence agencies are loathe to hire Jews who profess any Zionist feelings and to recommend top security clearances and even to Sephardic Jews who speak perfect Arabic, even though they need desperately to hire more Arabic translators (report on the Zev Brenner Show).

In closing, this was an exhaustive search of what was available on the Internet using half a dozen sources and will go against what the armchair Israelis, the chuchems in your shul say on Friday night. JJP is a total scumbag. Any American Jew who loves Pollard and wants him released because he thinks JJP is a “Jewish American hero” is a traitor to the U.S. I can understand the argument that he has served enough time and get rid of him already but if you think he is a “hero”, get on the next El-Al flight, make your aliyah and leave this country. “Yimach shmo vezichro- shem reshaim yirkav”.


  • Let me be clear. I am not against releasing Pollard. I am against lionizing him as a hero. If a fellow Jewish American can say, “I am a good loyal American and I know what he did was wrong but after all, he has been locked up for 25 years and he has suffered enough and we are paying for him”. If he emigrates to some hilltop in Judea or Samaria and we don’t have to pay for him anymore, good riddance”, I am sympathetic to that argument. But if you think he’ll shut the fuck up and fade away like General MacArthur’s Old Soldier, you are wrong. He’ll badmouth the U.S., President Obama and every one from Reagan on down and a great American like Cap Weinberger. He’ll make a fortune with his memoirs which will sell like “The Diary Of Anne Frank”. You will never be rid of him until he croaks and then some. Does he still have secrets? Who knows but I doubt it and they will be out of date badldy. It’s your call. I’m interested in what everyone thinks. There are no right or wrong answers in this one, except that this MAMZER is a hero.

  • *gasp* A conservative actually talking like a conservative.

    Let’s see, January 5th 2011. Must remember this date..

    • Who says I’m a conservative. I have no idea myself. I am pro-abortion, against school prayer in public schools but in favor of religious clubs and manger scenes or menorahs or star and crescent on public property, a Jewish atheist and in favor of gay marriage. I am straight and married for 27 years. You tell me.

  • I see you did your research well. There is only one thing missing however – how about comparing Pollards sentencing to other caught spies. I invite interested readers to do their own investigation -
    It shows one thing only – Pollard was given a much harsher sentence than anyone else convicted of the same crime!

    • Compare his sentence to that of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. He was given a break. Then you’ll say that they spied for the USSR and Pollard spied for a friendly country, our allly, Israel. He spied for more than those, South Africa-the apartheid regime of PW Botha, Communist China, Australia, at least attempted to pass material to Pakistan- several of his own friends as well as that of his wife’s friends to increase their business portfolio. Who knows the end-user countries- North Korea, North Vietnam, Libya (of Kaddafy of the 1980’s), Cuba, Iran. He may not have given directly to them but intelligence is used and bartered like money throughout the world. He didn’t end up like the Rosenbergs so he should stop comparing. That is the case he should compare himself to and feel lucky.

  • Something’s missing here. Why do the Israelis want him so badly? They are pleading for him as if he were, if you’ll pardon the pun, Yacov Vond, or perhaps their equivalent of *Aluf* Michael Stone, aka Col. David D. Marcus USA, the most famous of the foreign volunteers who served Israel during its War for Independence.

    Now you’re saying that Pollard is not valuable to anyone. Now either there’s something you’re not telling (maybe because you don’t know it), or else Israel is stuck with having to stick up for somebody that everybody *thinks* is another *Aluf* Stone, because they are very much afraid that they are going to need another *Aluf* Stone to save them from the Iranians (and the Russians).

    I would be about ready to tell them that if they want him that badly, then they can have him, if they’ll apologize for his behavior, but they aren’t getting any prize. Because I’ll tell you this: I “get” that you resent the Isralis for that reason. (I need to try to transliterate and translate that Hebrew that you ended with; somehow it did not sound very much like *Ani Ohevet La-Aretz.*) But we have to remember this: Israel has a special place in God’s heart, and one does not judge God, especially since there’s no accounting for taste, Divine or human. A time will likely come when we have to “inquire of the Lord.”


