Scott Brown Invites Gay Activist To DADT Repeal Ceremony

Gay activist Tom Lang (L) and his "life mate" Alex Westerhoff

Massachusetts Republican Senator, Scott Brown, took one more step out of the RINO closet last week, when he invited a notorious gay activist, and his “life mate,”  to attend the ceremony repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislation on gays in the military.

Antiques dealer Tom Lang was a key voice in getting Brown to change his vote in favor of repealing the quasi-ban on gays in the military, reports The Boston Herald. Brown, along with several other RINO Senators, initially voted down the lifting of DADT on technical rules when it was attached to a military spending bill.

“We’re dealing with a statesman here, not a puppet. I respect the man,” Lang was quoted as saying about Brown.

Tom Lang protests outside a church where a pro-parents group held a meeting.

Lang is the founder of, which listed the names and addresses of all 170,000 signers of a 2005 petition to get the Marriage Amendment, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, on the Massachusetts ballot, encouraging people to “pay them a visit.”

Many signatories of the popular legislation were attacked and harassed at their homes and work; others were threatened with being fired and shunned from local gatherings, reports MassResistance.

Lang has expanded his KnowThyNeighbor campaign to other states where efforts to put similar amendments on the ballot were conducted. He has also led many other violent attacks and instigated intimidation tacticts against parents’ rights groups and churches, according to MassResistance.

Brown’s inviting Lang and his “life mate” to the Washington, DC ceremony is latest of an ever-growing list of disappointments to Tea Party activists who once championed him, mostly because he drove a truck while campaigning, his daughter was on American Idol and he had the ever-important “R” in front of his name.


  • Hal Turner sits in jail while this FAGGOT gets preferred treatment from a sitting Senator? FUCK the goddamn FAGGOT even looks like Hal.

  • Jeff from Torontostan

    Scott Brown looks like the guy’s ‘life mate’!

  • Scott Brown is really a bi-sexual cocksucker who ran as an “independent”. Truth is, you cannot trust ANY of them in Congress! The whole idea of the bill putting queers, faggots and cocksuckers in the military is to destroy it! It’s that simple!

  • “Lonewolf” Hal Turner wound up in jail? I’m shocked. Get over yourselves, half of you are self hating closet cases trying to show how “butch” you are by being racist, sexist, and homophobic. Bring up homosexuality at Stormfront and you will see what I mean.

  • Wow, you are all hateful people. I’m sure Jesus would approve of the stuff you write

  • Jeff from Torontostan

    err,,, Jesus blessed love – Between a man and a woman!

  • kevin kretsinger

    Jesus blessed love for ALL of us!!!

  • Yes, the Messiah Jesus loved all of us, but as long as we lived by the pronouncements of the Holy Scriptures! There is literally ‘Hell to pay” for those who mock the Lord by violating his laws!!!! “Be fruitful and multiply!”, not, “be a fruit”! “A man shall cleve unto his WIFE”, not his “life partner”! NOT another “MAN”! The Lord SMOTE Sodom and Gemmorah!!! For did they not say unto Lot, “bringeth forth the two strangers that we shall KNOW THEM!!!” You had better start to repent brother, the fires of eternal damnation await you! There isn’t some namby pamby GOD awaiting you, but the LORD OF HOSTS!!!

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