Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Takes On Obama

Retired US Marine Corps drill instructor and Full Metal Jacket actor R. Lee Ermey has unloaded a scathing attack on the Obama administration, accusing it of attempting to bankrupt America to impose Socialism on the country.

“We’re having a big problem this year – the economy really sucks,” Ermey began his money-raising pitch for charity Toys 4 Tots on December 10. “Now, I hate to point fingers at anybody, but the present administration probably has a lot to do with that.”

“And the way I see it, they’re not going to stop doing it until they bring this country to its knees,” Ermy said. “So I think we should all rise up and stop this administration from what they’re doing because they’re destroying this country.” Loud shouts of approval roared from the packed audience inside The Venue in Chicago.

“They’re driving us into bankruptcy so they can impose Socialism on us,” the Geico spokesman said. “And that’s exactly what they’re doing, and I’m sick and damn tired of it and I know you are, too.”

“But I know the Marine Corps will be here forever. This administration won’t,” Ermy concluded.

UPDATE (2011.01.03): Ermy has apologized for his statements.




    • you must all be idiots. The Bush administration took us from surplus to deficit and NEVER funded either the Iraq Ir Afghanistan wars. Obama has done things to create jobs ad lower the deficit. In fact in two years Obama has created more jobs than Bush did in his two terms.

      I am a Marine and think it is disgusting he would interject his views while pitching for TFT.

      • B Randles: You are correct. Plus, expecting Pres. Obama to fix everything so quickly is not a realistic expectation. Those who fill their mouths with crazy talk. They are a bunch of Republicans who are desperate to find a scapegoat.

      • Willie Papendick

        Your the idiot sir. Obama’s bail out plan cost more than the entire Iraqi war and that wasn’t funded either. And if you think that’s bad, just wait till the Health Care plan kicks. Your all a bunch of socialist pukes.

      • You have just posted the most inaccurrate and MORONIC statement I’ve heard in the last two years !! Any informed American reading this knows the truth and facts of the past two decades, and especially the past two years. You should pull your head out of the sand and discover the truth yourself. Good luck with that !!

      • Obama, Reid and Pelosi are traitors. They are trying to trade votes for amnesty for the 2012′ election when 10 out of every 100 americans are out of work. They want the borders open and there is blood on their hands. They want to turn america into a socialist country dependant on the government and no one will own anything. Including their own life.


      • Dwayne: You must never stop taking your meds. You are living proof that some people should never be allowed outside.

      • Hey blasphemer, stop sinning. I bet the Lord doesn’t like you using his name in vain, and is going to punish you today.

    • Caps lock: cruise control for retards.

    • Wanda, you must be committed at once!

  • Seriously? This man needs to get his head checked… and stop wearing the uniform in public.

    • Hey Marine – Why don’t you try showing the Gunny some respect. You must be a San Diego Marine. -SgtW

      • Look you can show respect but if you chain of command is wrong well they are just wrong. I also am in the military and, yes the former Marine Gunny is due his respect but when he speaks from his asshole he needs to be called out on it. America was on its knees well before Obama took over. How is it that conservative assholes cannot see this? This is beyond me. Was there to talk about Toys for Tots which I have stood post for many times when I was Marine now Army he should of just talked about T4T. No he used this as a political agenda speech which was grounded in lies and misinformation.

    • @’Marine’
      Just an FYI.. A leather jacket and blue jeans are not part of the USMC uniform. He’s just wearing the hat.

      BTW, Excellent speech about the direction this administration is taking us.

  • Let’s take bets on how long it is going to be until he fired from doing a commercial from GEICO? They know how to stifle criticism of their socialist god! Now when people savaged Geo. W. Bush, they were applauded in the media!

  • R Lee is a lot of fun to watch on Geico commercials, and in character parts in movies, and on History Channel too … but he should save his ill-informed political rants for behind closed doors – he comes across as the kind of know-nothing yahoo he plays when he’s being an actor

  • ThiS guys a fucking moron. The country had no money because of Obama? damn shame this dumb fuck is to stupid to have any clue as to why his country is in the shitter. Maybe billions spent on random wars, bush who sucked major dick, and more morons like this cunt

  • This guy is a freaking idiot as well as any other idiot that thinks he is right. Obama did not bring this nation to its knees economically. SAYING THAT PISSES ME OFF BEYOND BELIEF. LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM OR ANYONE THAT SUPPORTS THIS IDEA!!! DID YOU FORGET ABOUT BUSH!!! SCREW YOU!!! CHECK NUMBERS, CHECK YOUR HISTORY, CHECK SOMETHING RATHER THAN RUNNING OFF YOUR STUPID MOUTH! TAKE OFF THE UNIFORM – YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY, HUMANITY AND LOGIC!!! Thanks for serving when you did, but you are a shrill for the republican party and a shallow shell of who you once were.

  • I had so much respect for him, prior to this. Some awesome movie roles, show about guns which is cool, marine which is the one of the best assets of the United States, but then he has to open his mouth about politics, which would be fine if he was even remotely right. Someone making such a stupid statement about the economy and who was at fault for its collapse deserves their own spot on Fox as a political analyst. And who would have thought a marine would self associate with Glenn Beck – that sniveling, insane conspiracy theorist excuse for a human? Have some respect for yourself Ermy and read. Do something intelligent. Or just stop associating a noble institution, the marines, with you and Glenn Beck. It is really a disservice. And did he call for a armed revolt against the current elected administration? Isn’t that treason? Seriously why is he not being arrested, water boarded and locked away in a dark room for the rest of his miserable life.