    • They want him because of Jewish guilt. I am a Jew and I don’t feel guilty about the things I rightfully should feel guilty about but I know my Lanzmen. It is that simple.

  • @Alex Kaplun: Compare it to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. He was given a break.

  • To the author of this article:

    You write with such venom about Jonathan Pollard, and yet you base your arguments on items available on the internet, and you don’t even disclose these items so they can be checked.

    However, Jonathan Pollard’s file has never been seen by anyone in the media, has never been seen by Pollard and/or his defense team, and even Caspar Weinberger – who is personally responsible for egging on the judge to throw out the plea deal and throw the book at JP – admitted in 2002 that the Pollard affair was a “minor matter blown up into a major matter wrongly”. Since this is widely available on the internet, it makes one wonder why you didn’t include this in your “profoundly researched” article.

    Weinberger’s latefound reticence certainly has to do with the fact that Aldrich Ames wrote the damage assessment report on Pollard and blamed everything that he did on Pollard.

    There are also too many inaccuracies and half-truths in your post to document them all. I will make one observation which destroys your thesis that JP was a spy for hire: The judge stated that Pollard was an ideologue and didn’t do this for the money.

    And it is further ironic that you use a Jewish phrase at the end of your post to bash those who would be Jewish first.

    Jonathan Pollard is simply a hero to the Jewish People. Yes, he violated a US law and deserved to be punished, but in America there is a concept of equal punishment under the law. As such, he deserved to serve his 2-4 years and be set free.

    In the meantime, he provided Israel with precious intelligence on her Arab enemies which the US had pledged to provide it but had chosen to violate said agreement and not provide this information.

    According to Jonathan, when he asked his superiors why they were not providing said information to Israel (about Saddam Hussein’s poison gas program), Pollard was told “Jews always get upset when they hear about poison gas. Go back to your desk and shut up.” At this point he decided to pass the documents to Israel.

    He probably saved thousands of Jewish lives in the first Gulf War because the Israelis were all prepared with gas masks when Saddam shot the 39 scuds into Israel.

    I advise you to take a hard look in the mirror before you condemn him for saving Jewish lives.

    And the inferences you make about his documents winding up in enemy hands (not Israel), every person who has read the case file who has spoken about it has said that this didn’t happen.

    You owe this man a huge apology.

    • I knew something had to be missing here. If half of what you say is correct (and we might all appreciate some links if you can get them into this comment space), then Jonathan Pollard really *is* a latter-day *mahal.* Now I understand why the Israelis want him so badly. In their position, I would, too. (And if *Aluf* Stone were still with us, he’d pull every string he had left to pull to get him back.)

      That was the problem with this whole piece: if Pollard were really as much of a nut as that, why would the Israelis want him? Why indeed touch him with a seven-cubit pole? Something *had* to be wrong. The Republic of Israel has trouble enough with Barack Obama demanding that they kiss his ring without bringing another narcissistic neurotic into their country–if that is what Pollard really is. And say what you will about the Israelis; they are *not stupid.*

      I repeat: if the Israelis want him that badly, whether because he really was as valuable to them as *Aluf* Stone was, or merely because getting him back will help them recruit another *Aluf* Stone when he’s needed (and that time might come sooner than any of us think), then I say: Let them have him. We will probably need space in our prisons for men who have proved, or are likely to prove, far more dangerous than he.

    • There is mention about an article written by Edwin Black for Jewish Week in 2002 which is an interview with Weinberger which touches on Pollard and reports to quote Weinberger saying that the Pollard was not a big deal and just a blip on the radar. I have not as yet been able to locate it but I will keep trying. I will not cut and paste it into the original article until I find the original. If anybody has a link or has it and can scan it and send it to Newsguy for posting, I would be obliged.

    • p.s.- Mumia Abu Jamal is a hero to black people but he is still a cop killer.
      Leonard Peltier is a hero to native Beringins but he is still a cop killer.
      Imelda Marcos still gets cheers in the Philippines but she is still a thief.
      John Dillinger & Bonnie & Clyde are American heroes but still cold-blooded
      murderers, thieves and cop killers. .Heroes are a dime a dozen. Righteous
      people are hard to find and there are NONE in Butner, NC.

    • The reputed Weinberger interview where he has a deathbed confession about the Pollard affair is NOT on the internet except with one sentence unattributed one-liners on sites like FREEJONATHANPOLLARD.ORG and I have looked assiduously for it. I will consider it apocryphal until someone comes up with it and posts it. I am positive NG will put it up when somebody does and I will modify the body of my original post. Until that time, it deserves only placement in the comments section as an unsubstantiated rumor. I will approach Jewish Week and see if they can get it for me but I will not pay for it.

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  • What astounds me is the fact that not one person in the navy checked this guy out before hiring him. People like me, the average joe, can’t get a job anywhere if we have just one ticket on our record.

    • As you can see from what Philocetes wrote, Pollard was rejected time and time again for security clearances and positions of a highly-sensitive nature. Yet, somehow he was always allowed to get into those positions. Which really shows that he was part of a much larger operation and not some lone wolf or rogue element. In fact, there have been several other Israelis who have fessed up to stealing top-secret American military secrets from that time.

  • Pollard cooperated with the US government in a plea agreement that he would not recieve an excessive sentence. Instead he recieved life. He is the only US who spied for an allied nation to recieve a life sentence. The median punishment for this crime is 2-4 years in prison. Read more at

    • He reneiged on the agreement by running his mouth off to the media in violation of their prior agreement as did Anne Pollard. Look at the case of Lynne Stewart- she was to be given a three year sentence for conspiring with her blind sheikh client and she arrogantly said, “I can do that standing on my head”, like one of her black radical defendants so they upped her sentence to ten years and she was far less arrogant. This is not special treatment- this is called following your compenent lawyers advice and shutting your mouth.

    • No site with a URL of is anything but a Kahanist site dedicated to spinning all information and disinformation toward freeing JJP regardless of the objective truth. I am in hot pursuit of the bonafide article and will have it in my possession if it indeed exists in the next 24 hours. Then we’ll see.

  • To the Author:

    In summary:

    You say that JP should never have received certain clearance. So what?

    You say that JP’s documents may have fallen into Soviet hands, yet you have no evidence at all, and the evidence is against you, even from Weinberger, Korb, Woolsey, Weiner and many more, yet you don’t mention any of them!

    You imply JP was a whore, but the fact is that he took only $40,000 (which is the amount he took) for the information he passed, and this is a pittance compared to what he could have gotten. The evidence is against you.

    He passed on this information to save Jewish lives in Israel, yet you condemn him.

    He was treated horribly by Israel. He is the only spy in history to be given away by his country, as he was literally thrown out of the Israeli embassy and handed to the Americans.

    He has been jailed for over 25 years, the first 12.5 of them in solitary confinement. One year of which he was naked, even though the average time served for this offense is 2 years.

    The fact is, JP makes YOU uncomfortable because he makes you have to choose whether you are a Jew or an American. Since you have chosen to be American, how dare you say in Hebrew that his name should be blotted out for being Jewish first.


    He saved Jews.

    He didn’t harm Americans.

    Unfortunately, he did accidentally disclose that Papa Bush was “in the loop” when he said he wasn’t. And then Peres blackmailed Reagan with this information, and voila, we have the Iran-Contra scandal. (Information from John Loftus and Mark Aaron’s book, “The Secret War Against the Jews”)

    So while doing a heroic deed, he accidentally made enemies at the highest levels in both countries, who wish him to stay buried in his hole forever. This is why he has languished in prison for so long. Israel’s Establishment does NOT want him out, only Israelis want him out. Another reason Israel doesn’t want him out is that he would win an election for Prime Minister in a heartbeat if he were released, and he is strongly opposed to the “peace” process.