  • The Marine Corps will not be here forever. Eventually we won’t be able to afford it

  • He is half right. Really the president is a puppet. There was a coup in america. A takeover by the big special interests, the corporations, the banks. Since they killed Kennedy all the presidents Demopublicans and Republicrats alike are working towards the same goals now. Globalism. Depopulation. Microchipping the population. A one world government and electronic money.

    • GuyO, republicans in the past election for senate outspent the democrats 4 to 1 because of corporations and the supreme court decision to allow corporations to “donate as an individual”

  • Why is it ignorant people speak the loudest?

  • Bullshit! Bush-Cheney tried to bankrupt this country with illegal wars and borrowing from China so they could impose a Facist Regime, and they almost succeeded! God Bless America, God Bless and Help President Obama, God Protect us from the Elite Rich, the Corporations, and the GOP.

  • Some dude speaks in angry hyperbole’s towards Obama. Next, the weather.

  • Geez, have you already forgotten that the economy was so far down the crapper when obama was elected, everyone who wasn’t incredibly rich was walking around with a sick feeling in their stomach everyday?
    GEEZ, are you the people who claimed they’d be personally offended if the brain trust of the Housewives reality series and Paris Hilton and her family didn’t get a continued tax break? I’m sure you all have a warm feeling in your tummy right now.

  • Doesn’t matter who’s running the country. It’s time for a revolution people!

    I server my country in the U.S Army. I Love my country but I REALLY hate the government!

  • Dammit, I love R. Lee Ermey, but the man’s just ignorant.

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  • What a dumbass. It’s the Republicans that ran up 90% of the debt, and that are getting rid of pay-go. Obama is a centrist, not a socialist. And yes, the Bush Recession really really sucks.

  • The so called ‘surplus’ during the Clinton administration was nothing more than creative bookkeeping…try balancing your budget the same way and let us know how long it takes the bank to repo your house and car! Obama supporters, it’s time to stop blaming everything on Bush, we are 2 years into the current administration that was going to save us all with “change we can live with”. Are you any better off than you were 2 years ago, I’m not. As a matter of fact, even after all the bailouts of banks, credit card companies and Wall Street, my husband and I have just had all the interest rates on our credit cards raised because of people that still don’t pay their bills so we have to pay the penalty…we have never missed a payment or been late on a payment. Yes, we called the companies and that is exactly what we were told. Nancy Pelosi should be shot for treason, in my opinion, she is also Obama’s worst enemy. He can thank her for being a lame duck president at this point because there is no way he will be re-elected.

  • Just one more comment. The only person in this country as scary as Obama and Pelosi is Sarah Palin. Palin, in my opinion, is certifiably insane and just as scary as Pelosi.

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  • Ermey has a point and dont think he should have to apolgize just because he hurt some pussy’s feelings. I love my country and would die for my country, but i do not believe in the people in power. Just because the left winged liberalist believe something doesnt make it right, and it doesnt mean that everyone should just jump on the wagon without any thought behind it. It seems to me that the “people that are being picked on” have a greater say than anybody, and the ones that offend them are forced to appologize. Well I dont give a damn, im NOT sorry for speaking my mind! I have served my country to the fullest in the U.S. Army and still continue to serve to this day. And to all the people that think Ermey should be strung up by his toes for treason, think about the revolutionary war. Was that not treason against Great Britain? Would you think the same things about our fore fathers? We have the right to speak our minds in this great country and thats what i love about it, no matter what your opinion may be!

    • Chris…
      Thank you, for having the common sense to assemble you thoughts & feelings and then express them in a civil tone & volume.
      If you juxtapose the Left & Right Ideology in you statement & re-read you statement you find find the most accurate picture of exactly how the Left feels & for the same reasons.
      First we must recognize that this dialogue had its birth 60 years ago when the Right claimed that Ike’s brother was a “Commie bigshot” & that he was turning Ike into dupe, that was followed by the JBS telling Americans that the Democrats plan of universal Fluoridation of the water supplies was another plot to turn the USA Communist… was ALL BS!
      The fringe of both side is what we have allowed to control the attention of the media & therefore US.
      A DEMAND by both parties to ignore the fringe is what is needed more than anything beside the media’s use of “train wrecks” to inflate ratings.
      We NEED to recognize the FRINGE for what it really is and compartmentalize it appropriately instead of making them the focus of our attention.
      We could also benefit from a lot less disingenuous umbrage & offense in the name of unity & self victimization.
      The last thing we need are leaders calling for the use of “the bullet if the ballot fails” as in the case of the Fla. radio zealot or “2nd amendment choices” from the Nevada fringe gaining traction & the attention of the media….we do NOT need to know what every fringe element has to say nor is it usually valid.

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  • To Da Nang, with love, eh, Ronald? We women may look sexy in it, but I don’t think RED suits you. The next time you return to Pendleton, you deserve a big hug for being the perfect American who embraces his right to criticize a defunct government. What is this, the SAVAK came on behalf of liberal charities and threatened to blacklist the poor Gunny lest he exercise his right to free speech? The one time to emulate the French is NOW, Bastille-style, baby.

  • He is a American, an advocate for the US Military fighting man/woman…he’s a Marine (never a Gunny by promotion it is honorary) and a celebrity…he is entitled his opinion…that IS why we fight…for the freedoms others enjoy.

  • I don’t agree with what he said but I so support his right to say it, especially since I am a Marine as well. HOWEVER…. TFT is an important thing that the Corps does every year. I think that the Gunny could have picked a better place and time to share his viewpoint.

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