    And since his health is so bad now, the government feels that it must act now or lose all credibility, as they don’t want him to die in prison without ever asking for his release. This is the only reason Bibi made the request.

    You owe him an apology NOW!!

    • He passed on this information to save Jewish lives in Israel, yet you condemn him.
      ans.- In fact, he passed on the information because he was leading a boring life and wanted to play James Bond.
      He was treated horribly by Israel. He is the only spy in history to be given away by his country, as he was literally thrown out of the Israeli embassy and handed to the Americans.
      ans. He never made it into the Israeli embassy. Israel needs us more than we need them which is NOTHING.
      Another reason Israel doesn’t want him out is that he would win an election for Prime Minister in a heartbeat.
      ans.- He doesn’t speak Hebrew. He knows nothing of world politics or affairs and no other Arab country which they are trying to reach some detente with such as Egypt and Jordan would cut Israel off if this bagel eater were to be elected Prime Minister.
      And since his health is so bad now
      ans.- A BIG LIE- his health is bad because he is depressed because he fucked himself up.
      You owe him an apology NOW!!
      ans.- FUCK HIM and FUCK YOU. I hope he croaks in the hole at Butner- incidentally- he is there with his fellow Christkiller Madoff in Butner, NC- FCI

  • As I promised, I contacted Jewish Week regarding an interview in 2002 that purports to state that Caspar Weinberger regretted the Pollard Affair. The very nice lady in community relations emailed me back stating that this is the only article from 2002 regarding Pollard. Stop listening to Victor Vancier, Mordechai Levy and Yekutiel Guzovsky or you will end up like they did or like Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel did. And stop hacking me. I know whom you are and I have sent you anonymous remailer emails to prove it and I have dismantled my Outlook Express account and the other emails are hackproof or hack resistant. This is it, you Kahanist motherfuckers. This is all there is!! A big fat nothing.


    Caspar’s Ghost
    Weinberger memoir omits key involvement
    Edwin Black – Special To The Jewish Week (NY) – June 14, 2002

    Caspar Weinberger’s plain-prose memoir, generally devoid of emotion, recounts his rise to the top of the defense establishment and his controversial tenure there.

    What “In the Arena” [Regnery] does not recount is his pivotal involvement with the Jonathan Pollard spy case. Weinberger was called upon by the judge to assess the damage Pollard, a civilian Navy analyst, did to national security.

    Asked in an interview why he omitted the incident, Weinberger casually replied, “Because it was, in a sense, a very minor matter but made very important.” Asked to elaborate, Weinberger repeated, “As I say, the Pollard matter was comparatively minor. It was made far bigger than its actual importance.”

    Pressed on why the case was made far bigger than its actual importance, Weinberger answered, “I don’t know why ? it just was.”

    In the first chapter, Weinberger bluntly lays to rest the assumption that he was raised Jewish, noting that both his father and grandfather were indifferent to any religion dating back to a synagogue quarrel in Bohemia involving the family three generations earlier.

    Weinberger instead was influenced by his mother’s interest in the Episcopalian Church. Later, during his Harvard days, he became an active Episcopalian, noting that his “faith in God has been an enormous influence and comfort all my life.”

    Weinberger’s intense interest in things military started with his “illegal” attempt to join the Royal Air Force in 1941 to fight Germany before the United States joined the war. (He was turned down because of bad eyesight.) Later he did enlist in the Army, serving in the South Pacific. There he met an army nurse, Jane, who would become his wife.

    Weinberger tells how his World War II service was invaluable training for when he became secretary of defense in 1981.

    “In particular, I was stuck by the terrible lack of foresight that had left America so unprepared (in 1941) ? materially, psychologically, and in trained manpower ? for war. … In 1981, I saw that, again, we had basically the same shortages of equipment and qualified personnel at the height of the Cold War.”

    Laced throughout the book is Weinberger’s immense devotion to and admiration of Ronald Reagan, whom he credits with winning the Cold War. The turning point, Weinberger writes, was “when President Reagan, in perhaps his most major violation of conventional wisdom, blatantly told the world that Communism was an Evil Empire.”

    It was Weinberger, of course, as secretary of defense, who built up America’s military might to show the Soviets that Reagan meant business.

    An exception to the emotionless telling of his life is a chapter in which Weinberger laments the “horribly debilitating” toll of his indictment by the special prosecutor during the Iran-Contra debacle. Weinberger insists Reagan was totally unaware of the conspiracy. The personal humiliation for Weinberger and his family, and the financial toll in legal bills, is retold mincing no words.

    • Repeat Post: No site with a URL of is anything but a Kahanist site dedicated to spinning all information and disinformation toward freeing JJP regardless of the objective truth. I am in hot pursuit of the bonafide article and will have it in my possession if it indeed exists in the next 24 hours. Then we’ll see.

  • Excerpts from Caroline Glick’s “A Time to Shout”
    Glick writes for the Jerusalem Post

    Pollard’s sentence and the treatment he has received are grossly disproportionate to the sentences and treatment meted out to agents of other friendly foreign governments caught stealing classified information in the US. Their average sentence is seven years in prison. They tend to serve their sentences in minimum or medium security prisons and are routinely released after four years.

    The only offenders who have received similar sentences are Soviet spies Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames. While Pollard transferred documents to Israel over a period of 18 months, both Ames and Hanssen served the Soviets – the US’s primary enemy – for decades. Their espionage led to the death of multiple US agents operating behind the Iron Curtain.

    Pollard was given a life sentence because then secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger wrote a classified victim impact assessment to the sentencing judge in which he insinuated that he had transferred information to the Soviet Union as well as to Israel. Weinberger reportedly attributed the deaths of US agents to Pollard’s activities.

    Weinberger’s accusations were proven false with the subsequent arrests of Hanssen and Ames. As it turned out, the damage Weinberger ascribed to Pollard was actually caused by their espionage.

    OVER THE past five years, and with increased urgency over the past several months, several former senior US officials who had firsthand knowledge of Pollard’s activities have called for his immediate release. Former CIA director R. James Woolsey has stated that, contrary to Weinberger’s allegations, none of the documents Pollard stole were transferred to the Soviets or any other country. A few months ago, former senator Dennis DeConcini, a past chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to immediately release Pollard from prison. And in October, Lawrence Korb, who served as assistant secretary of defense under Weinberger, became one of the most outspoken champions for Pollard’s release. Korb currently works for the Center for American Progress, which is closely allied with the Obama White House.

  • @ Muchnick,

    “And it is further ironic that you use a Jewish phrase at the end of your post to bash those who would be Jewish first”

    I don’t understand. Are you saying that Jewish identity trumps loyalty to the nation that protected and prospered him?

    Are you giving evidence to anti-semites who claim that Jews can’t be trusted because of supposed divided loyalty?

    Do you agree with the majority of Muslims that their first political obligation is to the worldwide Muslim movement?

    Isn’t this …….just a traitor?

    Didn’t the American Jewish community rally to support the Rosenbergs whose treason was about as damaging to America as any could have been, as proven by subsequent release of Soviet documents?

    Why does the most powerful, best educated and influential ethnic minority in America support criminals and traitors just because they are m.o.t.t.?

    • Hi Jack,

      I don’t know enough about the Rosenberg case to make any statements about it. I can speak about Pollard, as two of my close friends visit with him often. Also, I am very involved in Israeli politics and I watch what’s going on in the American Jewish community very closely.

      About the Jewish phrase that Philo used, it is used to describe ENEMIES of the Jewish People, such as Hitler or Arafat. You would say, “blah blah blah Hitler, Yemach Shemo…” Which means, “blah blah blah, Hitler, May his name be blotted out forever”.

      Jonathan Pollard sacrificed his freedom to save Jewish lives and the state of Israel. His name should be blessed by Jews, and not blotted out. This is why Philo’s use of the phrase is obscene.

      I believe that Jews are Jews first, even if they try to run away from their identity. Eventually, the world will remind them that they are “just Jews”, or “filthy Jews”, or so on. Whether or not we believe in it, the Jews have a national mission of being a light to the nations. Our continued physical existence proves that G-d is watching over us, and it appears obvious that He doesn’t want us to get too comfortable in any country of exile. Just look at history, and it’s quite easy to see this pattern.

      This is why Pollard makes Jews in America uneasy. Because he makes Jews choose very publicly if their loyalty is first and foremost to America or to the Jewish People.

      This is why in Israel Pollard is such a hero, and this is why he could be Prime Minister in 10 minutes, even without speaking Hebrew.

      Jews, by and large, came to America to escape persecution, and this is why they tried to blend into the American melting pot. This is why Jews in America are the only group that does not ever stand up for itself. Just look at the pathetic, reprehensible conduct of the Jewish Leadership in the US during WW2. They tried to stop all attempts at helping the Jews of Europe because they didn’t want to be accused of dual loyalty. Steven Wise preferred to eat pig with FDR than press him to bomb Auschwitz if it meant he’d lose his access to FDR. And now the Jewish leadership continues pushing for Israel to cut itself in half, even though this is against the Torah and it will bring the next Holocaust, I fear.

      About divided loyalty, if America would stick to its Constitution, there would NEVER be any issue about making Jews choose. Why does America go against its own studies (from 67 and 74) and demand Israel give up land that by doing so would make it militarily indefensible (in the words of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff)? In Pollard’s case, why didn’t America give Israel the info that it had just recently agreed to provide to Israel?

      Pollard did the heroic thing by providing the info. However, he did violate US law, and by doing so, earned his 2-4 year sentence. On the other hand, every day he spends there beyond this sentence is a destruction of all of our civil liberties and freedoms, as if it can happen to him, why not to us?

      The difference between Jews and Muslims vis a vis loyalty is this:
      – Jews living in foreign lands must respect the laws of those lands, whereas Muslims are supposed to replace those laws with Islamic law. These are tenets of the two religions.

      Pollard was saving lives by providing said information – which the US was already supposed to have provided. Even though he violated the law, it was not done to undermine US law.

      Muslims openly wish to have Shariah law implemented in the US. This would mean a complete change of all of our ways of life here. Pollard simply wanted the US to abide by its own law and agreement.

      I hope that I have answered your questions well enough.

      Be well.

      • @ Munchnick,

        Thank you for your rational and civil response.

        I do not accept that your ethnicity or world history justifies subordination of loyalty to the America that you live in to the interests of Israel.

        i don’t want to niggle over minor points, but your assertion that Jews do not want to change the laws in the country in which they live, as do Muslims, doesn’t conform to Ultra-Orthodox practices in trying to shut down traffic on public streets in Brooklyn on Saturdays, nor to the exclusionary land practices upstate at Kuriat Joel in Orange County. I can’t spell Hebrew names readily, so forgive.

        Pollard is a traitor. The baby faced punk who released American diplomatic secrets because of his feelings as a homosexual about the military was sure he was doing the right thing for a higher cause too, Both situations are similar because individuals betrayed their country by rationalizing their conduct. Each was wrong and deserves a lifetime in prison regardless of more lenient treatment of other spies.

  • I have been assured by The Jewish Week that Caspar Weinberger’s remarks regarding Jonathan Pollard can be read in this article. I have posted it without reading it first and will read it with all of you. I will comment about it later.

    • Given that neither Weinberger nor Robinson ever explained their actions, the Pollard case remained shrouded in this noxious mystery. Years later, Weinberger would skip over the case in his memoirs and, when asked about the omission, would dismiss the Pollard case as a “very minor matter.” –
      Here it is. This is the mea culpa that you have always attributed to Weinberger. It seems really scant to me. But at least I went to the wire and researched the thing unlike you Kahanists who believe a gavon like Mordechai Friedman and a bomb-throwing terrorist like Victor Vancier without doing any homework. Don’t shoot (hack) the messenger!!

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